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Soccer Camps Tulsa | Grit

Hi and welcome to pride soccer training. This is O’neil event, Soccer Camps Tulsa the founder and CEO of pride soccer training. And today in our podcast are going to talk about many things. Mostly we talk about training and our kids can improve and get better, um, and what they’re able to do. And I love talking about superstars and, um, you know, with the World Cup coming up for women next year, there’s going to be a lot of stars out there to be watched to watch. Um, I’m looking forward. I’m hoping that the yama from Japan is coming and uh, I believe the World Cup was in France, if I’m not mistaken. So after they just won the World Cup for the men’s, uh, the women will hopefully carry the mantle there and France, that’d be Kinda cool to see back to back winners. Uh, I don’t know if that’s ever happened between male and female teams where the male team wins and the female team wins.

That would be so cool to see. Um, and just thinking of that, I’m Kinda gonna be rooting for that a little bit. Um, Soccer Camps Tulsa but of course, as you know, Japan is my favorite, a women’s national team. Um, I think the US women’s is good too, but I just, I liked the style of play from Japan better. Um, I like how they move as a unit better. I’m just personal preference. It’s not one is right or wrong, I just prefer that way style play. Um, and uh, just looking forward to that and you know, there was a girl that I trained many years ago, um, and you know, you come across the players, there’s sometimes players that are just so uncommon and you don’t recognize it necessarily at that time. Um, but this little girl was passionate about the game and her daddy was passionate about getting her what she needed, the training that she needed, the coaches that she needed, the teams that she needed.

He did all the right things in my opinion, um, to get her to where she needed to be. And I just remember her, she would be upset if she couldn’t get something the first time. And it was a big deal to her. And I remember many times I had to tell her, you know, just you have to keep working at it, Soccer Camps Tulsa it’s not going to come overnight, but she wanted it badly and she also had the grit to keep working through it to, um, fight through, um, you know, the struggles. And that is one of the biggest things that it comes down to is do you have grit to, to make it through the hardships, um, you know, and your touch is not the best or you don’t shoot well or you don’t juggle well, you don’t dribble well, um, or a coach is sitting on the bench and you’re trying to figure out what do you need to do so that you don’t end up on the bench ever again.

Um, you know, it’s those struggles that, that make us to take us into greatness. You know? And I think sometimes we can look at struggle and think why me? And it’s, it’s easy to do that. And it’s hard sometimes to not look at things in that way. But my challenge for myself and for, for people that I coach is not to look at struggle as, oh no, woe is me. Look what has happened to me more. So how do I get, how do I overcome this issue? How do I, how do I become better? And those are the things that, um, I think people need to look at, look at, look at stuff that’s fun to look at, a struggle as a right. I get to jump into this and overcome this as opposed to, oh no, why did this happen? So Soccer Camps Tulsa I think she had that ability to fight through things.

She was a fighter. She was, she was, I don’t mean that in a bad sense. I mean that she was a warrior. She could, she could battle and work with things and tackle. She scored a lot of goals for her teams. Then ended up going to college and getting 75 percent her first year and then a full ride or last three years. So Soccer Camps Tulsa she left college with basically no debt. And that is one of the biggest things in my life I’m able to do for a soccer player, is to help them go to college, college with no debt. She also had a chance to go on and play for the women’s national team and to go on to play professionally. And um, I just think that’s pretty amazing that, uh, that she, she’s able to accomplish those things and then I was able to help help her in that way.

Um, I don’t look at those things as a small at all, um, to come out of college something that is so expensive and to have it paid for and have the opportunities of going further. I think that’s an amazing thing. And uh, I just, I want to see more and more kids be able to have situations like that. And I think the more that they trade with me, the more that they work. Um, that is, that’s what needs to happen. And you know, they worked with me consistently. They did not stop until, you know, I, there was a break in when I trained them just because I had stopped doing it. Doing training for awhile and, but they had continued, they couldn’t find another trainer, they said like, like me, Soccer Camps Tulsa and they came back and they loved it and I love training her. Um, she was a wonderful player.

Train. I still have not seen a player would that much determination. I’m like hers. I think the only one I was starting to see come up so far as my, my own son. I’m Jackson and he’s starting to prove to become a force and I think his determinations and they show more and more as he gets older and, you know, I’m excited to see just what, what is in store. Um, you know, there’s a lot to enjoy, but I think grit is, that is that thing that everybody needs. If you must have to be great, you know, you see it in Christiana, Ronaldo and Messi. Whenever he’s at his peak, he’ll battle and do things and work through situations. You’ll see it married Donna at a high level of Grit, um, uh, Pele. Soccer Camps Tulsa So all the superstars that were out there, they all had the ability to battle and, and to fight for what they wanted, you know, um, and sometimes it’s overcoming a mental battle, sometimes it’s a physical one and sometimes it’s opposition.

Sometimes you have to overcome the opposition in order to get what you need done and what your goals are. So, um, you know, you look at Johann Cro, if they didn’t win the World Cup in 1974, but they beat all odds. There’s small country, um, nobody expected them to come in and do what they did and they played one of the most beautiful brands of soccer the world has ever seen. And I think that came through from grit through people working together, having a common value and work ethic. They would high press teams. I mean that, Soccer Camps Tulsa that is not something that’s easy to do, but high pressing teams in their own half of it is just one of those things that it takes work and you know, and, and pride soccer training. I’m always having to use a grid like showing up to every training session with enthusiasm. And, uh, the, the, the uh, drills and games that we play, it’s takes a lot of work and you know, I enjoy it because I see, you know, the fruits of my labor.

I see the kids getting better and better. I had my, my young team, I eleven’s and tens, that’s birth year. They got better and better as we were planning and legacy foot soldiers and um, they started to develop rapidly and they showed that, oh, we can do this. It got better. And it was fun to see they were dribbling against the other team, scoring goals. I’m passing the ball to each other, making tackles. They got more aggressive, especially in the last game and the team that normally beats us by two, three goals sometimes for. We ended up tying to for four. And so that just showed a massive amount of improvement. And I’m so grateful for the people who have allowed me to train their kids. They, they really put their trust in pride and in the system that we have there. And I really appreciate that.

I don’t take that lightly. And my goal is to make sure that there are always completely satisfied and that they get the results or after, and um, you know, we, we consistently are working at making our techniques better. I’m adapting to situations, adapting to the needs of the players. I’m making sure they get what they need out of everything is just a great experience. But like I said, grit, grit is the thing that everybody must have to be great. You must have a high tolerance for grinding through hardships, through gardening, through struggles, through gardening, through knowing how to do things and learning new things. You must have grit. So thanks today for listening to our podcast and I hope you have a wonderful day.