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Welcome to the pride of tulsa soccer training, where we offer the best when it comes to tulsa soccer camps. This podcast is brought to you by pride tulsa.Com. We are only soccer training podcast and we are number one program when it comes to personal soccer, training, tulsa soccer camps and soccer player development. In this podcast soccer, coach and personal soccer trainer o’neill bit is going to share insight and wisdom when it comes to the overall game of soccer and tulsa soccer camps only was also the founder of ceo and ceo of pride soccer training. He is my husband jack’s daddy, and he is wholeheartedly focused on a committed to elevating the game when it comes to personal soccer, training, soccer lessons and overall soccer player, developmentpride of tulsa soccer training mission is to help soccer players are systematically grow and progressively develop in both character and soccer. Skill. Pride of tulsa training help soccer players just like you, but she is a personal goals so that they can win both on the pitch and in everyday life, to learn more about pride of tulsa soccer training and to get started on your first soccer training session. Please call today at 918-701-0983 or visit our website pride tulsa.Com. This is episode 141, we are talking about japan and so I would like to hand it over to in the open until in a while I’m doing. Well, how are you I was just want to say you did a wonderful job with the intro and everything I I thought that was wonderful. Thank you, you’re. Welcome. First question is I know you really like to watch japan, but why do you like to watch japan? So is this the men’s team or who you were talking about? I love watching the team, because I love how they play I love the fact that you know I enjoyed watching the d us women as well, but the thing that is different:us women’s, soccer team. Is there pretty tall, pretty strong women and they’re very good, technically sound, very strong, but what I liked about the japanese women, as they weren’t as big, and they were even more technically sound in a lot of ways? However, you know they also had a very good team concept and I enjoyed watching them. Excuse me and because I liked how they played as a team I like their strategy I like other coach, train them, and the game in particular that I love the most was when they played against holland in the women’s world in 2015 and I saw them defend of the team attack of the team. Their goals are really beautiful and I love their captain miyama. She just technically. She she rivaled any any male soccer player. That’s out there. Even today, georgia he’s my favorite all-time soccer player, who I watched up I tried to emulate growing up and mia mama just reminded me of his techniques. You completely right footed, but her right foot could do everything he does outside of a right-foot make it did make it curl make it been. She dribbled well, and she just always seem to be a step ahead of everybody else on the field. So did you take a free kicks? She took free kicks to, let you do whatever needed to be done and her passing was was just precise, so if she saw play running through, she would slot that ball perfectly between the fenders. To get to that player. You say:she’s like female pellet, I would say she’s just mean, I mean i, don’t want to say she’s like a female pele. Anything like that, because I just think it takes away from who she is. She just met donna and that’s wonderful about her I think what I love to see about her she’s, not at all player, though I usually likes shorter players just because I like to see how they in soccer how size doesn’t matter how you can be little, you can be big, doesn’t matter just matters how skillful and technical you are tell me the some odd days ago that usa didn’t make it which I was bummed about that cuz I wanted to see. Paul, sick and holland didn’t make it and I know. I will be rooting for brazil and germany and stuff, but will you be looking at the japan japanese men’s team I like south korea men’s team, better I enjoyed watching them in 2002, world cup, but I’m? Not a big japan fan for some reason:yeah i, miss having us in the world cup is always nice to have your country in there, but I will be going for brazil and france and I’m looking I want to see what egypt can do for sala place for them and I also know what is named. Play foreigner I love him a lot like him, so I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do epl. So we can stack. Nigeria who will have it will be, will be on that team will get to see yeah. That’s a bummer but we’ll see neymar and we’ll see cristiano ronaldo, messi I’m, looking to see I really want to see messi or ronaldo can do if they can leave their team to world cup final and win. That would be kind of exciting, but also what he does. I love watching him, a guy I love on the german team, the striker timo werner original topic, which is japanese women. Thank you for bringing this back in I would I was excited. So what do you think? The outcome of the game with me I’m not really sure, because I’ll tell you what the world cup 2011, japan and us faced off in japan one and then 2015 they faced off again and us1. So if we’re going to do this, every other thing, I would win the next one.¬†Tulsa Soccer Camps

But you don’t know i, don’t know if she’s awesome she’s going to final, it’s whatever goes from half line so with lord anything is possible. Yes, yes, yes, so I think even better I think it’s for the wrong, but with lloyd I think anything is possible with her she’s, a very good leader of. Are you catching very skillful player, so they can go either way. Now it is a good and so in whistle who is your favorite character? Show jackie definitely should get. Mine is tatsuya mizuno and the funny thing about it is i, wear amazon and it’s a book that it’s a it’s a manga. So it’s a comic book about soccer in japan. There read it the opposite way to do that right to left, to fill left to right. Well, thank you, coach, antonio. We have time today. If that is all we have for today’s. Yes, it was nice getting to interview. You did a wonderful job. Thank you for allowing me to to be here and then hosting the show and I really appreciate it. We really appreciate you for joining us and thank you for listening to the only podcast about tulsa soccer camps and soccer training, tulsa soccer training. We strive to fully develop every soccer player by giving them the absolute best when it comes to tulsa soccer camps at pride of tulsa soccer training or tulsa soccer camps, help soccer players become a technically sound and creatively strong force on the pitch. If you want to learn more about pride soccer training, please visit our website pride tulsa or give us a call today at 918-701-0983 at pride of tulsa soccer training, which each character soccer skills. If you, if you’re willing to work hard and follow a customized tulsa soccer camps, we can get your results guaranteed. Thank you again so much for joining this until next time. This is pride, soccer training, signing off¬†Tulsa Soccer Camps