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Tulsa Soccer Camps | Comparison Of Players

Hi, good morning and welcome to pride soccer training podcast where we talk about all things soccer related. Um, today I just want to talk a little bit about comparisons. I actually enjoy comparisons only when they’re used in the positive manner. Like I’m comparing how to people get something done maybe in two different ways or comparing how two different personalities can get to different things done in an amazing losing way, you know, like the comparison between Leon Leon, they’ll messy and um, and Rinaldo Christiana, Renaldo and I’m going to go on for hour long probably till the end of time, but I’m not really here to talk about that type of comparison. I’m actually, I compare my son to Christiana Renaldo, like I know that sounds bold and not that dad who was all hyped up about his own kid and how he’s better than everybody else and all that mess because I don’t, I don’t think that, um, what I mean though is what I am seeing is the comparison in his mindset, his attitude, his, his, Tulsa Soccer Camps, his fighting spirit.

And I’m hoping eventually his work rate will line up with Christiano’s as well. And so I’m interested to see how my son has a lot of physical ability, a lot of power, a lot of pace, physically he’s even as muscle set up is similar to Christiano’s in a lot of ways. And um, you know, and how I see his body forming right now, I’m not saying it’s exactly, I’m just saying it’s similar. Um, and it’s pretty cool to watch him operate on the field because he’s got every bit of determination and force and drive that I see in Christiana and I think as long as he continues to love the sport and enjoy the sport, he could have a bright future and even possibly going pro and I’m enjoying himself and if, as long as he wants that goal, I want that goal for him to, um, and he is, Tulsa Soccer Camps he’s just doing a wonderful job.

Um, I was, I’ve been watching and studying and getting Cristiana and although I was watching some footage of him last night a listen to some podcasts with him or about him on there. And it’s amazing to me how he has redefined things that I realized there was this a new tournament that they’re having international teams play and I can’t remember what it’s called is new to me and I really just found out about it last night, but apparently Christiana did not play with his country. Um, and I looked up, I was like, why did he not play this time like, what’s going on? And it said, you know, due to, Tulsa Soccer Camps, the physical strain of club and country and this is not an important match. Uh, he sat out and so that’s a big deal. He’s 33 right now. And for him to sit out of a national game, you know, normally you would never want to sit out.

But he’s trying to manage the workload on his body. He’s trying to make sure that he doesn’t overdo it and cause unnecessary harm and injury. Um, and I think that is very smart. And I think that’s something too, as coaches we need to watch out for, for kids, making sure they’re not overdoing it and making sure that they are. Not that they’re not over doing the exercises, the overtraining, sometimes that can happen and they can get hurt and they had to sit out and they can’t function and that’s the thing that we have to make sure is not happening with them because they can become overbearing and we don’t want them to get burnt out and unnecessarily injured. No injuries necessarily, but I mean ones that you can prevent. And so I was looking at it as like, wow, that’s very mature of him to let go of that ego knowing that he’s getting older, Tulsa Soccer Camps, accepting it, but then doing the things so that he can perform at the right times in the right games and at the highest level.

And I think that’s something that we have to look at. You know, and I, I was talking to my, uh, my b license instructors about goals and they were different types of goals that are process goals, their performance goals. And there are outcome driven goals and goals that are outcome driven. You can’t, you can’t control those. The outcome goals that is like scoring how many goals you score today or how many assists are you going to get this week? Um, you can’t, you can’t control those performance goals, performance goals you have some control over because process goes lead into performance. So process would be like, you know, working on your passing or shooting and taking 100 shots a day so you can see that you’re shooting is developing, it’s getting better, it’s working, um, and you’re starting to get Tulsa Soccer Camps, he seemed more technique and so now your performance isn’t a game.

You the shots that you do get there more on target, there hit better, they have better technique and so because of you’ve improved your process, which in turn has improved your performance which will lead to better outcome. And so that’s how you set your goals. It’s not, are you going to score 10 goals this season? No, it’s how many balls are you going to shoot per day? All right? Then how many I’m doing that? How many of your shots are going to use perfect technique and then that sort of thing. And it’s going to work more and more towards getting the outcome that you want. But like for instance, Christiana rides his bike in the pool, Tulsa Soccer Camps, so he gets this a natural weight resistance against his body and he’s working out in the pool keeping trim. I’ll look at his physique now. He is leaner than he has ever been in his life.

And I noticed this with men, the men that take care of their bodies as they get older, they tend to get leaner. And I think that’s pretty awesome. Um, I want to do that for myself too. Um, I feel like I have gotten somewhat leaner, but I do think there’s another level for me. Some people might say, Oh yeah, um, you would disappear if you’ve got any leaner. But for me, I really would like to keep my body weight down to keep myself healthier. Tulsa Soccer Camps, and, uh, you know, I think I’m within five pounds of where I want to be, but I want to be able to keep that down. And I think, you know, seeing Christiana Renaldo do that is inspired me to, um, to see him take care of his body the way he does, see him eat the right foods, uh, or hear about it anyway, not to see but hear about him eat the right foods.

And I think it’s very, very interesting how he has taken care of themselves. And I think that’s pretty special, you know, and watching my son, you know, he’s a child, he’s growing, he’s maturing, he’s know always talking about faith and family and, and, uh, soccer school, those things, those things are the most important things in his life. Now, the most important things to drive home to him. And I look at soccer as a tool to help promote those things. And, you know, that’s why I pride soccer training. I am dedicated to teaching kids how to play the game and having good attitudes and have any strong work ethics. And you know, pride, like I said before, Tulsa Soccer Camps it’s about a perseverance, respect, integrity, drive and excellence. And so those are the things that are most important, um, because they, they carry on and they embody many of the Christian values that are out there.

Um, you know, that Jesus has put before us. And, and so I think, you know, that’s, that’s really what I want kids to take away is that you can operate at the high level and still be hardworking and respectful and do it with class and have passion and a performative, very high level. Then, you know, I just, I love seeing kids play the game. I love seeing kids develop and improve. Um, I think, uh, you know, role models like Cristiano Ronaldo and their work ethic. I think those are the things that we have to look at is how do people, how are they, how are they doing these things and how are they working? We can get caught up in, oh, I don’t like that person’s personality or you know, whatever. And I don’t care about that. I think I’m taking note of how someone, how someone really works and functions and how hard, how much effort they put into their job and how much they care about it. It’s important to see that and it’s enjoyable to watch that. And I thank you all for listening again to pride soccer training podcast and uh, we’ll continue to do them. So you have a great day. Thank you.