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Tulsa Soccer Camps | Individual Stars

Hi, this is Neil Bent. I am the founder and CEO of pride soccer training and today’s podcast is going to be about star players. Um, I go, I said to think a few times before is I love a star players. I love seeing how they perform under pressure. I love seeing how they see the game, how they think about, uh, you know, taking players on or setting players up. Um, many of the players I’ve watched over the years I’ve helped to pull different ideas about how players should play in systems and styles. Um, and I think, uh, there’s so many different ways to play the game. Tulsa Soccer Camps I’m one of the, one of the best winners of all time in the English premier league was, am Ryan Giggs and this guy, he would dribble the ball players on, on the wing and it was just looked so effortless, but he was smooth, um, and would beat people with ease.

And I just loved the way he drove because he wasn’t about doing a lot of fancy tricks and flicks and stuff like that. But he was more so the type of player just to get the job done by the way he dribbled, so he would use his hips to fake people and to get by them. And Tulsa Soccer Camps, that is one of the most effective ways to be players, especially if you have a lot of speed, um, you, you should use your hips and change of direction and change of pace to feed people. Um, when I played, I did a lot of that because I had a lot of pace and uh, it just made it so much easier to, uh, to dribble and take people on and beat them and be effective on the field. I’m Ryan Gates was also a goal score, so he would cut it in score sometimes it also get crosses.

And so he, he had both sides of the game as a winger. He could cross beautifully. He could also finish. He was a deadly finisher. Another player comes to mind is a pillow pillow, will put in a position. I’m just behind, Tulsa Soccer Camps, the two midfielders. So he was actually at an attacking midfielder, but play in between the defense. And the midfield, and then he was called a regina as what’d you call it? And I reduced to kind of lays back in the deep parts of the field, finds players that he can play to move the ball to. And it’s very interesting that concept is one of the few players I’ve seen that really did that role effectively and efficient at it. We also scored and just had an uncanny ability to be calm under pressure. Like you never seemed like he was, um, pressed to do anything.

And he’s just a very impressive, calm and skillful player. I really enjoyed watching him play over the years. Um, another player, is it a deans have done. Donald was an attacking midfielder that I can’t think of any players during my lifetime that I actually watched a play live with the exception of Diego Maradona who were better then is it was just a beautifully skillful player who read the game well could take people on, could score goals, cassette players up. He was just like the complete player in my opinion. Um, and could use his left, his right. He was good in the air. He could defend if you need it to, Tulsa Soccer Camps, just everything you could and his imagination. Oh, just so beautiful. Just a beautiful part to watch. It was almost like you’re watching a ballet is when someone referred to them as a ballet dancer. He just had a wonderful vision for the game and was a joy to watch just x.

It was just. I remember watching him in the 2000, uh, six World Cup. We had the famous headbug, but up until that point he was the best player of the tournament. He was the oldest player of the tournament. It was just beautiful to see play. Um, the, uh, another player that I grew up loving. I only got to watch three video type was of course of Pele. Pele was remarkable as a striker. Everything he, he did, it was just to the best, um, his attitude on the field, uh, his ability with all parts of his body. He was a complete player. You had no limitations when it came to, Tulsa Soccer Camps, his ability to control the ball. I’m just phenomenal and won three world cups as well. I think he is someone that will always be the greatest. I don’t see anybody winning three world cups again, like, like he did it out of four world cups.

He won three and that to me is really amazing. We have also have Diego Maradona who some argue he’s the best over Pella, but I still don’t think so because sometimes his, his integrity was in question many times and that’s kind of what causes me to say he’s not, um, his integrity just was not always 100 percent and that’s what I had a lot of problems with. Tulsa Soccer Camps, but his skill, he had the best left foot I’ve ever seen anybody have or use people talk about messy married Donna was, was way more skillful to me and he had the ability to bring players up to his level. He could carry people and uh, you could just change a game and it seemed like you could do it on his own. I mean, I know nobody can really completely do anything on their own, on the soccer field, but this guy, he was just had an amazing ability to pick the others up and to lead them to victory.

Tulsa Soccer Camps, another player that I dearly love and he’s my favorite player growing up. Um, and then we can talk about Pella and married. Donna is done. I’m talking about all these players, but my favorite favorite player growing up was haji. And how’d you had a great influence from Johan Cruyff and how’d you just. I love the way he dribbled and has art and I’m a module reminded me of how Haji Haji could dominate a game. He would take over. He had good vision. We could dribble, he can pass, he could defend. He had a lot of creativity and the passion that he brought in the game was a lot like Mary Donna. Like he could lift others up around them. I remember reading about him where he, when he went to task, the way he put it in his, in his contract that if they won your wife a Champions League, he would get a bonus.

Tulsa Soccer Camps he ended up winning it. He was driven to win that and get his bonus and I thought, oh my gosh, what a way to go in and show stamp your name on the club on who you are, just as a player overall. I just thought that was just really amazing for someone to do that, to say, hey, I want this. You give this to me. If I do it, and they do it and they get it done. And Haji, his left foot, he could do anything with it. Can Bend it curly shoot from 30 yards out, shoot score from inside the box. He just, he had it all and he also had a right foot. Not Too many people talk about it, but his right foot was just just as strong as his left. In many ways he can chip with that. He can strike driven balls.

He can even dribble with it if you need it to. One of the best fakes. I saw him do a, was like he did like a river. Leno turned and flipped the ball past the player. And I was like, oh my gosh, I’ve never seen anybody do it before, but it was just amazing to watch. And I thoroughly seeing him do that. He just, just a, a wonderful player. And I miss him. I really do. I still watch highlights. Tulsa Soccer Camps, I love seeing it in play from the past assistant. So enjoyable. I’m Johan Cruyff, another great player that I enjoyed learning from. He just, he, the way he thought was what was the most significant thing to me is mind. He’s probably the smartest player of all time, um, with how he saw the game, what he did. Um, I just thought it was really amazing. Um, and he, he had an impact on many countries, Spain and impact on Holland iax Barcelona. Players like Haji. Yeah, it just, he just, he had a great impact on them. Um, and one other player was Bryan Roy, a Dutch player is a winger. I loved him, loved seeing him play to take people on, beat them. Rude holiday, another one, frank, right card ambassador. Those guys, they all have special places in my heart. Um, but that’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed it and I will talk to you soon.