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Soccer Camps Tulsa | My Son

Hi and welcome to a pride soccer training today. I’m just going to title it. My son, um, my son Jackson, he, he amazes me and watched him this weekend. And um, he just, he played beautifully. He paid up front for his, uh, his team. He’s, he’s, uh, the newest member. Oh, I guess I don’t know about the newest member to his team, but he got moved up from the second, from the third team to the second team and he’s blessed with, um, just a wonderful coach who understands how to impart the game to the kids. He’s from Brazil. His name is Joe Sabina. And um, he’s done a great job. Uh, Justin, how he’s developing the kids and he’s one of those coaches that I look at. I’m like, Soccer Camps Tulsa man, he and I have a similar thought process, similar coaching style and structure. And I love working with coaches like him.

Um, I think that they, they just make the game better. And, uh, you know, my son, he, he, he doesn’t do a lot of the foot saul, he’s done some and he’s gone to camp or so, you know, but all in all, he’s mostly done just training with me training with his club team pride, soccer training and over the last year he has made huge amounts of progress and my son has been the greatest project that I’ve ever undertaken. You know, he’s, he’s my son, so I’m trying to make sure he gets everything that he needs just like I would for other people. But um, even just that much more intense because it’s my kid and um, I have, have learned to let go of things I’ve learned to, to watch him. I’ve learned to instruct him reservedly. Um, Soccer Camps Tulsa I think I have a really good relationship with him in those regards to gay men, to a coaching him and to be in his dad, to be in his trainer and separating all of them from one another.

And um, you know, he is, he’s done so many things. He’s come to the pride soccer training and worked on his skills. Yeah, he continues to do so, um, continues to be challenged and he works now with the older, older age group of kids, um, because he’s progressing that rapidly and um, he even comes to training with my older boys, um, that are four years older than him. I actually think it’s more than that. It’s about, uh, yeah, about, about five years older than him and holds his own and I’m amazed to see how he plays, how he changed his game and um, you know, this coach also moved him around. He moves his players around if they need to and uh, you know, Soccer Camps Tulsa I love seeing how he can adapt and change. I like to see his work ethic upfront as a forward. He does an exceptional job tracking people down.

He doesn’t accept the job of scoring goals and um, I just think it’s, it’s an amazing thing to watch and all of that has come from all of his hard work that he’s been putting in. And I feel too that, you know, you reap what you sow. There’s always a blessing. I’m out there and I feel like the work I’ve put in to help others, you know, that he’s starting to receive two and uh, I don’t think that you can do everything on your own. I don’t think anybody, any man is an island and I think that we all have to work together and help each other and, and I’m here to help your kids get better, help to get them to the next level and to help them achieve their goals. And I’m a muscle amazed at who, who has helped. Um, Soccer Camps Tulsa when my son, his development, you know, he plays at Tsc at that club and he loves it and I’m so grateful to them, um, because they really treated him well there.

I’ve looked out for him and uh, I’m just really grateful for everything that is been done for him. And uh, I feel like God is blessing him. He’s blessing me and my wife and uh, I just, I really appreciate that blessing. And um, you know, like I said, my son is his progress drastically. He’s, he’s better than I was when I was his age, you know, and you know, that’s maybe it’s not saying a whole lot because I don’t think I was nearly as good as, but I got to be pretty good and um, Soccer Camps Tulsa you know, went on to play in college and one NCAA, not NCAA, but one of the MIDCON continent conference with my school. Or are you. And it’s just pretty impressive to see him already doing some things that I wasn’t doing it until I was about 14 or 15, right.

He’s only 11, so I’m alright. See now how day by day, minute by minute training, by training session, by training sessions. It all matters. It matters that you show up every time it matters that you go to the events. It matters that you work hard. It matters that you take correction, it matters that your child is able to do those things because that’s what makes them better. It’s, it’s not, um, you know, some people want to, hey, I want to come this month and I want to train. It’s not about that. It’s like a long term goal. Like you have to train consistently for a long period of time and yeah, you do need brakes, you do have to take breaks, but the breaks you take, Soccer Camps Tulsa you have to be careful how you do them so that you don’t take breaks that are unnecessary. Um, but you do want to take breaks because the kid needs to get away from the sport. You need to get away from the sport, but it’s not with pride. Soccer trading is not, oh, I’m going to take off this month and I’m going to be gone. No, you have to really try to keep going and training over and over and over because that’s what it’s going to take to get better. It’s going to take that. And um, you know, I think,


rest a little bit at a time, um, you’ll start to see the changes and all of a sudden it seemed like one big jump. I had my little ones that are trained and they made a huge jump by the end of the buy end up playing six games and football. They had made a huge jump. And that was with training with me three days a week, two to three days a week and also playing some games and I think you have to combine the training with playing games. Um, I have found that I’m trying to get pride and doing foot saw has helped kids tremendously. Um, and I think when they get to that higher level than they need to go on and play competitively. Um, Soccer Camps Tulsa and uh, I think that’s very important.


also, you know, looking at my son, uh, his attitude, his character, all those things have changed over the years to where he’s becoming a player that is just amazing to watch and to see his personality before he, he got fouled this weekend before he would have responded with anger and frustration. But this time he responded with just sitting on the ground for a few quick seconds, pull his socks up, getting up and going at it again. And I think that that is good. Sometimes you have to pull yourself together. Sometimes you have to, Soccer Camps Tulsa um, you know, take that one second so you don’t overreact and that’s, that’s perfectly good as perfectly fine. And I think that that is a sign of maturity. I remember player used to play with Robbie Arista Demo in college when I was at, t you, he, he would, he wouldn’t get hit a lot and I’d never seen him respond in spite, never see him respond in anger.

Um, he was just calm, cool and collected. And I always thought he got hit. He would just sit there for a second, pull his soccer socks up, get ready for that free kick and the take. And he just really was a wonderful player to experience, be around, watch you got work ethic like no other. I think that is one thing that everybody must have. Then we’ll get to that next level is an incredible work ethic. Some people are very creative naturally and they can do things, but there’s gonna be a point where your work ethic has to be high. You’re working at the past to be a, a, I’m exceedingly high level. And that’s what I’m seeing, you know, from my son, getting him into that work ethic. I’m getting him into. Um, Soccer Camps Tulsa and he’s doing that. He’s still got a lot of things to work on, still has to become more refined, he still has to learn to make better decisions and that’s how, that’s how the game is. Everybody has to make learn these things, but I just want to say thank you for listening to our podcasts. Um, you know, like I said, my son is the greatest project I’ll probably ever have. Um, and I’m just so very proud of them. So thank you once again, and I hope you listen to us again because next time.