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Tulsa Soccer Camps | Being Patient

Hi and welcome to prize Tulsa soccer training. What we talk about all things soccer related. Tulsa Soccer Camps, I just, it’s been a good year and a half, I think actually a little bit more than a year and a half since we’ve started pride and it is going strong. Um, it has been one of the best things that I’ve ever done. And uh, his, his blessed, my family blessed me, blessed those who come and train. I just see like a huge blessing over everyone who has been involved with it. So I’m just really grateful. You know, today’s podcast, you know, I’m just going to talk about different things that come to mind. So today is going to be like a hodgepodge of different ideas, different thoughts, you know, we have a also soccer training, um, that we do, you know, Monday through Friday now. Um, and, uh, it’s, it’s just growing and it’s doing a really good job.

And I see kids, I’ve had kids with us for a who kids been on this the whole time, and one particular girl I have seen her progress for a complete year and a year and a month now. And she has made leaps and bounds, leaps and bounds in the amount of, Tulsa Soccer Camps, technique. She’s improved in her understanding of the game. Um, I just, I’m amazed to see what she has done in, in this time and if you looked at where she was in the very beginning, if you, if you could see where she came from, you, you’d be, wow. She has made a lot of progress. Uh, that coach that she plays for as always complimenting her on how she plays. And um, right now the biggest thing that she’s having to work on is just a trusting herself while she’s on the field. And it takes time.

All these things are like in stages, there’s a stage where you improve your technical ability and you gain a little confidence. You go out there and you see, oh, I got to still improve some more. So you go back, you work on your skills, you improved your confidence, you improve your technique a little bit, now he gets a little bit of success on the field and it goes and it goes and it continues until eventually you, you are doing extremely well and dominate the situation. Um, you know, I’ll look at my son, he has trained with me and as trained with me for what since he was four and four and a half actually. And uh, I see where all those years of hard work of training coming to pride. I’m going to his practices, coming to mind practices at his club. Tulsa Soccer Camps, wow. He’s just really rapidly progressed and he’s doing extremely well and it just takes time.

I think patients, patience is biggest factor in a lot of this stuff. Being consistent, being patient, being disciplined, dedicated. Um, you know, some people will want to do something for like a month or two and then leave. And to be honest with you that you’re not going to see the results that you could get. Um, if you’re consistent and uh, yeah, you could improve in a month. I’ve seen kids do that, but your job is not over, you know, once you hit that, that time, were you starting to get better, do not stop, keep going, keep working because you will get better, faster that way. And Tulsa Soccer Camps, you can’t think that I’m just going to take off six months and I’ll come back and I’ll be just as good as I was before. It doesn’t work that way anymore. I’m like, I don’t know if it ever really did.

Maybe there’s some people who have that ability to, um, you know, be technically sound and tactically is gifted. I mean, there’s some people that maybe blessed that way, but the vast majority of us are not and we have to keep working and we have to keep being focused and dedicated to what we’re doing. Tulsa Soccer Camps, you know, I, I know, uh, I see so many players that come in and, uh, they’re working in, they’re loving it and they’re enjoying it. I have a small, a little kid’s group, a small age for about seven to about 10 and they have been dedicated for at least a year now. And it’s amazing to watch whether do it last night we were training and um, in, in broken Arrow and we were working on one [inaudible], um, it went through, you know, I have a way of scoring it to where, you know, whoever gets to five goals first winds and it went for a good 10 to 15 minutes before we had a winter.

Then we went to two V, one kids are starting to understand how to run into space and to open up and just spread wide, Tulsa Soccer Camps, which are concepts and attacking. You want to stretch the defense so you have to separate yourselves from each other and get wider. But getting passing angles. Um, and so I saw them doing that and they were starting to understand it and it was like, wow, it’s coming together. And you know, I’m always like, I know that in time kids will learn if they keep practicing, but every time it happens, I don’t care. It’s been 17 years. Every time it happens as a coach for me, I’m excited and I’m like, I can’t believe it just happened. Like it’s, it’s because you spend that much time just constantly nurturing, saying some of the same things over and over again. Finally clicks.

It’s like, you know, my wife would tell me about a teaching our son to say thank you because she stayed at home while I was at work and she said it was like she told them a million times and finally on that millionth time he said thank you. And that’s kind of what it is like with some of the concepts here that we teach and we train because I’m always working on making decisions. They must make decisions and they must use technique. So their decisions, a technique they use is based on the decisions that they have to make or the plans that they have to execute from the decisions that they make I should say. So it’s, it’s one of those things that, you know, they just love, you know, telling them things and seeing it finally kick in and, and then them have success with it and they’re excited and they’re on fire and they want to keep going.

Tulsa Soccer Camps it is amazing to watch. I think those are the things that, that, uh, parents and players need to know is that it’s consistency. It’s patients, it’s discipline, so you just have to keep working at it. Um, you know, I look at players like me, Alma, she played for Japan’s Women’s national team and she was just technically so sound, very smart, made good decisions, rarely lost the ball. I just, I’m looking forward to hoping because I haven’t looked her up yet again to see if she’s still on the national team for Japan. Um, but I’m hoping that I will get to see her this summer when the women’s World Cup is played. I’m excited about it. I mean, I mean it was anyway, I understand what it’s like to get to enjoy a world cup for the men. And then the following year you get to enjoy a world cup for the women.

It’s just a wonderful experience. You get to watch a lot of soccer and you get a different feel for it. The women’s game feels different than the men’s game and I love it. Even when you play fee for the video game, there’s a different feel to how men and women respond to the ball and how they did. I don’t know how they really did that. It’s just pretty cool that they took that into consideration a to throw that in there because it’s, it’s just cool to see, you know, the different genders playing and how they play the game. And you know, something I’ve learned over the years too is that a lot of times, uh, as men we could think that Tulsa Soccer Camps, women needs to move their body like we do and it’s not true. We have to see how women move their body, how men move their body and we have to adjust accordingly.

So you have to make sure, you know, and that’s what we do probably make sure that our things are appropriate for, for both genders. And it’s not that we say, oh, you can’t do this or you can’t do that. No, we consider, okay, how does the body move naturally for this person and is this the best form and best technique for them? And that’s what we are always looking at is what is the best for this individual. Tulsa Soccer Camps then as a group it helps them, uh, when they trained together and they played together in, in a footstool that, uh, you know, they, they start to, to, to work better for each other and for themselves. And it’s pretty, pretty awesome. Um, you know, the other things that I see as I watching, I am constantly watching Cristiano Ronaldo. Like I’m fascinated by his decisions by way does.

Um, I also watched a little footage yesterday of Royce. I’m Michael Royce for Tulsa Soccer Camps, he plays for Germany and he also plays for, um, Brusa Dorman and his decision making, his understanding of space, um, his technique. It’s, it’s pretty amazing to watch to see cues me how Michael Mark Royce thinks about the game and, you know, Cristiano Ronaldo has his same way. He’s making runs and he’s understanding he’s older now, he’s not expending as much energy. So it’s really cool just to see how these players think and operate. So, you know, that’s all we have for today, but thank you for listening to pride soccer training podcast. Um, we are number one when it comes to training and soccer, um, on and off the field. Um, we’re about serving you and your kid and helping them to get better. So thank you for listening today. Um, and, uh, we’ll talk to you next time.