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Welcome to the pride of tulsa soccer training, where we offer the best when it comes to tulsa soccer camps. This podcast is brought to you by pride tulsa.Com. We are only soccer training podcast and we are toasted number one program when it comes to personal soccer training, tulsa soccer camps in this podcast soccer, coach and personal trainer, o’neill ben is going to share inside and wisdom when it comes tothe overall game of soccer and tulsa soccer camps is the founder and ceo of pride soccer training he’s my husband, jack daddy, and he is wholeheartedly focused on and committed to elevating the game when it comes to personal soccer, training, soccer lessons and committed to an overall soccer player develop a soccer training mission is to help soccer player, systematically grow and progressively develop in both character and soccer skilltry to tulsa soccer training help soccer players just like you achieve their personal goals so that they can win both on the pitch and an everyday life to learn more about pride of tulsa soccer training in to get started on your first soccer training session. Give us a call today at 918-701-0983 or visit. Our website pride tulsa.Com. This is episode 144 and it’s about the world cup of 2002. Today, in the studio we have mr o’neill ben michael jacksonyeah lego lego michael, jackson I heard you talkin about the world cup 2002, so world cup 2002, there’s a lot of things that we’re pretty awesome about it, but it was hosted by both japan and south korea. So it was the first time I believe that asia hosted a world cup and it was awesome. I, remember that particular world cup, my favorite team is holland and they did not qualify for the world cup, so I knew at that moment. I was going to be rooting for brazil as one of the teams, but I had to find another team to root for I was like having a few and I found out that one of my favorite coach is goose, hitting it was a dutch coach. He was coaching the south korean national team and when I watch them play, I am mediately fell in love with them because they played a brand of total football. That I didn’t even see the dutch play and it was nice because they play in the 343 formation, three defenders for midfielders and they put a flat for across the midfield, and then they had three attacking players and those players. They they had a work ethic that I had never seen any other team actually maintain for the entire tournament and being in their home soil. It was just beautiful to watch them play in the crowd support and they call the crowd the 12-player, because their crowd support them so heavily, and his name was kwong and the thing about how long he was there. There center back and I got to see him play in the 1994 world cup here in the united states, and it was a joy, actually saw him score goal at the cotton bowl and they’re playing is germany in germany, had them down like 300 or and south. Korea came back 2002 world cup, but in the 2000 the 1994 world cup, he was a midfielder and he ended up scoring won the most beautiful goals. I saw you hit this ball with the outside of his right foot and it bent and crawled into the upper 90 of the post of the net, and it was just beautiful. Korea came back and lost 3 to 2, but it was a beautiful game to watch. Cotton bowl is a stadium in dallas, so it’s really well known, as won the rose bowl. Another witches in california in 1994 was the time I was talking about when wong scored the goal. I said I got to see him play in 1994, and so it was. It was wonderful to see that and then watching him in 2002 country to try to win the war and each game they got better and better. They beat teams like portugal, they beat italy, they beat spain, just the name off some of the teams that they end up playing against germany in the semifinals I believe it was in lost. So yes, so they were one step away from making it to the finals. Today they lost to germany and jeremy did a good job germany, really just they beat them and it was. It was tough to watch them lose that I was really rooting for them, but yeah that a play a striker named kim and his last name is kim, and then he would come in and scored the goals for them just like when they needed it. It was just fun to see us kolache from 1990 world cup for italy did brazil make it so here’s the deal brazil ended up going all the way to the final. For the first time ever they played germany and they beat germany to oh I believe it was to win the final, and so it was a record that any team had one. They was five world cup soccer brazil ended up winning 5 world cups rivaldo ronaldinho several star players that you can think of that back then,, who they just had a position striker outside right back. He was a captain, go to see them playing and to see them win. The world cup it was I was happy for brazil i, believe they beat david beckham. They beat england at one point so yeah it was. It was really good to see. It was a fun tournament and I just remember, walking away just being wowed by how south korea that was that was really my favorite team. I still watch games of them every now and then I go back and watch because they float in a move so well and they had a work ethic that, like i, said I’ve, never seen any other team.

Do you up so that was one of the special moments in in world cup history. For me, just getting to watch that woke up. Japan also did well. They made it out of the second round and they went on to think they got knocked out. Maybe in the surrounded, 16 I think it was, but they did really well and being co-hosting with with south korea. It was cool to see both of them yeah. They would split out game, so I can think about half the games are in japan halfway in south korea. Can you explain this to me in, like the last minute of the first round of the preliminary round? That’s where you working at you just call the group stage, and so you get 3 games total. Just like you doing in your tournament and if you are the top two in your group, one of the top two in your group, you get to move on to the second round and if you make it out of the second round you make it to the round of the sweet. 16 is what they call it and then from 16 you make it to the quarterfinals, which is 8 and then semis are just for and then finals, which is two teams you trying to beat the team that you end up playing you’re, trying to make it past them and make it to the next one. So it’s at that point after you make it out of the group stage. You lose your go. You go home, so you have to win games from there. So you there! If they tie after regulation, they go into overtime and if they go in, if they’re still tied after overtime, then they go to penalty. Kicks that’s cool! So thank you for joining us and and thank you for listening to the only podcast about tulsa soccer camps in soccer training at pride of tulsa soccer training. We strive to fully develop every soccer player by giving them the absolutely absolute best when it comes to tulsa soccer camps at pride of tulsa soccer training or tulsa soccer camps, help soccer players become a technically sound and creatively strong force on the pitch. If you want to learn more about pride soccer training, please visit our website pride tulsa.Com or give us a call today at 918-701-0983, and we teach character, confidence and soccer skills and if you’re willing to work hard and follow, are customized tulsa we can get you results guaranteed. Thank you again so much for joining us until next time