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Soccer camps Tulsa | Stars

Good morning and welcome to the product soccer pride of a soccer trading, um, podcasts that we do and uh, this is o’neil bent and the founder and CEO of pride soccer training. And I just want to say thank you for joining today. Um, we, one thing I love about soccer especially, you know, World Cups is a love the stars of the teams. I love seeing who is the goto person on each team and how do they make things happen for their team. I’m in the women’s World Cup in 2015. Um, it was a Miyama Yama for Japan and it was Lloyd for the USA. Um, Soccer camps Tulsa I just love seeing these players perform. I love seeing them step up to the plate. Back in the day I was, I loved Georgie Haji. Uh, he was the Romanian a superstar and I was intrigued by him because one, he was so good with his left foot.

I’m left footed. Um, I’m always looking for left for the players just because you know, you always try to find someone who’s similar to you. Normally speaking, when you, when you pick someone to, to watch, or sometimes they just took, they attract you because of what they can do, but I think a lot of times we’re trying to find similarities in other players. And for me, Georgie Haji was that player, um, he was so special to me because I wanted to learn how to use my left foot a lot better and I wanted to see the decisions that he made, decision making, that was the key thing that he could do better than everybody else. And technically his technical ability was better than everybody else’s on the field. He could score goals from long range, short range. He can thread the needle with passes. Um, Soccer camps Tulsa he was just a mastermind and I loved, I loved how he played.

Um, the other thing that he did well was he moved around the field. He was a pop up on the left side sometimes and pop up on the right. Then he would eventually move into the middle. Sometimes he’d play from a deep lying midfielder. Other times he’d play higher up on the field. And I feel like as he got, as he got older, he got better with age, so he got even wiser, smarter, more efficient with energy, better with his moves is technique improved and he played for gala tasks awry. He actually had cut a deal with them saying that if they won the Champions League, he would get x amount of dollars for helping that as a part of his bonus and he lived up to it. So Soccer camps Tulsa I didn’t know that about him until maybe last year. Um, and I had studied him from basically 19, I’d say 1996, somewhere around there.

I’m actually 1995 or four all the way up until 2001. And every now and then I go and look up stuff on him, see how he’s doing. He currently has his own school. His son is a very good player. Um, last time I knew he was playing for fear and Tina in Italy and it was Jada’s Haji, um, you know, but I just, I thoroughly enjoy watching the stars. Hardy’s one of them, um, Rinaldo right now I’m enjoying watching him, seeing how he delivers for Portugal, Esy and the highlights of his game, seeing the love of his game, Soccer camps Tulsa seeing what he could have done better and seeing the humanness in what he’s doing. I see the same thing with messy overcoming, overcoming a bad games with his country. I’m finding a way to win the last game so they could go through to the second round.

Um, it’ll be interesting to see how these people deliver. Um, another player that has really started to intrigue me. I knew about him for the World Cup, but I’m, his performances have really started to make A. Marcus is a moderate. Luca modulates and he’s a number 10, uh, for Croatia. And I love seeing how he moves the ball. Croatia plays a brand of total football and he moves into the spaces that were, they need him. He doesn’t stay central all the time, doesn’t go wild all the time. He’s moving around to wherever he can get the ball wherever he’s needed. And I love watching him. I’m going to watch him and rocketed quite a bit and see how they move around. I’m also like, Soccer camps Tulsa I also like how, um, you know, Croatia plays as a group, as a unit module, which will actually go out and defend sometimes.

He’s an exceptional defender too. Like I watched him defend a player and his defensive third and the guy he went, not only did he out, I’m mark him, but he also won the ball from him and went forward with it. So that’s the player to watch on, on Croatia. I’m right now on Swiss Switzerland. There’s two players to watch, um, a, a Shakira and Shaka, um, those two players, they make things more of a defensive midfielder. Um, she carries more of a right midfielder. Um, that cuts it issues with his left. They’re both left footed players’ minds. You both very tricky, very skillful. Um, and I’d like to see, I’d like to see what they ended up doing in this next round around 16 where after each game someone will be going home. And so the pressure is on, um, I was watching Germany. I’m also would be that person for them, but he didn’t show up like I’m not, Soccer camps Tulsa I want to like him, especially since he’s left foot, but he just doesn’t seem to want to tackle or do anything. They always talking about how many passes he makes into the box and all this stuff.

I don’t care. I think you have to have a high work rate, both sides of the field, both defensively and offensively to a certain degree. You know, if you’re a striker, I don’t see a point of view running all the way back to defense to do something, but in your area and an area in the field, I think you should defend strongly and um, and try to win the ball. I really do. Um, and I just wasn’t impressed with him. I felt like a, for them, the real playmaker was Cruz. I think he showed up. He delivered, he made his passes. He was always looking for the ball. I directed a play. Um, I really think he’s a very good player. Um, another team that I’ve been watching too is Japan. Caguas seems to, Soccer camps Tulsa to make things happen for them. There’s also a Korea, I was watching son and I was sad that Korea is knocked out of it, but son I thought played well.

I had two goals the last game, but you know, just looking at these stars, seeing what they can do, I’m seeing their ideas, their technique I think we can all learn from. And that’s why I enjoy doing private and group training sessions for kids because I can actually help them at the individual level. It can help them get better. And that’s why I developed pride soccer training to, to really go out there and help these kids get better and improve and enjoy the game more. And it’s fun being around these kids because when they start to, they start to see the game in a new way and their eyes open up and they start to play differently. It’s fun to watch and it’s uh, it takes awhile. It takes time. Um, they definitely, um, have to do this for years and after several years of hard work, you start to see them have these ideas and you realize, oh, they actually did take in all the things that we’ve been training for these many years and they’re actually them and they always had some knowledge of it, but now they’re actually using it and it takes years to develop.

It’s Kinda like, you know, writing in cursive, it doesn’t just happen overnight. It doesn’t just happen because you tried it one time. It happens because you continued to practice working on your star off with penmanship, start off with, um, just regular lower uppercase and lowercase letters. And then he learned the same letters in cursive and then you start riding. So it’s just one of those things. It’s a step by step process. I’m one of the biggest things to know. And you’d come to pride, soccer trading, is that it? It’s an ABC method. Always be consistent. You have to come to training, you have to come and work for months and years and you’ll see the results. You can see the results as soon as a few months, but don’t make the mistake of stopping because you have to be consistent and you have to keep working and your skill and you know, that’s, that’s what we do. So thank you for joining today’s podcast. I’m enjoy talking about stars of the World Cup stars that I knew in the past. Um, and uh, hope you join us again. Thanks.