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Tulsa Soccer Camps | Getting Older

Welcome to pride soccer training podcast. This is on the old bent. I am the founder and CEO of pride soccer training. Um, today’s episode is just talking about getting older as a player. I’ve played for a wow 35 years. Um, and as you get older, I hit 40 now and my body feels a little different. It hurts a little bit more. It takes a bit longer to get back into playing if I take a break. Tulsa Soccer Camps, so I just thought of those things I’m experiencing and you know, I’ve talked a lot about Christiana Ronaldo and how he’s changed over time of something my dad had said to me awhile back is that by the time you forget how to play the game of soccer, you’re too old to play. And I was listened to it. I kind of took it, you know, just as a thought into consideration because I don’t know what it’s like to get old.

And at that time I didn’t really, it didn’t really, you know, couldn’t comprehend. And uh, that’s the glory of youth is that you think you’re, you always feel, you know, like you could run all day and, and do that, but that’s okay. I’m okay with getting older. Tulsa Soccer Camps, but something I did, I do realize about what my father told me is that your mind keeps getting better and better and stronger. And so that’s where the idea of what you can do with the ball and what you should do with the ball and how you should perform and thinking steps ahead. That’s where he’s talking about where by the time you figure how to play the game, your, your mind, your body, sorry is this is too old. And no matter how good of a player you are, um, whether they use it, a deans at dawn or you know, me, you, you still have thoughts and things that you could do differently and improve upon.

Um, and sometimes it requires more stamina, sometimes requires more speed. But it’s just one of the things, you know, the other day I was watching Georgie Haji, somebody, one of the parents of, one of the kids I coached, he sent me footage he said he’d never heard of until I had spoken of him and he found this clip of him playing, Tulsa Soccer Camps, just the other day, he’s 48 years old and he does this special move where he does a rebel Lino and then he steps back, he flicks it with the outside of his left foot and it was just beautiful to see him do this, move that seat. I’m due back in the day back on his prime. And uh, it’s just, I’ll tell you the feelings that you get from watching a great soccer player. It never leaves you. It never, I’m never away. You are always transformed when you see them play.

It’s just a beautiful thing and he will always be my favorite player. Tulsa Soccer Camps, and I saw an old age. He’s still playing, still kicking. It might be a little bit heavier, slower, but his mind is just so beautiful. One, it’s fun to watch archie employed. I’ll probably end up watching the highlights of Romania versus Barstow, a Lona it’s the older, older players that are playing each other and just enjoy seeing him play again. But yeah, I was talking about Chris John, although he has moved on to Ventus. He’s left. I’m Real Madrid. Gone onto events is, I think it’s a good move for him. I think, uh, I can’t fault anything that he’s doing because, you know, as a player, you get older. The club is looking at, okay, we do, we need to sell this person now because there are a lot of money. They’re worth a lot of money if we sell them now, good recoup most of the money back if not all.

Um, and uh, if we don’t kind of stuck with this guy. And he also felt like there wasn’t a whole lot of love there. I think he wasn’t good as many minutes he necessarily wanted. Um, so it’s one of those things where I think it was mutually beneficial for him to leave, for him to look at what his career is gonna be over the next few years. I think he’ll probably spend, I guess it’s two to three years, maybe four years there, um, and at that time maybe come to mls, hopefully love to see him play. Um, and also, uh, he could possibly go to China or something or just retire. It just depends on what he wants to do. Tulsa Soccer Camps, and how his body feels. That’s one of the most important things, you know, I’ve seen him transform as a player from a 17 year old. Um, it was flashy, brilliant, bold too. A deadly veteran who finishes anything that comes in his way to deadly, a gold poacher. So he is just one of those guys that just, he transforms every year he plays, he transformed and it’s fun to watch. I’m watching players transformed from immaturity to maturity.

I just think it’s one of those remarkable things and that’s what we get to see if people too, I see it in kids, is I trained them as they start to get better and better, um, with their technique better with their decision making better with their attitude. I’ve watched my son, it just really warms my heart to see how he has become a much better player. A, the other day he was playing a game, a football, and he’s playing against a team that, a team was a lot better than than his team was. And you know, he scored the only goal for his team and played well and kept his emotions in check. Tulsa Soccer Camps, he didn’t, um, didn’t push anybody or knock anybody or lose his temper. He just kept working, did defensive work. He did offensive work. He played a brilliant game and I was so proud of him and after the game he came up to me, he was crying and I gave him a big hug and I said, what’s wrong?

He said, he said, I really wanted to win that game. And I was like, oh, there’s nothing wrong with that. I said, you did so well. Tulsa Soccer Camps, you played your best. And, uh, I asked him to play your best is really what I asked him. And he said, yeah, I’ve played my best. And I said, well, you have nothing more to, uh, to ask for if you do your best and you lose, you lose. And sometimes the players on your team may just be, I’m on the other team, might just be better than the newer players as a whole. And that’s something that at pride I’m always looking at is how do we make ourselves better? How do we make our touches better, each player individually, how do we make the decisions better? And it just takes time and you know, for a kid to be upset after losing the game, that is perfectly fine.

I think a lot of times as parents we try to tell them, you know, don’t cry, don’t show any emotion, but I really think it’s those that are passionate, those kids that care, they should cry and we should comfort them and we should tell them, hey, it’s okay if you gave your best, then it’s okay, you know, let your tears out, let your emotions out. And we regroup and try again next time. Tulsa Soccer Camps, because that passion is what drives them to be great. And instead of trying to squelch it, we need to promote it. And you know, as, as I’ve gotten older, as a coach, I started to recognize these things as a parent of charter, right? I started to recognize these things. My wife has helped me a lot. She’s been one of the biggest blessings in my life and seeing how I can improve as a father.

Um, and uh, even as a coach, all these concepts have helped me, uh, to become better and to really take into consideration what the needs of the players or some players are not emotional and that’s okay too. They don’t have to be. Some players are very calm and maybe inside there’s a lot of passion, but on the outside they don’t see it and you just never know what’s going on there. But you want to nurture these kids. You want to nurture what they’re saying. Tulsa Soccer Camps, I mean, what they’re doing and, and nurture their progress because we are what they have and we are here to promote them. And so in getting older, we mature. We get better, supposed to be smarter. I’m supposed to have more wisdom. And wisdom is not just knowing what to do, but also doing it so if we know we need to be like a chameleon, a be a coach who changes and transforms into what the player needs, I think that’s how we should be as, as youth coaches.

The only time we shouldn’t be that way as if we’re talking about standards and principles and concepts where, um, players we’re supposed to learn what we’re trying to teach. Like in let’s say you’re trying to teach low pressure defense or you’re trying to teach a discipline in defending and attacking. They have to learn those things so we don’t bend there and we don’t bend with, Tulsa Soccer Camps, how we treat people and how we expect to be treated, how we expect parents to act, how we expect parents to act, how we expect ourselves to act. We don’t change in those areas, but we do change if we need to be a coach that’s more vocal or coach says less. Whatever it is that makes those players better, that’s what we have become. So thank you for listening to our podcast today. Um, you know, and once again, it’s been a pleasure talking about soccer. One of the things I’m very passionate about, so y’all have a great day. Thanks.