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Tulsa Soccer Camps | Pep Guardiola

Hi and welcome to prize soccer training, a podcast. This is O’neil bent and I am the founder and CEO of fried soccer training. Um, the last few weeks have been really busy working on my b license. I’m trying to improve my soccer knowledge. I’m learning new things. I’ve been watching a lot of, uh, of Man City. There’s a documentary on, on Amazon with them out there and um, I’ve just been impressed by pep Guardiola and how he, how he analyzes the game, how he thinks about it, how he lives, how he is driven to, to perfect his style of play. And he’s not, he’s not backing down, he’s not changing his mind about how he wants to do it. He is just out there performing, uh, having these team performed the way he believes the game should be played. And I think that is one of the biggest attributes of a coach, of a, of a strong, Tulsa Soccer Camps a coach and even a player is having those things that you believe in.

I’m really guiding you through to success. You know, if you, whatever your beliefs are, your belief is attacking a football, attacking soccer. If you want to do attack minded soccer, that’s something that I think you stay true to and if you believe that, um, you know, you want to play a counterattack style, then you stay true to that kind of stuff. Um, I just think that watching him and Nancy plays, it’s, it just goes hand in hand with the Dutch philosophy. Um, and so just to give you a little background, I’m pep Guardiola played for your wife, your wife played in the seventies and sixties and even a little bit in the eighties and the United States. Um, he was the captain for the Dutch national team in the seventies. I’m most well known for playing a total football, which is the type of soccer that I loved the most were players interchange freely they move about and uh, Tulsa Soccer Camps, they just make sure that they cover certain spaces so that they can not be easily counterattacked.

And he also played for. I acts, I did the same thing and that’s kind of where it started going onto Barcelona, uh, as a player to play there. And then he coached Barcelona. And while your wife was that Barcelona coaching a pep guardiola played for him and he was the number six, the defensive midfielder. And uh, it’s just amazing to see that philosophy being passed. Uh, right now pep guardiola is my favorite coach. I’m a, I’m not a big Man City Fan, but I do respect how they play and I enjoy watching them and uh, it’s just, it’s just amazing to see how Croix has had a huge impact on all the people that I like and a Haji a route it, I’m just, Tulsa Soccer Camps I’m amazed that that impact that one person can have and how that lasting impact can continue on for years to come. I don’t feel like Pele or married Donna or even the non have had that type of impact on the game.

I think yours is the one player, one person who has had the most impact on, on soccer and I’m really amazed by it and I’m going to continue to study more about that and study coaches who have studied under him and study some more. And I’m just excited to continue to play that brand of soccer because I do believe in attack. I do believe in going out and I’m going to dig even more deeply into that now, um, because I’ve learned how to play a counterattack, soccer and I can do it well and, but nothing brings me more joy than attacking and playing an open game where you, you got the opposition and you play the attacking game. Tulsa Soccer Camps, I enjoy it.

Just really. I’m amazed at my son and I are watching these in these games and seeing how he can learn from pep and weren’t learned from Man City and a news it in his game where he plays and I’m teaching them how the different positions worked. A, the other day I went through the Dutch style of play with him and we’ll player by player what each player does and where they’re found on the field. And it gave him more clarity, just clarity on his position, even what, what he’s supposed to be doing and how he supposed to operate. And it was just impressive to see how that little bit of communication, that a little bit of information from my son made all the difference. Tulsa Soccer Camps, and, uh, I think he will show up in the next games to come. He will see, oh, my team needs me to score goals.

I’m a striker, I’m supposed to score. Um, and uh, it’s not a selfish thing to score goals. It’s actually a very good thing. And, you know, I think those are the, the things that kids need to learn and understand. Um, I have to understand their roles and how important they are. And I think as coaches, we don’t do this enough. I spent today, this evening with my team, my new 16 boys team teaching them, um, how they should, Tulsa Soccer Camps, how they, how they teach you, teach them the positions. I’m sorry, that they play what they do in both in attacking and defense. Um, we talked about a game that we had recently and what happened to see why we lost our. I wasn’t there. And to find out the reasons as to why we lost the way we did. And, you know, I’m, I’m pretty tough on them when it comes to just being honest.

I want to know, I don’t want to be, um, you know, just stuck in this idea that a, oh, it’s because there was no coach at this time or because they didn’t listen to some. Oh, because it’s like we have a responsibility to ourselves to operate a highest level. Tulsa Soccer Camps, and that’s what I saw from Croix. So I see from pet party Yola, um, you know, most notably of all the people have ever walked the planet in Jesus Christ, you know, he, he showed that he can live at his best and do his best for his father. And I just think that is, that’s who we’re supposed to be. We’re supposed to be operating at our best all the time and never operating in disbelief or in doubt or in fear. I think we’re supposed to walk strong and, uh, putting aside all distractions, all things that we don’t, I think that’s something that is healthy and is good for us.

Uh, yeah. Pride, soccer training. That’s what we do. We operate our best. We come in and we make sure that the kids are, are learning and growing and I’m actively, Tulsa Soccer Camps, no, just pursuing their best and not giving into, um, you know, other things. And we also hold their feet to the fire, like if kids are not concentrating and if they’re not focused, make sure that they stay focused, that they, um, really think about what they’re doing and, you know, calling them out. I had a kid the other day that was not, was talking back to where the coaches and I said to him, Hey, that’s not how we operate, you know, we believe in perseverance, respect, integrity, drive and excellence. And asked them which one of those are you break. And he said, respect. And I said, yes. So you have to treat everybody with respect.

And he apologized and you know, we forgave him and we moved on and that’s just how life is supposed to be. Tulsa Soccer Camps just really proud of him for, you know, taking that, that, that criticism. I’m taking the discipline and I’m using it in a positive way because he could easily say, I’m never going to come back, or I’m never. Gonna just doesn’t work that way. You’ve got to grow and change, and parents are very supportive, so grateful for the parents that do have their kids trying to prod because they’re very supportive of what we’re doing and we’re making changes and it’s just a wonderful, wonderful thing to experience. So thank you once again for listening to our pride soccer training podcast, and I hope that you have a wonderful day.