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Soccer camps Tulsa | World Cup Part 4

Good morning, this is o’neil bent and this is our pride soccer training podcast where we talk about soccer. We talk about training, we talk about everything related to the wonderful sport that I love so much. Um, we’re still in world cup phase. Um, I want to say boot tomorrow. Cafe Gino, which is I believe. Do you want to go get some coffee with me and Portuguese if I remember correctly. The reason I did that is because Brazil one yesterday, they beat ’em. Oh Gosh, I forgot who they played. That’s how insignificant. No, Soccer camps Tulsa I’m joking. But I, they ended up winning yesterday’s game too. Oh, I believe it was and I watched a little bit of it. I’m going to have to rewatch it later on to be honest with you, but I do know this much from seeing the game that they were able to beat Mexico in style.

The first half I would say probably was Mexico’s, but the second half, all Brazil, Brazil has a third year, not just a second gear, third gear that they can get into that I’m just makes them that much more beautiful to watch and I really think that they’re going to win the entire World Cup. If anybody’s going to do it, it’d be nice to see them. Uh, see France or even Belgium, no, Belgium one against Japan, a beautiful comeback as well. Um, Soccer camps Tulsa they were down to law against Japan and I don’t think anybody saw that coming except for the few of us who really know what Japan is about and know their skill and know their talent. And um, I knew that Japan could win the game and then they were very close to doing so. But, uh, Belgium came back with a vengeance. They scored three unanswered goals.

The third goal being in the last minute of extra time. Uh, and uh, it’s just amazing to watch these games. I’m going to rewatch both of those games because I just love. Um, I love that beautiful style of play and those two games had beautiful soccer. I feel sorry for Mexico. I’m Mexican fans as well that, uh, my wife is a Mexican fan and she was upset. She likes teacher Rito, she likes show up, but unfortunately they just couldn’t pull it off. Um, Soccer camps Tulsa Brazil was able to ride the storm because portrait are Mexico, came at them with a vengeance. They were on them. They’re putting high pressure on him, moving the ball quickly, getting shots off, but they couldn’t put anything on the net and that’s what the game was all about. His scoring goals. So, um, I saw where Brazil weather the storm, they started to play their own style of football, uh, started to move the ball graciously, a wonderfully and passionately as usual. I’m William, I’m from, it was pretty much a man of the match. Um, he had a wonderful game. Dribbling and taking people on.

Newborn was day one, Soccer camps Tulsa the usual moving and taking people on and falling on the ground and rolling for miles and miles and miles. I like Neymar, but I’m tired of seeing them flop so often. Um, I get it, if you don’t jump in right tackles, you get hurt. Um, if you don’t roll, you could hurt yourself as well, but to fall for everything and then someone next to you and you react like they cut off your leg. Um, I think then you start giving out yellow cards for that foolishness and they need to start giving out yellow cards for people who instigate things like stepping on someone when they’re on the ground and acting as though they did nothing. Um, I think that that should be a yellow car defense as well. I don’t think people should have the right to aggravate someone else. Um, and then the only the retaliate or get the car and I think that’s foolish.

So I think they should cut out all of it and since they have var, use it handout yellow cards after the fact that you need to. Um, and that will stop a lot of it from going on. Um, let me see players a lot of times talking and covering their mouth. I get it. They don’t want the opposition to know what they’re saying. I’m from the video. They also more cognizant of what they could be saying that could be interpreted the wrong way or it could be inappropriate. So, um, I just think that they need to really look at these issues and stop that from happening.

But Soccer camps Tulsa I’m in love with the beautiful game. Uh, any team that plays beautifully like France, Brazil, Belgium, I’m going to enjoy watching. And Croatia is another team I’d love to see to get to the final, um, uh, England. They were one of my, my thought it’d be one of my favorites and I do like a lot of the players on the team.

Um, I don’t know how I feel about them right now. We’ll watch them today, see what happens.

Oh, probably, uh, root root for them, uh, to degree because I’m not, not really a Colombian fan just with how they’re playing right now. I’m just not a fan. But, uh, you know, one thing that I have been seeing lately, and this kind of brings me to the idea of seeing like players like Neymar, Willian and has our play the way they do at some point in their life. They had to come up against opposition, they had to come to the realization that they’re not the best and they had to put the work in and I had to start working on their technical ability, their skill, everything. Um, so that they could be one of the best players out there, if not the best player on their team. And I’m watching how all of this goes down. And my son, he had to deal with that recently where he was not.

He had to go to a camp and he was one of the youngest players there and the players in the camp were better than him and he had to come to realization. I’m like, Gosh, I’m not as good as I thought I was. And so when he realized that, I asked him, what are you gonna do about it, says, well, I’m going to have to keep working. And I was like, Yup, you will. And so that’s what I thought was pretty impressive is that he needed to keep working. He needed to keep hustling and doing his work with the ball because that’s what you have to do. You have to keep training and that’s how you get better. And when you were met with that, Soccer camps Tulsa that feeling of, oh no, I’m not the best anymore. What am I going to do? Then you have to work, you have to put the work in, you have to put in the stuff that gets you better, that makes you better and you can’t stop working.

Um, and you have to have a positive attitude. If you’re negative and you’re like, oh, I’ll never be good enough, I’ll never do this, then you won’t. So as a child, you know, if you’re out there, you’re listening to this are your parents, you’re listing to this. Encourage your kid to have a positive attitude about that they can change, uh, the, what’s going on with them. They can improve their skill and that pride, soccer training, that’s what we do. We customize our plan to make players better info on the individual basis. And we also do it collectively. So we have group sessions, we have private sessions, we do it all so that your player can get better. And you know, it’s, it’s one of those things that’s remarkable to see how with consistency and constantly coming to our training sessions constantly working that you get better, Soccer camps Tulsa you start to make better decisions. I find two kids have to learn how to move off the ball better. They’re not moving off the ball well enough, they’re are not a passing and moving. And so we work on those things and we get them to, to be better at it and once they start passing and moving and doing that, they are a force to be reckoned with.

So yeah, it takes all parts of it. It takes knowing how to technically do something with the ball where there’s passing, when to pass, when to dribble, when to shoot, and how to do those things. That’s, that’s one of those things that you have to continue to work on. Claire’s at pride, soccer training. They learn how to make decisions. They learn how to technically pass and trap and move the ball. Um, I learn all of this and it’s gonna make them a better player. So all the different areas of playing soccer, Soccer camps Tulsa that’s what they’ll learn at pride soccer training. So thanks for listening to our podcast today. I’m hope that you continue to listen and continue to come to training. So talk to you later. Bye Bye.