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Hello and welcome to the pride of tulsa soccer training podcast, where we offer the best tips and advice when it comes to tulsa soccer camps. This podcast is brought to you by pride tulsa.Com. We are tulsa’s only soccer training, podcast and we are tulsa’s number one program when it comes to personal soccer, training, tulsa soccer camps, tulsa soccer, lessons and overall soccer player development, and this podcast soccer coach and personal soccer trainer o’neal bit is here to share his inside and wisdom when it comes to the overall game of soccer tulsa soccer, lessons and tulsa soccer camps, o’neill is also the founder and the ceo of pride soccer training he’s my husband and jack’s daddy, and he is someone who is wholeheartedly focused on and committed to elevating. The game when it comes to personal soccer tulsa, soccer, Tulsa Soccer Camps lessons, tulsa soccer camps and overall soccer player development, pride of tulsa soccer training mission is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop in both character and soccer. Skill. Pride of tulsa soccer training help soccer players just like you achieve their personal goals so that they can win both on the pitch and in everyday life. To learn more about pride of tulsa soccer training and to get started on your first soccer training session.

Give us a call today at 918-701-0983 or visit our website pride tulsa.Com. This is episode. 129 antonia, I’m just going to throw it to you. What exactly are we talking about today? I’m talking about his youth when he was young, and so he grew up in in portugal, but he grew up in the island of madeira and when he was there, he had to leave his family at the age of 11 to go to try to go on a professional soccer club team and when he did that he had to leave everything that he knew behind him and it was very difficult for him like. Why did he have to leave everything behind like I don’t he’s so young 11 is like very young. You know, and so for him, the outlet to get out of poverty was soccer, and so is his father saw on his mother saw that he had a chance to make it as a professional athlete cuz. He was the best player on on the island. Like everybody want to play with him, he was doing everything that he could possibly do there and he had this drive to win like he hated losing and star on the island. It’s not just like. He wanted to be a soccer player and he’s going to go, pursue it and hope it all works out. I want to win. He was a little bummed. If I start because of his work ethic and his work, ethic was like no other and his determination to win was also unmatched, so he always drove the playground, like you always drove the streets when they’re playing, he was doing everything, dribbling people, beating them scoring goals and wanting to win, and so finally they saw him in the streets and they decided. Okay, Tulsa Soccer Camps we need to get him out of here and sporting lisbon. He had a relative, a godfather.

I believe that was there that wanted him to come in and play there, and there was another club called nacional that wanted him as well, and it end up lisbon. Sporting lisbon got him a training facility. This is the place where you’re doing your soccer lessons you doing your training you during camp is what lisbon it’s like, the next level of training, saying they want your kids to come, move to where they are, and they want to train them. Bigger than that it is club team, we want your child to come play for us, Tulsa Soccer Camps we’re going to train them, going to feed them or going to teach them going to go to school with us, and I learn discipline, so they can do all these things. All of his training when it comes to soccer and they were taking that on to develop him into the force that he is today. So one of the things I noticed there was a coach there. Aurelio was his name and he got to watch. He had the basketball coach for cristiano to come there, and so he said it was easy. It’s easy to see what a player has on the outside, but what the player has on the inside is: what is the hardest thing to see and what he meant by that is. You can see their skill, you can see, they can go, but you can see they can do these things on a soccer field. But what is there character?

Life, and not really, you know, spoke volumes to me that someone at that level is saying what is the character of the player, not just how good they are on you know, Tulsa Soccer Camps technically and tactically, but what is a character like how hard do they work and he saw in the first two days of watching cristiano ronaldo that they had to sign them like it was a must sign. What did you see that I didn’t like to I like? What are the details of what you saw their? You know like what what stood out to him cuz, I’m like what he’s 11 years old when he showed up you started watching like the older kids. Some of these are 14 15 year old kids. He saw them starting the train and he got out there and start warming up with them and training cuz he’s like this is, I guess this is what we do. We just try, and so he got out there. He didn’t have any practice year on. He just had his regular clothes with him. He just starts sitting down training and warming up with them and they’re like who is this kid and so he joined in immediately.