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Soccer camps Tulsa | Independence Day

Uh, this is O’neil event with pride soccer training. This is a podcast. It’s episode one 84. And uh, yesterday was July Fourth American Independence Day and I remember in 1994, United States of America hosted the World Cup. And on July fourth there in the World Cup USA had to play Brazil. Soccer camps Tulsa And I remember it was a big game for us. It advanced the second round. They were the host nation and they advanced the second round and had to pipe Brazil. And this game I remember the US coming out and a special, a red, white and blue kit. It was a, they had like a blue shirt with white stars on it, had red shorts and white socks. And uh, it was pretty, it was that Adidas Jersey, I think at that time they were sponsored by Adidas instead of a Nike and uh, you know, I just vividly remember the Jersey Jersey’s were special. Um, I think I did it for um, you know, just the stars and Stripes.

And uh, I remember us playing against Brazil in Brazil was the forest at that time. I’m in this match. I remember there was a bad situation that happened where a tab Ramos, I’m probably the best player at that time. Um, he got elbowed in the forehead by one of my favorite Brazilian players. Soccer camps Tulsa Leonardo and Leonardo last is temporary. It was getting tackled, roughed up and threw an elbow and it hit tab Ramos right in his forehead and actually cracked his skull. Um, later on I found that it was cracked and it was sad for two reasons. One, just that type of situation took place, um, to tab. Ramos got hurt and I couldn’t play the rest of the World Cup. And then three M Leonardo gotten a red card for poor decision that he made. And uh, it just, that part of it, that was the worst part of the game.

The next part though was pretty cool because the game goes on and on. And finally, eventually, um, I believe it was Romario I think that scored in this game. One of the strikers there was a tandem for Brazil, had a tandem, which was a Romario, but beto two of the best striking partners I’ve ever seen in a game. Um, I think viale and Robin Lee is probably another one. I have to talk about them another time from Italy, but uh, these two strikers work so well together and they finally put one in against the US. That was the only one. Oh, Soccer camps Tulsa game. And uh, you know, it’s, it was a really good game for us. They got knocked out but they got knocked out by the eventual champs and it was only one. Oh. Um, so he played a really a game. I know Tony Meola was in goal.

I’m just a lot of good things to think about, but the fourth of July just made me think of that, you know, the Stars and Stripes I love living in America. US is a wonderful nation to live in. I’m really grateful. I’m the freedoms that we have here. Um, Soccer camps Tulsa you don’t often experience everywhere else. So I’m just, I’m really grateful for I live and uh, for all the soldiers and people who fought for this country. Um, I just really am. I have gratitude towards them. So thank you all. And, uh, you know, probably to soccer training, what we strive to do is just work with players to improve their skills, to help them to see the game and a new way, um, to enlighten them, not that they are not smart, but to open up their eyes to thinking in a new way of playing in a new way and just developing their skill.

Good work, work ethics. Um, I had a friend of mine who came out to watch us play the other day and he said, man, I really love the culture at pride soccer training. And I was like, what? He said, yeah, he said one thing that, you know, in the, in the b license, the national license, they talk about how you have a culture. So if you have a culture, you know, in a club or an organization, um, your culture is what is, is very important. And he said the culture at pride from what he saw as the kids were having fun, they were encouraged to try their moves. He said he loved how he saw us, encouraging them to take people on and to open up. And even sometimes when they fail, Soccer camps Tulsa doing the right thing, um, that I still encourage them to continue on until they get it right.

And he said that’s a huge, huge deal. And he said it’s important to have a culture like that in that the kids are respectful. Um, they worked hard and uh, they just never, they never gave up. And he was, he saw that in both of the teams that were playing football that day and he enjoyed it. So it was good to hear someone from the outside come in and continue our work and see what we’re doing. Um, I’ve seen a lot of development over the last year. Um, the kids that have been training consistently, they’ve been improving consistently too. And that’s something that I’m, ABC always be consistent, is important that people always show up to training and they always come. They always work hard. Um, it’s important that they do that because that’s how you grow. That’s how you get better. That’s how you learn to, uh, Soccer camps Tulsa to be better.

And that’s how you develop a work ethic that no one else can start. You look at Christiana Renaldo by far, to me the player with the most work ethic that I’ve ever seen or heard of, and he trains long and he trains hard and he trains often and when others arresting, he’s not, he’s working and I think that is just a wonderful thing to do, uh, to have that work ethic because it sets you up for success in the long run. It sets you up to be the best and if you’re always working, you’re always improving. I remember a player I used to play with in college and then Robbie Arista Demo and uh, it was probably the hardest working player I ever had seen with my own eyes, always training, always working, Soccer camps Tulsa always working on his craft, perfecting this technique, working on his fitness. He was all about all of that.

And that was the first time I had seen someone who worked harder than me and I wish I had seen it before. Um, and uh, because we would work together, I actually improved a lot in college. Um, while working with him, we would train all the time in the off season. Um, we would try and sometimes even in the, in the, in season, so it was just a wonderful experience to get with someone who knew more than me when it just as a player, you know, this has experienced so much more than I had and, and get to like learn from him. And that’s the thing that I pride soccer training. We have so much experience in playing and coaching and all of that stuff that we are able to help kids see what they can improve on, see how much more they can give, push them to another level.

And I just see when, when kids are receptive to that, they work hard, they gain so much. So I’m just one of those things to just, to keep working and they start to see progress. They start to see, oh, I can definitely do well, you know, because I have the skills to, to um, do the things that are necessary in the game. And I like seeing kids that have strong technique that can strike a ball well, commpass well dribble well. Um, those things are very, very important. And then the thing that goes hand in hand with that is decision making and so decision making is the thing that sets everybody apart and decisions that you make if you’re creative, it just becomes more and more beautiful to see because you have imagination and you have the technical ability to do it and you know what the right decision is.

So it’s just a wonderful combination of attributes to put together and to develop and to see kids have that fun and that imagination. You know, I saw one of the girls that I coach or train, she was at the game the other day and she’s doing her moves and stepping over and meeting people, enroll in it. And she’s beating kids older than her. She’s beating boys. It’s just a, it’s a wonderful experience to watch. She’s fully confident in her moves now. Um, it’s exciting to talk about. It gives me goosebumps. I just think it’s so cool to see kids and players just have that confidence. Um, boys and girls alike, they’re all doing well. So. Well that’s our podcast for today. I hope you had a wonderful July fourth and we’ll talk to you at the time.