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Soccer camps Tulsa | Character Matters

Right, this is all neil bent and welcome to pride soccer training, a podcast where we talk about soccer, talk about a players and today we talk about things like character. I’m one of the biggest things I feel like it’s being overlooked nowadays, and maybe I’m wrong, but this is my feeling, Soccer camps Tulsa my opinion is that character, the character of players is being overlooked. And that’s my concern. You know, seeing kids, having role models to follow and, and, uh, just to see people who are doing the things that they want to do with their lives, but also have good character, good integrity at it helps to show God it helps to show who he is through what people do. And I’m, I’m concerned, you know, I see a lot of people out there, for instance, like Suarez where he was biting, people are faking and flopping on the ground and rolling around when they got kicked in the ankle, grabbing her head.

I just think it’s, that part of the game needs to stop, you know, I know Neymar got kicked a lot and so he would roll in overdo things a whole lot and it’s just, you know, there is a part of the game or I just think it’s justified the game where you guys are no longer trying to play and avoid tackles and jump over things. They’re trying to get the upper hand by diving. Now it’s one thing to jump and avoid a tackle and it’s another to dive and roll around on the ground. Like you got your leg chopped off. Um, Soccer camps Tulsa and they get sold. You know, I also think too, right now we’re looking at our son and his education and everything and say what we want for him, for him to go through and you know, we are looking at many possibilities and one of the possibilities, it seems very attractive to us is a school where he’s going to be learning good character, um, and Christian values, um, things that we are really most concerned about and I think that’s going to help him.

And the thing is on the soccer field that will help him too because he will be able to not lose his temper on things, learn how to channel his energy, learn how to overcome things. I had to let go of things. I think it’s all a part of that, that bigger process, the bigger, the bigger idea. And I think right now it’s a good time for him to learn these values, these beliefs. I think he’s been learning them his whole life. But to take it to another level. And I think players like Pele back in the day, um, Soccer camps Tulsa I don’t see, I don’t see the same type of character, Bobby Charlton, um, these guys just really, you know, there’s always people out there that really, you know, push the boundaries and these guys pushed the boundaries of being classy and being skillful. And uh, I find it to be an art, a lost art and uh, overcoming issues, speaking gracefully about their opponents.

And also I think fans and a fan star, our pools that people like good soccer players and they also like that professional attitude or a God there I’m going to do my work and work my hardest, try to win and be done with it the of the day. Um, I do think there’s a part two people that enjoy arrogance to some degree, but I had known like I don’t like to see that type of arrogance out there on the field. Um, I think there’s a culture out there that kind of promotes that. I think we should be humble. I think we should be working hard and at the end of the day or saying, hey, good job, whether we win or lose, I think we need to be that type of player. Um, Soccer camps Tulsa go there. I had a kid that at the end of the game it wasn’t, didn’t want to shake hands because he lost and all that.

He was mad and I had to say to them at pride, do you know what pride stands for? And he’s like, no. And I was like, well, pride stands for perseverance, respect, integrity, integrity. Drive and excellence. And so I hit it home about that all the time. What we stand for, who we are at the end of the game, we shake hands and we tell the other guy, hey, good, good job, good game. And whether we win or lose, it doesn’t matter. It’s how we play the game that matters the most. And you know that starting to reach them. And all the kids at that time in the game, they all looked at it and like, yeah, you know, that’s right. And uh, you know, the little ones, they, Soccer camps Tulsa they also see it and they play that way. That was like one of my older teams and then my little ones, they are playing that way, win or lose.

They’re shaking hands saying good game. And um, I see that whenever you’re able to get these concepts, these, this culture, this type of belief into the kids early on, they do better. They actually, they, they, they believe in that system. They work through that system and they show it. And so my little ones, they were like, uh, born in 2010 and 11, they have shown progress. They shown they’ve gotten better, they’ve shown they have more spirit, they’ve shown they are technical ability, Soccer camps Tulsa has gotten better. And I think that’s a lot to be said for the character that we helped to foster, um, the, um, work ethic that we, that we bring and those kids are all doing extremely well. So I think those are things that we have to work on. I’m constantly things that we have to do constantly. Um, and um, I think that’s one of those things that, that, uh, we are always trying to work on and do and help promote.

So when I see players, you know, I see Christiana Renaldo out there and I feel like he has a very professional attitude on the field. Um, he’s, uh, don’t, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think anybody’s perfect out there and I’m not looking for that. I think there’s a humanness to the game and, uh, that is something that we all have to see, that we’re human beings are flawed. But I do like to see the consistent professionalism of showing up, working hard and at the end of the game, win or lose, you’re shaking hands and congratulating people or saying thank you and I’m moving forward and I think that’s how life is. Um, we’re always going to be working on who we are as people and always trying to become better. And, you know, probably soccer training. That’s what I’ve been seeing with these little ones. I’ve seen my own son grow throughout the year in his character, his ability as a player, his attitude, everything has gotten better and better.

And I don’t think it is just by pride. I think it’s the family life. I think it’s Club live. I think it’s, um, pride as well. I think all of those things together contribute to that type of, of a lifestyle. And so I’m that type of attitude to where they become an extremely good, extremely professional and a, Soccer camps Tulsa he’s on his way to be in that type of player. And I think he will rise to be one of the best players in his age group over the next few years. Um, and this goal is to go pro and then that probably soccer training, that’s what we do. We find out what goals, um, players have what they want to do and we help them to achieve those goals if they just want to start on their team, if they just want to get better, if they want to go to college, whatever it is, that’s what we help them do.

And uh, it’s, it’s an honor to get to coach kids. It’s wonderful to see them improve. Um, you know, I’ve just seen, I see kids that just love the game and enjoying it and smiles on their face faces and that’s what, that’s what it’s about. Enjoying that time, smiling about what they’re doing and growing as a person. And uh, I think that’s, that’s what every parent wants. I think that’s what I’m children want, even if they don’t know of it in that way, they want to have those things. Children like structure, they like, uh, things that are organized, they actually do well at it. They love it. Um, and so that’s what we provide. So if you want your kid to get better in their technical ability, Soccer camps Tulsa passing, trapping, shooting, heading the bow, I’m defending, attacking a. If you want them to, their physical abilities, physical abilities to improve agility, then we’re here for you. If you want their character to approve, we’re also here for you. So once again, thank you for listening to pride soccer training and, uh, hope you have a wonderful day.