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Tulsa Soccer Camps | Humility and Perseverance

No, uh, this is O’neil bent and I’m the founder and CEO of price soccer training and today I want to title this one, humility and something my mom used to tell me as a child, it was a Jamaican proverb type of thing and uh, it was the humble cap sucks the most milk and thought about it. Maybe it originates in Africa, I don’t know because a lot of, you know, of course African influence in Jamaica and I think about it today and I think about all the mistakes that I may have made in my life, Tulsa Soccer Camps, just playing soccer and just related to that, how there were times when, you know, coach would say something to me and correct me and I can take it the wrong way. Um, and, you know, I remember sometimes like, uh, my coach may asked me, would you have done that in practice?

And um, uh, would say, or what’d you, I would have done to move in a game? And I would say no. Tulsa Soccer Camps I said, they don’t do that here. And then, you know, my dad would be like, well, you should, you know, do it. I used to have said yes, I would, you know, and just that type of mindset and I’m not that, I don’t, I’m not the person that’s kind of a, just like forcing my will on people or Barry, I’m pretty calm, low key, soft spoken until like I really get pushed into a situation so I didn’t want to cause conflict, that sort of thing. But I’m learning, you know, there’s something to learn from everything coaches do on site, good or bad. We have the ability to turn it into a positive thing. And so if I have maybe asked him, we’ll coach you, you know, where should I tried?

If I can’t try it in practice, where should I try it? And then maybe he would say, well I see your point. Or maybe he said, well I tried at home until you master it and then do it here. And I was like, okay, you know. But Tulsa Soccer Camps, I had another situation in college where coach told me I would never be as good as the, my favorite player. Which at the time was Georgie Haji and my favorite local player, the one I looked up to most that I watched as a kid was terry manual. And um, you know, I was told that I would never be like those two guys and it hurt my feelings, you know, and I started to shut off my mind towards that coach and to what he had to tell me because I felt like that was destructive. What he had said to me, and maybe I should have asked, what do you mean by that?

And to see what he is really trying to say. He really a point he was only trying to make, was to play simply. I was a freshman coming in and wanting to do what I did in high school and throughout most of my career. And Tulsa Soccer Camps, he was like, no, you need to change your game. You need to do this. And I do think maybe he could’ve come at me in a different way and said, hey, you need to change your game like this. Everybody out here is as good as you, but you’re going to have to change your game so that you can be better than everybody else and that would have. That would have changed everything for me, but had I been more humble. Instead, you know what, what this coach is saying, there’s some truth to it, if not all truth and I need to learn from it and figure out how this is supposed to help me as opposed to how did you hurt my feelings are and why, and those are two different mindsets and humility is seeing that, hey, you understand, you understand your place in the team, you’re not worthless and you’re not the most important.

You are right there in the middle and learning how to take instruction and I think that’s very important. A lot of times I see kids that fight to be right or you know, and I have that issue too. I’m not saying I’m perfect, I’m saying I see kids when I train them that have that in them and in some areas that is good. It’s good to have an ego and other areas that you have to let that ego die down because you have to be able to, to improve and to improve. You have to recognize when you don’t do something well and you’re gonna have to, to be humbled. Tulsa Soccer Camps so, you know, another instance I saw, it’s really kind of think wish I would’ve learned it earlier because it could have helped me, but I was being coached by Tom on too far and college.

He was our assistant coach and you know, I was talking to Tom About, you know, going to try out for protein, but you know, he was like, yeah, you could do it. You definitely can. And I remember after the end of one of my seasons I asked him, he said, no, you’re not ready. And I got offended by that. I was really upset with him because he said that to me and I didn’t talk to him about it. And once again I’ll let my feelings get in the way when I should’ve been like, well, can you help me get ready? Can you help me to get better? Because I really want this, and he would have done it, he would have trained me, I could have had private training right then and there. He would have helped me. I would have grown as a player and become much better and possibly have gone pro, maybe even overseas.

Tulsa Soccer Camps, there was just those possibilities because Tom had played at Aston Villa in England and, you know, it’s just one of those things. I missed that opportunity to do it. And, you know, I, I, I’m okay with it now. I mean, everything happens for a reason and, you know, I don’t, I wasn’t supposed to go that route. But when I think about it, I’m always thinking I need to make sure that I’m humbled. Um, you know, a third, a fourth instance of this happened when I was getting into my national tryout and I was 17. Um, we flew out to. Oh Man, I’m trying to remember. We flew out somewhere. I thought it was on the east coast, but I just, for some reason I can’t remember anymore. But um, we had a lot of people from all over the country coming out and I was the youngest player there, we were trying out for the national team and the coach asked me, well, what do you think about your training?

This is after a week long of training, you know, I started getting my flow a little bit started to get used to the challenge and you know, I was trying to be a caught folk humility, false humility. Tulsa Soccer Camps, I was trying to act like, oh, you know, it was a good experience. I really feel like it’s been good for me and that’s all I said. I really should have said no coach. I see where I’ve come in and I took me a little while to adjust. I really want to be here. Can you help me? I really want to stay and keep training. I really want you to consider me for the next round and I’ll work my butt off to prove you right. And if I would said that, I think I would’ve had a better chance of that being called back to go again.

And again. And so it’s, it’s those types of things that we have to make sure that we’re looking for in ourselves, that we are humble and honest and true and that we can, we’ll reap the benefits of those things that I don’t think any player gets anywhere just on their own standing there has to be people out there looking out for him or her and seeing the potential in him, believing in them, nurturing them. And I think that’s, that’s an important factor. And, and that player must be humble, you know, and that pride, soccer training, we’re always working on those things. Always working on, um, you know, perseverance, respect, integrity, drive and excellence. We are always working on that. And Tulsa Soccer Camps, that’s something that, that we are always trying to, to hit a home with people and with players that, hey, we have make sure that we are focused.

We have to make sure that we’re humble. We have to make sure that we can receive coaching and we have to work hard all the time. Um, I had a talk with a little, this lovely little player that trains with me, your name is Lucy. And she, so far she’s melted my heart, melted the hearts of, Tulsa Soccer Camps, you know, my sister Gaby, and also my son Jackson, like he was playing and he showed up yesterday to the training session and was working with the little ones and she was there and he got to play with her on her team and there was a two V, one game that we were playing and he was just helping her and he said, man, she is so sweet. She came, he came home, was talking to me about it more than one time talking to my wife, you know, and it’s, it’s like this little girl.

Tulsa Soccer Camps I said to her, hey, you have to have grit. You have to be able to fight and battle and keep working hard. And she’s just looking at my face and yeah. Yeah. And she always works hard. She always fights. She never complained. She always hustled. And I’m just really pleased with the progress I’m seeing in her because she has that quality, the humility that I see and the work ethic. And you can go very far with that, with that type of character, those characteristics. So, um, once again, thank you for listening to our podcast and a pride soccer training. We’re here to help your kid improve. So we hope you have a great day. Thanks for listening.