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Soccer camps Tulsa | World Cup 2018 Part 2

Oh, this is O’neil again with a pride podcast, pride, soccer training, and uh, today I’m just going to talk about some of the World Cup, the World Cup games I watched today. I got to see a Portugal, a play Iran. And I tell you man, it was one of the most horrible games. I think I’ve watched it in the World Cup. And this World Cup has been by far, I think the best World Cup I’ve ever gotten to watch the games have for the most part. I’ve been excellent. Um, but watching Portugal on Iran today, just. Oh, Soccer camps Tulsa it was horrible. And uh, Portugal, they, they tried to play. I’m a decent ballgame. I thought they tried to move the ball around. They just, they lack a lot of a creative players. The two most creative players on team, of course, Christiana, Renaldo, and the other one is a charisma charisma score today with outside of his foot, a beautiful shot beat the goalkeeper.

Christiana was not his best today. He missed a penalty kick happens to the best of them. That’s why I wouldn’t miss. He was missing his. Didn’t want to get too caught up in all that. Yeah, it’s kind of funny with all the memes and everything and you know, if you prefer one over the other then you can really get at them. Uh, but for me this was one of those situations where it just was not just, was not a good game for me to watch. I didn’t like seeing Christiano, Mrs p, k, of course. I like seeing people, especially the stars of the game, be stars do what they do. Um, I felt like he kind of second guessed himself but happens, happens to the best of America. Donna had a quote the other day that said, you know, I missed five days in a row and he said, yet I was still diego, Armando Maradona and then messy Mrs [inaudible]. And he’s like the enemy of the state. So I don’t know. Soccer camps Tulsa I think people expect a lot out of their heroes expect, um, everything. I tried to look at the humanness behind it. Um, sometimes I do expect more, but you know, that’s kind of what it is to learning how to treat people as human beings. Not as gods and um, that’s, that’s Kinda what I’m seeing here. You got to treat them as human beings.

And today I did see the humanists. I saw them try to Bait Cristiana to get a red card. He almost got it read. He got a yellow instead and I just think referees, the rules of the game need to change. Like if you, especially with this, this vr stuff now, I think if you can see that a player was trying to bait someone or you can see, um, you know, that there was something that happened before the retaliation. Then both players should get rid of cards. I think both of them should get it and that would cut out a lot of foolishness.

And Soccer camps Tulsa you know, today would have been sad to see if Chris Yano who had gotten a red.

Um, yeah, he would be missing the next game and that would be terrible as fans. Like I don’t want to see ms dot [inaudible] miss a game for foolishness, especially when someone’s trying to bait him. I don’t want to see any of that.

And, uh, that’s kind of the thing I, I’m at right now is just cut out all the foolishness. Let’s play. I like to seek technical soccer and skillful soccer being played. And even if your team is scrappy, I’m okay with that, but dive in all the time and whining all the time. I don’t want to see that mess. It just becomes ugly. And uh, you know, prior to soccer training, I teach kids stuff, good character. I want them to have exceptional character because yeah, you could win at all costs. But what kind of person are you when you win at all costs? Don’t want to see that. No, I don’t agree with. Back in the day, Mary Donna had the hand of God go. I don’t agree with him doing that.

You know, um, I know in the same game he had the, one of the most beautiful goals ever scored in a World Cup. But this is play and use our skill to get things done and not gimmicks and tricks. I don’t want any gimmicks. I don’t want any tricks. I want to see people playing the game the way it’s supposed to be. Honesty, passion, and I don’t mean that you don’t do gamesmanship like column for Far Away and when you know it’s questionable, I’m like, that’s a part of the game I’m talking about. When you are trying to bait people, Soccer camps Tulsa bump into them so they retaliate on you or your time for a pk even though you know it’s not even really a PK. Soccer camps Tulsa That’s. That’s another thing that gets me is I don’t want to see handballs being called when a player is clearly just trying to play the ball like I don’t. I don’t want to see that ball to hand is different than hand to ball. Let’s do hand to bowl. You put your hand on that ball and purpose. It’s a penalty kick. Not if a ball is driven across and you hand touches it, that’s foolishness. No. So I say stop the foolishness and bring it down to where what it was supposed to be and I miss. I miss that. I don’t want to see referees looking for reasons to call handball.

That’s what it hit. This has become, how do we call him, but we need to call one and players screaming for it because they can’t outdo the other team in an honest way, say counterattack like Italy does. Countertack, like Portugal does. Countertack, like Russia does do that. And that’s fine. Soccer camps Tulsa That’s within the laws of the game, but let’s not do gimmicks and tricks, you know, speaking of which I want to see the Spain Portugal game today. I want to see how they played sports, football versus Morocco or it was a battle. And um, I definitely want to see how that game went down.

So the next thing is I want to see how, uh, the next games line up France, I hope they put a game together that’s actually beautiful and solid to watch. They have not played to their potential. Um, and I’m hoping to see that Australia, they’ve been playing to their standards. They’re always a hard work and fighting team. Um, remind me of the US and England. And by the way, England the other day had a masterful game. They scored six goals as a record for their country in a world cup. Um, I honestly think this is the best team I’ve seen since 1990 and depending on how far they go, they can be even better than that team.

Um, which is Kinda hard for me to imagine because that team was really, really good. Um, the next thing that was impressive to me was Germany’s comeback against Sweden and yes, I do think Sweden was robbed of a penalty kick. Um, I think they should have received a Ph pk for what had happened and the box, but they didn’t get it. I was amazed to see, not amazed, but it was wonderful to see how Germany kept held onto its roots by being a team that can always come back from behind and they are known for being that type of a team where they always can fight back and they won the game. And the last minute and that free kick from Tony Cruz was beautiful. Just seeing how he was ready to take the kick. They had planned it out. I’m Royce stopped it for him and he just perfectly put it up or 94 posts and I’m amazed to see how many Real Madrid players are really lighten up this tournament. Um, you have Christiana Ronaldo who has four goals right now. I had a hat trick in one game. Um, you also have mod rich who’s lead Croatia and perfect form. Um, you also have a Tony Cruz who put that free kick away for Germany for them to win. And uh, and he dominated that midfield. Like he really is just a really good player to watch and learn from.

Um, I’m also kind of like how the German coach, to me, he was a masterful coach. He did whatever it took to win that game. And I don’t mean like, um, he did things that were, you know, Soccer camps Tulsa questionable morally. No, he, he, so he sat out also and I think also needs to sit out so you can start to come back with some fire because I have, I’ve not seen him play with any fire since. I don’t know, maybe when he’s at Real Madrid and I want to see that from lsc, the passion and the fire from him and uh, you know, the coach made some adjustments here and there and ended up his team won that game when they needed to win and I think that is an amazing situation to watch, to see how he did that. But no, I mean that’s all I have for today. We’ll be talking about some more games. Um, and uh, we’ll talk about situations that come up in the World Cup, but it was really wonderful to watch the game today and, uh, I appreciate your listening to my podcast. And once again, this is pride soccer training, um, on Neil bent, the CEO and founder of pride soccer training. So I hope you all have a wonderful day. Thanks.