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To ensure that all players are safe during training, they must come to each session with the following equipment:
Firm ground or hard ground soccer shoes: I highly recommend picking a brand and model that supports the width of your child’s foot, whether or not he or she deals with overpronation, oversupination, or has a normal, flat, or high arch. By choosing the correct shoe for your child, you are ensuring that their feet, ankles, knees, and back will be able to function at there best. Puma may work for one person while Adidas and Nike work well for another. Find the shoe that supports your child’s foot the best and also provides some style. For example, for someone who has a wide foot and overpronates, a Puma soccer shoe with strong heel counter that stabilizes the foot may be the best shoe.
Socks: Choosing the right socks is very important. Blisters can easily for if there is not the correct amount of friction between the shoe and the sock. Today many socks are made out of mixture of polyester, nylon, elastane, spandex, and cotton. I personally like cotton as it sustains the right amount of friction, but it typically does not last as long.
Shingaurds: I personally like the Nike Mercurial shingaurds and find that they provide the perfect amount of protection without being bulky. They may also come with shinguard sleeves for the player who does not like to use tape.
Soccer ball: A hand stitched ball is always preferable. Be careful of buying a ball sticks to there shoe as it could cause the trip.
Water: I recommend Ozarka if you do not have filtered water at home.
Soccer shorts: Adidas, Nike, Puma, Under Armor all make quality soccer shorts. Pick a style that you like and that you feel comfortable wearing.
Sweat pants – be sure to carry a pair from fall to spring in case the weather changes. It is important to keep muscles warm and flexible to prevent injury.
T-Shirt: Select a t-shirt that fits you well and you feel confident wearing.
Sweat Top or Hoodie: Severals brands to choose from, however, pick one that you like and feel comfortable wearing. Be sure to keep it in you bag during Fall, Winter, and Spring.
Positive attitude: The Glass is half full. You can achieve whatever you diligently set your mind to accomplishing.
Bag: Find a bag that can hold a ball, water, clothes, shoes, and medication, if needed. It is always better to come prepared.