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Soccer Camps Tulsa | Synergy

Hi, this is O’neil band and a welcome to the pride soccer training podcast. Um, you know, something that has always been important to me and in every team that I coach and every time I’ve done anything was a synergy and keeping a family, uh, like environment for my kids to play in. I have found that over the years of a team has a unity, even if they’re not as good as let’s say a team with a bunch of star players on it. They have synergy, they work well together and they can accomplish a lot more than they normally could. And I find that, um, over the years all the teams that I’ve coached have had some semblance of synergy and unity and teamwork. Soccer Camps Tulsa And that’s an important part of soccer. And you know, when we went to, we try to pride soccer. Treading many times. I’m trying. Starches can get intense and sometimes players can get at each other a little bit and not have to stop them and say, hey, it’s not a competition necessarily between the two of you.

You both are a part of pride. It’s a competition between yourself. And see if you can be better than you were the last time. And that is what players have to be focused because ultimately if you are better than everybody else in the world, right? Um, what is going to keep you focused? What is it going to make you stay on top of your game? That’s got to be that. It’s a competition. Yeah, about you, between you and yourself. And that helps to foster synergy because you’re not battling against your team that you’re battling against yourself and you’re working with your teammates. And um, that that’s an important thing. And the other thing that I’ve noticed too, Soccer Camps Tulsa that as coaches, I feel like we have failed to teach people. Um, and I mean collectively, not every coach is a failure and every coach does this. But as a group of coaches together, I feel like we have failed to teach kids how to play the game and think for themselves.

Because what has happened is we have been so big on planning your position. I’m passing the ball and getting rid of the ball and all that stuff, or joysticking players, telling them what to do, every moment of the game that we haven’t taught them to think for themselves and to think about where they should be in relation to the ball, not just what position are you playing. Um, and it, it’s difficult to break that habit is to do something new. And I found over the years I’ve had to break this habit over and over again. I don’t know if it happens necessarily to the top teams, you know, but I have seen it a law a lot with, uh, the second, third, fourth, Soccer Camps Tulsa fifth teams that their players just don’t get ’em just don’t get the, the type of, of development that they need and in decision making in him playing.

I’m playing the game. So what I’ve done at pride is I’ve changed a lot of that, changed, formulated a things Soccer Camps Tulsa that I feel helped to promote decision making and freedom of play. So at pride, we play a lot of small sided games and not only work on playing the game, but also work on the technical side of things. Um, so you must use technique and you also must be able to think and you must make decisions. You must move off the ball so that you’re constantly a problem for the opposition and it’s never easy and I just, I think that’s something that has to be done. Something that has to be promoted from now on. And I see that being done in the grassroots program and the Youth Development Program that the US model is starting to look at and do. And I think that’s a good thing.

Um, there’s been many examples of how to do this throughout the world and it’s time that US adopts this same mindset and continues to do to do those things. Um, you know, I’ve cried, I’ve found that by playing this way, kids develop rapidly. Um, I have recently put a team in to play football and it was my, Soccer Camps Tulsa my youngest son, my littlest team, they never really played before, played even together. And, um, you know, I’ve found that whenever I, um, work with them and train them, they have, um, started off, you know, losing some games, some games were kind of close. Um, but last game that we played the season, they played their best and it was against a team that had beaten us before we end up tying. We were up ahead every part of the game and um, they ended up tying us and it was a really, really good game.

Um, a lot of the parents came up to me, even some coaches and the person who owns the facility said, hey, you guys really improved. I’m really impressed to see what they have done. And uh, you know, it just comes from a lot of hard work, the kids doing their technical work and playing games that actually teach them how to play, um, in, in that type of environment. And so it’s important that as a coach, we foster a freedom that we foster, um, free thinking, freedom of play, moving off the ball and not just being focused on how to play position so we can win that game because that is foolishness and it doesn’t work because in the long run it hurts, it hurts our players, Soccer Camps Tulsa it doesn’t develop them and it only focuses on the short term as opposed to the long term, um, uh, accomplishments.

So that’s the challenge I think right now that we’re facing in America and I feel like in soccer for whatever reason, is taking a long time to get past that. I’m not sure you know what it is that’s going to break that maybe it’s hopefully with the US national team recently not making it to the World Cup and I think they’ve been looking at a lot of things and trying to figure it out. Um, but I think we don’t have to figure it out. We could actually copy other models that are out there and use them to our advantage. And yeah, maybe you have to tweak them a little bit, but you already have examples, complete examples of what can work. Soccer Camps Tulsa And you have the Dutch system, German system, you know, I’d look at those two systems before I would look at like a British system or anything like that just because of what those two systems have produced.

Um, you talking about Holland has a small population of people that they produced talent over and over again. I’m players. Their players play around the world consistently. Um, Germany, they have one for world cups and they are, they have just recently been a phenomenal force. Um, Soccer Camps Tulsa you know, I don’t think Brazil is a good model for us at the moment unless we changed from the very roots of our nation as to being a culture soccer culture. Now. I think foot saw does a wonderful job for us too in the youth program. Um, you know, getting games. But I do think that in order to grow and to become what we should become, we need to adopt something because I feel like the United States is good at it. Systems and following them and staying true to them and rigid, I think we are good at that. We have the facilities to, to come to accommodate those things.

We have a good structure. So, um, I think that’s what we have to use to our advantage. It’s an advantage to our culture and this is one of those made it good. We are known for hard working and being hard workers and I think that’s what we need to use to our advantage and now not just being a hard worker but let’s be a very smart hardworker alright, Soccer Camps Tulsa let’s be that type of player that can both attack and defend that knows where to be, what position I’m and where to play the ball, how to switch positions and if they get into a new position with that position requires. So that’s where we need to get in the game. I think that a holistic, uh, is a good example of how we are getting there. I know Pulisic one across overseas to Germany to play. I didn’t really get a younger age.

I think that is excellent. I think that’s what we need to do more of and I also think that our us coaches need to observe those other places, our federation needs to observe those other countries and see how we can use those policies and those procedures to our advantage of the systems that they have in place. We could use them. We don’t have to reinvent our own pride. I used systems that are proven. I used systems that other people have used and have shown shown the results of them. Um, Soccer Camps Tulsa and it’s huge and I see that happening in the kids that play and train with me time and time again. So thank you for listening to our podcast today. I hope you have a wonderful day.