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Soccer camps Tulsa | Gheorghe Hagi

Hi and welcome to the pride soccer training, a podcast where we talk about soccer, we talk about, um, skills, we talk about training and today I want to revisit something. Uh, there’s just a player that I grew up watching it I love and I talked about him, you know, often in my podcast, but I just have to spend a little bit more time talking about him today. His name is Georgie Hygiene and uh, he’s just one of my favorite. He’s my favorite player of all time just watching him, um, you know, I love Pele of course, but actually getting to watch a player play live and follow them. And um, that was back in the nineties through 2000. Um, I watched him play for about, Soccer camps Tulsa I would say 14, anywhere from 18 to 14 years. I watched him play and I tracked this is, you know, playing over his whole career and it was amazing to watch him play.

Now Georgie, Haji is the type of player that could change a game. He was very dynamic. Um, he was a player that would drift around the field. He wouldn’t just stay in one spot and you know, from Barcelona, he played mostly on the left side, but you find them drift a little bit. But when he played for Romania, he was all over the place. When he played for gala tests awry, he was all over the field finding open spots. I’m causing trouble for the defenders. He wasn’t attacking midfielder. He, Soccer camps Tulsa you know, he played with passion and he’s very creative. What I liked about him the most, um, I liked how he dribbled a, you dribble the ball very deceptive. Used a lot of body fakes and even had a few little skill moves that he put on. There’s one called the Haji where you do a rebel.

He know he’d step over the ball and then flick it back with the outside of his foot. He had another one where he’d step over and flick it through. Um, so he just, just a wonderful player to watch. Um, I love the fact too that he was left footed because I’m left foot it too. And, um, I just want someone that I could emulate and I think that’s important as a player to find another player that you can emulate that you can learn from, that you can try to copy some of their ideas and it’ll help you come up with your own, with your own ideas, with your own thoughts about the game. And it’s important to watch. And for me, um, I took it as far as I watched every. I took a tape and, Soccer camps Tulsa and made all the tapes that we had. We had tapes from 1990 all the way up to euro 2000 and I took all the tapes that I had of him and I made one master tape of every time he touched the ball.

Now yes, that might be a little, um, excessive enough obsessive. But I wanted to see everything that he did. I wanted to study how he moved the bowl, how he tied his shoe laces. And I feel too, like he and I are very similar in personality on the field. Um, sometimes he was calm. Sometimes it can be animated and most of the time I’m calm. But I can get animated and uh, you know, it’s just one of those things where I found someone that I could watch and, and understand. And, uh, even now when he does his moves, it makes me think, Soccer camps Tulsa I know I’ve seen this before so many times I’ve seen like every player has a way that they do things and the way he, he moved away, he dribbled away, he saw the game, it just was beautiful to launch. He was compared to Diego Maradona, um, and it called them the Metadata, the Carpathians Carpathian mountains in Romania.

And I think, you know, he deserved that. But also he’s just Haji to me, I never wanted to like, oh, he’s the metadata of the Carpathians. No, I wanted to talk about how he was just Haji and how he was just special in his own right. It’s the wonderful player, beautiful player. Um, and uh, I liked how he always found open spaces on the field. That’s the thing that I really liked about him is he would roam, find open spots and move and create. And uh, you know, he, he’s just remarkable in that sense. Where I enjoyed seeing a him find those openings and it caused me to think about the game in a different way. Like players can move, players can change positions, players can be dynamic, Soccer camps Tulsa we don’t have to be stuck in just one position. And you play a brand of total football.

And the funny thing is the players that I enjoy watching, the coaches I enjoy seeing, especially now. Um, it seems like Johan Croix had an influence on them. How’d Haji watched Roy? If he loved him, he enjoyed everything. He did hygiene pattern. Some of his play he even played for. So a lot of how Haji he plays on the field comes from and it’s very amazing because Johan Cruyff, I do love him too. He’s one of my favorite players of all time. I’m very smart, very gifted, very talented. And I would say on, in my opinion, on a skillful level, I feel like hockey’s on the higher, higher skill level when it comes to knowledge of the game and knowing what to do. I think life is at the top. So, you know, when you have a strong mind, I think that mind can always overcome skill and talent because that mind your mind is the most powerful tool that you have as a player in your physical body.

It’s your mind. And uh, I think that that is what we always have to sharpen a pride soccer training. We’re always working on developing kids’ skills, um, but we’re also developing their brain. We’re teaching them how to think for themselves, how to make decisions for themselves so they can be like hygiene out there in the field. I’m moving into different spots, moving into different positions on the field and thinking about where they should be so they can cause the most trouble. Also thinking about where they can be so they can help their team. The most, um, you know, attacking helps your team, defending, helps your team. It all works together. Um, in the grand scheme of applying the game. And Haji also has sun coming up called the honest Haji. He is good with both feet, just like his daddy was, Soccer camps Tulsa even though daddy was predominantly left his deck.

How’d you could use ga? How’d you could use his right foot very well. And his son, his son is predominantly right footed but can use his left foot pay extremely well also. And uh, I think that is, that’s a pretty cool deal there that Georgie Haji has just impacted my life so much. I would like to eventually meet him one day, maybe we could add to Romania and be able to meet him and tell him just how much of an impact he’s had on my life. Um, in, Soccer camps Tulsa in terms of playing soccer, I just, he’s always been someone who’s kind of an enigma because he’s Romanian. I don’t get a lot of his quotes or what it says. I’m his philosophy on the game. I know very little when it comes to that. Still waiting for them to release his, his dvds in English. Um, and hopefully maybe a book that they will have an English.

I gotta look that up, but he’s somebody that I’ve just thoroughly enjoyed. And he played the other day was 48. I didn’t realize he’s only eight years older than me. And uh, he played a wonderful game and scored a goal for Barcelona is it was a Romanian versus Barcelona and we scored a goal and he was fighting with his Barcelona Jersey on. Um, Soccer camps Tulsa unfortunately he didn’t score well I know he was playing the Romanian, the Romanian Jersey, but, you know, I enjoyed seeing a little bit of that and seeing him still using his imagination and his tricks. I love, love watching how crafty he was.

I still, I still like to play and fashioned myself, think of myself as a player like Haji who, uh, can roam in different places and I’m crafty, a really strong technically. And uh, I like to think of myself as that type of player too because it’s fun when you’re out there on the soccer field, moving that ball and your technique is strong, you just have more fun playing the game. And that’s what the game was about. Having fun. And that’s what pride soccer training. We’re constantly working on technical work, constantly working on improving kids’ skills so they have more fun. The game is about having fun, enjoying yourself, taking people on. And there’s games within the game, you know, the other day I was playing men’s league and we’re losing like seven to zero. Our team is just not working well together. And so then I decided, all right, I have to score a goal, I have to score a goal for our pride, for our, just to make a statement that, hey, we might lose, but we’re not going to go out without a fight. So I did that. And uh, I scored a goal and helped to spur somebody else on the score, go to. I think, you know, even if you’re going to lose a game, you still have to go out there battling, ready to fight. So that’s all I have for today, our podcast. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for listening and we’ll talk to you again soon.