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Tulsa Soccer Camps | No One Better

Hello and welcome to the pride of tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by pride tulsa.Com at pride of tulsa soccer training. We offered the best service when it comes to tulsa soccer lessons and tulsa soccer camps. Pride of tulsa soccer training is tulsa’s, only soccer training podcast and we are tulsa’s number one program for personal soccer, training, tulsa soccer lessons, tulsa soccer camps and overall soccer player development in this podcast. Today, we’re going to be talking about pride, tulsa.Com, the services that we offer and why we are the number one choice for tulsa and when it comes to soccer player, development and Instruction i’m. Also, when you are looking at pride of tulsa soccer training, it’s important to know our mission and our purpose, and what we’re here to do our goal is to fully develop soccer players. Our goal is to provide the best instruction. So that’s, why are tulsa soccer lessons and are tulsa soccer camps? Are the absolute best choice for your soccer player. We create individualized, personalized and customized lessons that help soccer players grow at a rapid rate. Pride of tulsa soccer training mission is to help soccer player, systematically grow and progressively develop in both their character and their soccer. Still, it’s really important to us to cultivate healthy habits on the soccer field and also just in everyday life when you’re. Looking at the word pride, of course, we think about a pride of lions and. The strength of the pride you know, but pride is also an acronym and it stands for perseverance. The r is for respect that I stand for integrity, the d stands for drive and the e stands for excellence, and so those are motivating factors when we are working with soccer players, whether we’re doing tulsa soccer lessons or tulsa soccer camps were incorporating on those character, skills and those mindsets into everything that we do, because we all know that those qualities and no skills will serve you. You know throughout your life. So when it comes to tulsa soccer lessons, we are the most effective training program out there and our goal is to help them develop as a whole person, so we’re teaching them character and we’re teaching him soccer skills and where the best edit. If you want to learn more about we are in the services that we offer and we would love to connect with you. You can visit our website again, which is pride tulsa.Com or you can give us a call today. At 918-701-0983, pride of tulsa soccer training helps soccer players achieve their personal goals so that they can win both on the pitch and in everyday life.

If you want to know more about us, a great place to start on our website is the testimonials page, and, what’s so great about the testimonials pages that you’ll see people just like you who came out who tried their first less than it’s only a dollar they loved the results they loved our energy, they loved our enthusiasm, the more than anything they loved the customized tulsa soccer lessons and the exceptional tulsa soccer camps that we provide. So you can go and watch video testimonials of people just like you who we help their kids grow to their highest potential and they are well on their way to establishing and reaching their soccer goals. You will see people who maybe they had a soccer player, that you know nobody believed in and they gave up on. Maybe they didn’t make the team and so that soccer player was defeated and crushed and they came to us. You know just hoping that we will be able to help them and we’ve been able to really turn those stories around, and it brings us a lot of joy because we were able to really build up the confidence of those soccer players to give them. You know a track when it comes to their personal growth and development. That’s going to help them you’ll, be there best self into 60 at the highest level possible. And so we have taken those situations where there was a lot of sadness and heartbreak and we’ve been able to create tulsa soccer lessons and give them a tulsa soccer camp experience that is really revolutionize their ability and their confidence. And now those people go on to make the team they now earn more playing time and we’ve even had clients who have earned full-time scholarships at d1 schools. So we are able to get you the results that you want guaranteed, I’m if you follow our customized tulsa soccer lesson that we create for you, and we also have former players and who can tell you exactly what we did for them during their career. Maybe their career has now ended and they ended on the high note.

They had all the goals that they wanted to, but they can tell you all about the tulsa soccer soccer camps that we provided and the personalized tulsa soccer lessons that we gave them and how we were able to instruct them to really be a formidable force on the soccer field – and there is nothing better than hearing a testimonial from a parent or a soccer player. Who is telling you hey? This was our situation. This is our experience I’m. So I encourage you just to go check them out today, pride tulsa.Com, you can click on testimonials and there you’ll just be a ton of videos of satisfied customers who will help you understand what sets us apart and what makes us different when. It comes to tulsa soccer lessons and tulsa soccer camps. You will find nobody who’s more passionate than our ceo and head coach. He was o’neill bent o’neal as as long as I’ve known him. I bet we’ve been married for ever and we have a wonderful son, jackson and I’ve known as we’ve known each other. For years I mean, even we were in school and o’neal has been an avid soccer player and he played in you know: middle school, high, school and college. He started out and wreck and you know, went to competitive he’s played at every level. He loves the game and he even got an olympic. He got to be on the olympic development tryout scene and was in a pool involved with that. I may not be saying that correctly, but it’s a big deal, if you get to you, know, go into a pool for olympic development, so he’s a very talented and gifted player, and he someone who studies the game. He studies footage. He reads books. He looks at documentaries, and he is a student of the game and so he’s really into taking the best methodology and the best instruction for soccer players and really combining all the knowledge in the tools in the resources that he has to create something magical. And he can get results in one practice. We see kids, you know and one practice if they come in their focused and they’re working hard and following are customized, tulsa soccer lesson for them or if they come to our tulsa soccer camp and they are really engaged. We see them improve in our session and o’neill is really really passionate about on nurturing young people, helping them grow and really teaching them the lovely game of soccer.

So we can help you and your child by you know giving them instruction that’s going to help them increase their soccer skills and then also just giving them those character and development, lessons that are going to serve them for the rest of their life. If you go to our website pride, tulsa.Com and click on the about page, you can see a picture of our family there. You can learn about why we chose the name pride. As I said earlier, it represents the lion. We’ve always love that animal and we, you know, feel like it represents strength, courage, royalty leadership, and these are all things that can serve you well and the game of soccer and in your life. So that is a constant source of inspiration for us and, of course, it’s part of our faith as well to you can read about o’neill’s biography how long he’s been playing he’s been playing and coaching emperor more than 15 years and he really dedicates his full energy. You know into I’m creating versatile, technically skillful and tactically sound soccer players. So the best way to learn about us is to call us or visit our website. You can download 918-701-0983 or you can visit the website. Pride tulsa.Com there’s a lot of information that you can see the line about who we are and there’s quotes on there. You can see all of o’neill’s credentials again testimonials, there’s also a contact form anything that you need. You can find on our website pride tulsa.Com or you can give us a call at 918-701-0983. As always, we want to thank you for joining us and thank you for listening to the only podcast about tulsa soccer, lessons, tulsa soccer camps and overall soccer player development and training. We are pride of tulsa soccer training again. Our goal is to fully develop soccer players because we give them customized and individualized tulsa soccer lessons and we create tulsa soccer camp experience that are memorable fine and that get results at pride of tulsa soccer training are tulsa soccer camps, help soccer players become technically sound and creatively strong on the pitch. So if you want to learn more about pride of tulsa soccer training visit our website, pride tulsa.Com or you can give us a call today at 918-701-0983, at pride of tulsa soccer training, we teach character, competence and soccer skill, and if you are willing to work hard and you follow are customized tulsa soccer lessons and attend are exceptional, tulsa soccer camps. We can get you the results that you want when it comes to the game of soccer guarantee. Thank you for joining us and we’ll see you next time.