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Tulsa Soccer Camps | Hodge Lodge

Hi and welcome to pride soccer training podcast. My name is on the old band. I am the CEO and founder of Tulsa pride soccer training. So, um, today I have so many different things on my mind today. So today’s going to be a hodgepodge, have a different ideas, Tulsa Soccer Camps different thoughts, different feelings. It’ll be all over the board. Just kind of what comes to mind right now. My little boys going through, um, healing his back has been hurting him and uh, he was having to rest and so he’s having a hard time resting. He, he just hates sitting out. And so, uh, I think for every athlete there is a time when you get hurt. There was a time when you have to sit out and there’s nothing that you can do about the, like you just, you just have to sit up and, uh, he’s learning that he, he’s been traded so much.

He never really took enough of a break off. I’m never took much of a break off it. Summertime, kept trying and working hard and there’s a time where you just have just slow down. I’m have to break away from the norm and uh, give your body a rest. He was working on his left foot quite a bit and there’s a muscle in his back, this swollen. So He’s, he’s just, uh, arrested. Not now, but um, some of the things that we’ve been doing to relieve it, you know, you always hear about it. Um, advil is a good anti inflammatory medicine to take to get rid of the swelling and we’re doing that. Or Tulsa Soccer Camps, also I’m also using this a tens unit and the tens unit, um, gave us is basically putting the lectures tristy through the muscle so that it will get blood flow and start to heal properly. Lots of massage demonstrates to. I’m hoping that when he plays this weekend, he’ll be healthy, be ready to go again and just taking the whole week off. So having said all that, um, I know I haven’t been injured before where I hurt my knee and I’d have surgery in different things have gone on, but the love of the game never stops.

I am 40 now and know Dr. said, I have arthritis in my knee and all this different stuff, and I find that. Do you know what? I wouldn’t have changed anything. I would have kept playing. I would have done all the things I do. I love the game. I love playing. Tulsa Soccer Camps, love watching it. I love being around. It is a gift that God has given me and I really thoroughly. I’m grateful for that gift. You know, I cannot change my spots. So Leopard cannot change its spots and these are the things that God has given me and that’s why I love coaching soccer. I love teaching kids how to play because it was just joyful. It’s joyful to see kids progress and get better and start to see smiles on their faces when they get something done and cheering and chanting and cheering each other on.

It’s just a wonderful experience. You know, the other day I saw my wife shared a video of Wayne Rooney running someone down. It was probably about a 40 to 50 yard run and he took off defensively while everybody was caught. He ran the player down and I think it was the player was beat the offsides he was, he was going to go to gold, be one on one with the goalkeeper and he caught him just after half line slide tackled him. One the goal dribbled up about 20 to 30 yards and s and crossed a probably it was like a 60 yard bowl in the air to one of the players that headed it on in scored. Tulsa Soccer Camps I was amazed at what I saw and I saw the player run off into the stands and celebrate dog stuff and I’m thinking to myself, how did he not run over to Rooney?

I would’ve ran over to Rooney. I would be jumping into the stands. That was just an amazing thing. He just did and you know, I don’t know, just finally kind of interesting that, you know, I don’t know, maybe I’m being, don’t need to be judgmental or anything like that, so I won’t even say it, but I just found that, uh, that type of work ethic is pretty amazing to see a star player. Wayne Rooney who’s done it all played in world cups, was captain of the English national team, has the most goals for England ever played for men you for several years, uh, was their key stryker for, for many years. Tulsa Soccer Camps to see him come out and put that type of work ethic again, still, I was just like, wow, I’m amazed and impressed that he just has that work ethic. And I think something that can be talked about law over and over, getting grit, perseverance. It’s what causes people to be great. I keep you long quit. I’m going gonna stop you. If you’d ever quit, no one can ever break you down because you keep working, you keep doing things, you keep going at it. And that’s how we’re supposed to be. We’re supposed to be people who just keep working over and over again in our craft, you know? Well, we’ll make mistakes.

We’re not perfect. Are we trying to do our best trying to, trying to work towards perfection. Yeah, we. Are we ever attain perfection? No. We want. And there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with working hard to be the best. And Tulsa Soccer Camps, I’m always amazed by people who do that. A Christiana Rinaldo’s it really impressed me. Um, a buddy of mine jokes with me, he says, I’m in a fan club and I said, I think I am. He’s earned my respect.


you know, like I always, I’ve said many times he reminds me of my son is a temp parameds that’s passion. The way he even reads the game. It’s just amazing to watch. And you know, I think people can be critical of Christianity. I could say, Tulsa Soccer Camps, he’s not a playmaker like messy, messy scores, more goals. And it also sets people up more. And that may be true. I’m not gonna take anything away from messy. I think he’s an outstanding player too. I just prefer I prefer Cristiana noddles mentality and a work ethic. I find that in the World Cup Christiano at least outwardly,


just showed signs of a champion like, you know, saying good game, you know, not getting too caught up in the moment to where you didn’t play or are weighted on other people all the time to do things he didn’t really well. And he’s a team player and I’ve seen him grow over the years, like I’ve said, just amazing to watch Luca module, which was another player that I really enjoyed watching this world cup may go back and try to watch some of his games just to, to see his skills and his technical ability is leadership. It was like a calm leader. I like, I like that it’s kind of like a parallel parallel quite a bit with his calmness, his technical ability, I think parallel might be a little bit higher on the technical side, but still yet module, it’s just not very far off and I’m just really pleased and I feel blessed that I’ve been able to coach so many kids that my son has reaped the benefits of coaching for all these years and it’s continuing to reap those benefits. Um, you know, want him to be able to pursue his goals, his dreams, go after them 100 percent

and Tulsa Soccer Camps,

and make those things happen for himself. And you know, I pray that God is with him the whole time guiding him every step of the way, like I know he will and Jackson, his heart and his soul and his body will be protected by God’s hedge of protection and, and not be led astray, Tulsa Soccer Camps but to be a god fearing person who is helping other people to see God’s light, um, in this world. So I just thank you. Today, it was a hodgepodge, like I said, so many different ideas in my head. A thank you for listening and I will talk to you all soon.