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Tulsa Soccer Camps | Be Yourself

Oh, this is on the old bands and welcome to pride soccer training. Um, to that when you’re talking about just being yourself, um, soccer players, you know, I grew up playing soccer of course. And um, I used to think I could master everybody’s skill set. Like if someone was a construct the ball, well I thought I could just track it as well as if some of the kids you have a while. Tulsa Soccer Camps I thought I could drip as well as him if they would get a header. I thought I could out head. No, I mean it was everything that I could do. I want it to be better than everybody else at their craft. And it wasn’t until I got a little bit older and more mature that I realized, Oh, I, I can’t, I may not be as good as somebody else if something. And that’s okay.

And maybe my gift is dribbling and crossing the bowl. Uh, maybe someone else’s gift is defending. Maybe another one is winning hitters out there. So everybody has their gift to bring to the game. And so you just had to just had to look into that. And see what it is. And so when I’m training kids now and I’m thinking about, I teach them some staple moves that teaching a rebel, he know the scissors, scissors, my teach them lacroix. Um, so I teach them a few different moves so that they have some things that they may not have known before to use. Um, and then I might combine moves, Tulsa Soccer Camps, into some what players have done in and use them like they’ll coach you. So I’ll do all these different moves to teach them more, give them more ideas, but the essence of who you are.

And then we’ll just use dribbling in this term. The essence of who you are as a dribbler is, is what comes natural. And, and it’s true to you. So I know growing up, for me when I dribbled, I was about efficiency. It was about getting down that wing and beaten someone’s quick as I could. It wasn’t about making them look stupid the whole time and beat them six times and then pass the ball off. So, and I understand that, you know, some things are, some players can do that and it’s entertaining. And it’s fun to watch and I understand there’s other players like I, Tulsa Soccer Camps I feel like gigs for instance, he was a beautiful job there, but he was very efficient, very effective on how he dribbled the ball and that’s, that’s what my mission when I dribbled was too was just be efficient. And so if you’re going to beat someone you don’t move, do that, move and get by them.

Um, don’t, uh, do the move and then pause and then they come and get it from you again. So, you know, a private soccer train, that’s what we work on consistently is just working on players, getting comfortable with that ball so that when they do the move, it’s not a shock to them that it works. And then they know immediately that they need to take off and go attack that space because driveline is all about deception, is about, um, moving apart one way so you can get the space behind them or to the side of them or where it is you’re wanting to get to. It’s about getting them out of the way. Tulsa Soccer Camps so it’s space management. Um, you know, one of my assistants, Monty, he was talking the other day and when he was coaching the kids and he was saying, you know, it’s about space management, you’re just managing space.

You’re creating space or giving space to your teammates wanted you to, or you might be taking space away from the opponent if they have the bowl. So you’re always working on, um, you know, manipulating space, changing space to your advantage. That’s what it is. Every time you’re always trying to change it to your advantage and get it to work for you as a player. So those are the things that are pretty important in that, you know, and I’ll watch Haji dribble, how’d he was beautiful because he could do, he did everything. He was good with his left, good with his right and he had a good steady pace to his dribble. Um, he could run fast with the ball, but it was smooth, it was elegant and there was a certain way that he went about it that just causes people to fall into line.

And, uh, you know, it’s just one of those things where, you know, Tulsa Soccer Camps like that type of dribble married Donna was the same type of dribbling and um, you know, I just, I think those are the things that, uh, may players good, good to watch as being true to themselves. I’m married now. I had something I call, I like to liken it to the anti touch is what I call it, touching the ball with the least amount of touches so that you can run the fastest and you can deceive people faster. And yes, you heard the word deception. Deception is okay in this round. You have to use it in the context of what it is. And, and deception. Soccer is about deception. Sports are about deception. Faking the other team so you can go the other way or keeping a ball, whatever it is you are trying to outwit to deceive the other teams so that you can get what you want out of it.

And the better you are at it is, is the more skillful that you are and you are to watch. Um, and that’s just the nature of the game. I’m Christiana Renaldo, for instance. He is very deceptive with um, his runs off the ball is, runs off the bar amazing. And you only have a split second because he is so powerful, so skillful. I’m so strong on the ball that you only have a split second to even get a chance to deny him a whoa. So that’s, that’s another form of it there. And he’s true to himself. That’s one thing I do like about Christianity is he is true to himself. He’s not, he’s not gonna sugarcoat things. He’s not going to be happy when he’s sad, sad on, he’s happy. He’s just going to be who is. Tulsa Soccer Camps, I remember when he lost the World Cup last, that game against Uruguay and, you know, he didn’t, it wasn’t overly emotional.

I figured out my same crying, but he didn’t think he was very realistic and I think he knew his chances of his team winning, especially without naughty, are very slim. And they were gonna do their best, performing the best. And they did that. Tulsa Soccer Camps I think that’s where, um, you know, he was very mature and very stoic about what he was doing. And I liked that. I liked the fact that, uh, he, he was that way and I think that is good. Um, I think it’s good that he, um, showed that because yeah, I understand the emotional side of it. It was also the realistic side to when you somewhat understand where your place is and how far you may get or not get so, and then you can, if you get farther, you can be pleasantly surprised and be happy and motivated just like everybody else’s.

Um, you know, I find, you know, having that, that sense of understanding, I find that used to wonder why we’re team’s happy when they made it to the quarterfinals and then, you know, they were like, oh, well we did the best we could and blah blah blah. And I was like, you didn’t win, so why are you happy? And then I realized they understood the realistic side of the game. And like for instance, when Romania got to the quarterfinals of 2000, 1994 World Cup, they, that was the best I’d ever done. So when they lost, they may have shed some tears in the locker room or something or kind of had a disbelief that it’s over, but they look back and they’re like, man, we did an amazing feat. I mean country a small as Romania. Tulsa Soccer Camps, they had a golden era when they had players that were very unique and special and a coach that knew how to manage them.

And I think that that’s an amazing feat. That’s something that you should take pride in and you should be happy about is that when you reach a certain level. Like I remember team I had that we meet, we read, we made it to the Presidents Cup final. And the team that we played in the semifinals was supposed to beat us. They had every right to beat us. They outplayed us and they out possessed us and they out shot us. But our plan was to play low defense. I’m blocked their shots and counterattack and we caught them on one counter, Tulsa Soccer Camps, at the end of the game with like a minute left and put it away and one. And uh, I was amazed that tactically our boys could do it and I was really pleased with that. I knew technically we were not as good as them and tactically that was the only way we could handle it.

The boys were disciplined and they were. And uh, we Tulsa Soccer Camps, we also had, you know, I don’t like to say look, but when preparation and opportunity meet, that’s what luck is called. And so we were pretty lucky to get through and um, uh, it was an amazing feat. And then we made it to the finals and we almost won the finals. We played our own club and against coach diverse team and he ended up beating us in pks and they were ranked above us. So it was a huge, huge deal for us to get that far and to even make it to the finals of Presidents Cup. So then last year we won on boys one state as well. So there’s times when being true to yourself, knowing where you are, where you stand in the grand scheme of things is so important, because then you can build from there and you can acknowledge your giftings, you can acknowledge what you have to work on, you can acknowledge how you need to work on your giftings and they all work together. So thanks again for listening to our podcast today and I hope you have a magnificent day and weekend.