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Soccer camps Tulsa | Wisdom

Oh, this is only old bands and welcome to you to pride soccer training podcast where we talk about soccer, all things soccer related and also character driven. Um, so yesterday I was at practice and training these kids and I’m one of the girls that I trained. She did this awesome move and beat a boy and the boys go off. Oh, you just got beat by a girl. And it made me stop, especially in this day and age. I stopped the practice and I said, what did you all say? Soccer camps Tulsa And they say he got beat by a girl. I said, you make it sound like a girl is less than a boy, like a girl. Can’t be as good at soccer as a boy can be. And I went on and tell them this experience that I had playing a girl. I went in as playing a girl and I was about 13, 12 or 13 and she was really skillful.

She was actually on the US national team. I didn’t know at the time and I rushed her to go get the ball because I thought I could just be very forceful and strong. Use my speed and power to get there. Well, she takes the bull and moves it around me and just beats me and I remember hearing my dad and my uncle laughing at me and then she, I go after her again and she does it again. It does, like three times. I still didn’t learn my lesson and I remember my coach subbing me, Soccer camps Tulsa pulling me out and putting somebody else in and I was watching how he defended her and he wasn’t getting beat because he wasn’t rushing in and he was being smart and watching the ball and the player who did it, he wasn’t as physically strong as me. He wasn’t as fast as me, but he was smart and you know, I told the kids at the training session about that and I said, you know, let’s not worry about whether it’s a boy being a girl or girl beating a boy.

It’s just you got beat and it doesn’t matter because it doesn’t mean that a girl can’t beat a boy and a boy can’t beat a girl. And getting caught up enough foolishness, especially in today’s society. It bothers me. Um, you know, yeah. Our boys normally stronger and faster than girls. Yes, Soccer camps Tulsa they are physically speaking. Normally. That’s what happens, right? The fastest man on the planet will be faster than the fastest girl on the planet. Strongest man on the planet will be stronger than the strongest girl on the planet. That’s just how it works. But on the flip side of that, soccer is not about speed or power. It’s about skill and how you think and everybody’s equal in that. And it’s important for everybody to know that soccer, it doesn’t matter what gender, how fast, how big, how strong, what race, what nationality, what culture you’re in.

None of that matters. What matters is how skillful you are and how much you think for yourself. So no, it was pretty cold. That situation popped up out of nowhere, but those are the types of situations I find in coaching to happen all the time. And I had a mom come up to me afterwards and she said, I was, I’m so grateful that my daughter has come and train with you because of the wisdom that you’re teaching them. And I want people to know wisdom. So it’s not just about knowing what was right. Wisdom is not just about knowing what’s right, it’s about actually doing the right thing as well. Um, you have to actually act on, on the doing. And that’s important. So wisdom is something that we always have to be thinking about. We always have to think, am I doing the right thing?

Am I, um, am I doing the right thing? Am I thinking about the right stuff? And I’m not acting on it, you know, those types of things. Um, and it’s, it’s just a powerful piece. And it humbled me when she came up to me and said that. And, uh, it makes me think how much more I need to do and really observe. And also I told her, you know, um, I’ve been, I played soccer and I feel like God is, has used soccer to teach me a lot of things about life and I’m just grateful for that. And she said, you know, that I’m doing exactly what I need to be doing with my life. And that touched me too, because I was like, wow, you know, Soccer camps Tulsa I know I’ve always loved soccer boys and passionate about it. I wanted to go pro when I was a kid and I didn’t, but I got a chance to coach and that’s just as fulfilling because I can, I can help kids and I can pass on what I know to them to help them so they can be better, stronger members of society.

They can go up to their goals and dreams. I can see what that all things are possible and they can learn about God through this wonderful sport. And I love it. And I’m so grateful that God has given me as many days as I have to play the game and to coach the game and to hopefully keep doing both. Um, you know, recently I’ve, I found out I have arthritis in my left knee and it’s made me see that each game I get to play that much more precious to me because I don’t know for how much longer I’ll get to play. Soccer camps Tulsa And, um, you know, every time I’m out there on the field, it’s precious to me too because I don’t know how many kids I’m going to get to reach that day and help them make wiser and I’m, I just am really grateful for those things and I learned so much from them.

I learned about my own problems, my own issues through coaching and it’s just amazing, you know, so I just say all that because soccer, um, has an amazing way of, of teaching life lessons and it’s done a wonderful thing for me and I’m grateful. So I have recommended that you want to do training, you want to learn more about the game, you want to learn wisdom. Um, you also want to learn about perseverance, respect, integrity, drive an excellence. Well, pride is the place for you. Come on out, bring your kids, Soccer camps Tulsa bring your kids friends and have them playing. You won’t be disappointed. You will not be disappointed at all. And um, I also want to say I was talking to a buddy of mine the other day about a players and we were talking about the usual Messi, Ronaldo, stupid stuff. And I just told him, you know, I, I, right now I felt like Rinaldo did a better job showing in world cup.

And you know, when he looks at you look at what the player did. Yes. I really believe that. When you look at what messy did I, I believe uh, he, he didn’t really produce quite like Rinaldo did first team, but they both lost, lost in the same round of the tournament and they both went home. But I would say to him, if I were to pick a player, it wouldn’t be the one that knows that I would, I would love to have my team. I remember growing up watching Georgie Haji talk about it and we talked about them a lot lately. But if I were to pick a player, it would be Georgie Haji would be my player that I would pick. And I didn’t realize how much influence Croix had. Johan Croy from Holland had on me as a player, Soccer camps Tulsa as a coach because Croix if wasn’t part of the group that that played for I and played for the Netherlands in the seventies.

I x in the sixties and seventies and Barcelona as well and he helped to reinvent the game in a way like where they were showing. They were playing total football players, changing positions and moving and it was fluid and they all, his national team and his club team played that way. So to me it was remarkable to see him play and in videos and understand, try to understand what total football was. And then I found out growing up Georgie Haji, his favorite player was Johan Cruyff and when I was reading some information on Haji was talking about how he was known for drifting in and out positions moving around and I’m like, oh my gosh, that is coiffed. Soccer camps Tulsa Coiffed actually moved and changed positions moving around. And then when you realize Haji was, was coached by Croix as well. It just changed my mindset mind that much more.

And I, and I realized, oh my gosh, Croix for has had a huge influence on my, my playing career, my coaching career, my philosophy of the game and I just like to give credit to where credit’s due. And I thank God again for a time on this planet are gracious for and grateful for a Haji. Hopefully one day I’ll get to meet Heidi. I would love to go to Romania and meet him and um, you know, just probably wouldn’t, I’d probably cry because it would be a big deal to me to meet him. Um, not because I, I’m not saying because I worshiped him or anything that I’m saying because that person has had an impact on my life. And as a soccer player, I don’t know anybody else who’s had a greater impact. Soccer camps Tulsa I’m the only one close. It’s probably Pele. Um, but of course Johan Cruyff had equally as great an impact as, as Haji because I’m just what he’s, he established, um, before hygiene and how it influenced Haji. So, um, and the corps has passed away, so there’s no way I could meet him, but I would love to meet hygiene and that’s all for today. I just thank you for your time and hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks.