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Tulsa Soccer Camps | Have a Ball

Welcome to the pride of tulsa soccer training, or we offer the best when it comes to tulsa soccer camps. This podcast is brought to you by pride tulsa.Com. We are tonsils only soccer training, podcast and we are tossing number one program when it comes to personal soccer training, tulsa soccer camps in soccer player development. In this podcast soccer coach and personal soccer trainer o’neill band is going to share his insight and wisdom when it comes to overall game of soccer in tulsa soccer camps. O’neill is also the founder and ceo of pride soccer training he’s my husband, jack’s daddy, and he has wholeheartedly focused on and committed to elevating the game when it comes to personal soccer training soccer lessons in overall soccer player, developmentpride of tulsa soccer training. This mission is to help soccer player, systematic grow and progressively develop in both character and soccer skill. Tulsa soccer training help soccer players just like you achieve their personal goals so that they can win both on the pitch and in everyday life. To learn more about pride of tulsa soccer training and to get started on your first soccer training session. Give us a call today at 918-701-0983 or visit our website pride tulsa.Com. This is episode 148 and it’s titled top 5 players, top 5 favorite players to watch live in my lifetime and in jackson’s lifetime. So he’s worth me here today, so I don’t jackson. How are yougreat? How are you doing well doing? Well, thank you and so we’re here to talk about our top five plays that we watch live, and that doesn’t mean in person. That means like seeing them on. Tv live not in replay not in youtube highlights but actually live. Does that still care? If you don’t? Oh, yes, thierry onry, alright! So we’re going to talk about these players and I’m going to mention my top 5 will do that in a second here. Are you adam, but here’s how it’s going to go? My top 5, my first favorite player of all time that I’ve seen my watch was georgie haji used the most impactful player for me because he was left-footed. He was captain of romania and i. Just I had to have a play that was left foot because that’s what I am and I enjoyed watching my want to learn how to use my left foot better and I wanted to see how he did things. So it was just wonderful to get to watch him and I have never met a player that loved more than hadji danza don would be. My soul is what my wife told me today. So i, love, zidane, zidane was a magnificent player to watch and just beautiful just the way he thought about the game. The way he saw it on the way he moved with ball. It was just like ballet and I can never get enough of watching him and the way his brain thinks and his personality. So much to mine is kind of more quiet, introverted, I’m I’m over that way, so I can i. Think I can relate to him very much in that regard. Md neymar I love, neymar, i, love watching the world cup 2014 love is skill, love that right foot in his ass a lot like the downs way he moves and dances around people, but i, just i, just love seeing him play. He that looks even players who are light on their feet. Jump over tackles move quickly, he’s one of those players and jackson brought up a good point. A while ago you to tell my cherry on reed and originally I had long from south korea on here, but I think I’m going to have to scratch his name out and say:thierry henry was a favorite of mine. He was just beautiful to watch, play and I got to say:yeah he’s, definitely a player to enjoy the jackson. It’s your turn. Now you need to talk about your top 5 and explain why so we’re not I’m closing my favorite. Definitely because from the time I was little I loved him. I wanted to be in his position. I want his number all that now cuz, that’s just my number, but had to go with it. That’s good! That’s good! I! Really like reynaldo, because the way he dribbled finishes he finishes like no mercy. He has no mercy when he finishes it, just beautiful. How do you like his dribbling yeah he’s? Definitely gifted definitely give to the military. You know i. Think I lied about reynaldo. My first one is breathable griezmann, oh wow. Yes, you have watched. That is true, and so what do you? What do you like about reason besides his here i, don’t want to hear what is here. I love, try new things like what it’s just beautiful singing play the way she’ll scissor someone be there for his teammates to marry. Well, as my number one fan reynaldo, what’s your next one all right and you got to see on everywhere, kansas city I think there was a red bulls again I’m, really missing a bald guy run around. While we have pictures I lose it look at pictures and look at pictures yesterday, and that was one of the pictures that came up was when we were at the game, and why do you like honore? What do you? What did you like about him record? Locator I like him, because you like him too scratched the tottenham hotspurs are:are there the rivals of my dad’s team, arsenal i, like teams that play well so meryl streep through the middle there like three defenders? Are you still going and what did he took a shot or did he pass it and they almost had to go? Maybe they did, but it was beautiful to reason, reynaldo, honore, sign and who’s your last one obama obama yay.

What team does he play for gas cap on, and so he may never make it to world cup, just because his team is not that strong, but he is a joy to watch. He actually reminds me of terry on me the way he acts the way he plays, and he may end up being one of my favorites by the time he’s got it arsenal so but like it was because I really enjoyed just part. He was offsides, but thankfully he’s running and just chips a ride over the keeper. It was beautiful. It was beautiful for today. So thank you for joining us. Thank you for listening to the only prop podcast about tulsa soccer camps and soccer training at pride of tulsa soccer training. We strive to fully develop every soccer player by giving them the absolute best when it comes to tulsa soccer camps at prize tulsa. Soccer training are tulsa soccer camps, help soccer players become a technically sound creatively, strong force on the pitch. If you want to learn more about pride soccer training, please visit our website fried tulsa.Com or give us a call today at 918-8701, 09832 soccer training, we teach character, confidence and soccer skill, and if you’re willing to work hard and follow, are customized supposed to soccer camps, we can get you results guaranteed. Thank you again so much for joining us until next time┬áTulsa Soccer Camps