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Welcome to the pride of tulsa soccer training, where we are for the best when it comes to tulsa soccer camps. This podcast is brought to you by friday salsa.Com. We are tells his only soccer training podcast and we are number one program when it comes to personal soccer, training, tulsa soccer camps and soccer player development. In this podcast soccer, coach and personal soccer trainer on the old band is going to share insight and wisdom when it comes to the overall game of soccer and tulsa soccer camps. O’neill is also the founder and ceo of pride soccer training he’s my husband, jack’s daddy, Tulsa Soccer Camps and his wholeheartedly focused on and committed to elevating the game when it comes to personal soccer training. Soccer lessons in overall soccer player development, pride of tulsa soccer training mission is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop in both character and soccer skill.

Pride of tulsa soccer training, helpsoccer players, just like you, achieve personal goals, so they can win both on the pitch and in everyday life, to learn more about pride of tulsa soccer training and to get started on your first soccer training session. He was a call today at 918-701-0983 or visit our website pride tulsa.Com. This is episode 170 and it is cristiano. Ronaldo I’ve talked about him many times and I don’t get tired of talking about him for some reason. This striker this player has me fascinated and I feel like the more I learn about him and his personality is the better I’m able to help my own child, because his personality is similar, andhaving, a child that wants to win all the time and is naturally aggressive and wants to score goals and is not okay with losing all those attributes. Tulsa Soccer Camps I know we’re cristianos and still are his only when he was a child, but now he worked harder than ever, but I was trained harder than everybody else wanted to be the best and I see that into my own, my own child and he’s developing rapidly and doing extremely well and i. Just I’m amazed now that cristiano ronaldo’s getting older he’s in his mid-thirties now it’s saying heis is finding the ways to reinvent himself and we’re starting to see where now he doesn’t play. You know every game for 90 minutes. It might be just that the most important ones or when they need more to happen. They keep him in for longer.

I think this may be his last world cup that we’re about to see in a few year in a few months or less than a month actually which I’m so excited about is only less than a month that world cup comes and starting to hit, but anyway I’m just hoping that he will be fit and healthy for the world, cup and I’ll be ready to go. Cuz I want to see him I’d hope, I’d love to see him win the world cup. To be honest with you, I’m, not a huge portugal fan, but I’d love to see cristiano when the world cup I think it would be kind of fun to enjoy thati kind of secretly want to route from sc to I would like to see one of them winning the world cup and just to complete the whole performance, the whole all the accolades that they haven’t gotten. It would be interesting to see if they did win the world cup anyway back on cristiano Tulsa Soccer Camps I love how he has found a way to stay on top to work hard to continue to stay on top of his game. He scored the goals. He is a gulp old, poacher and I found he’s no longer doing a little fancy stuff that I would I use to get annoyed with it. The fancy double scissors and all the little flakes and fakes enough I like a fish in sea and I’m, not so big on all the the flare. If it flare, doesn’t bring about efficiency, i, don’t care about it and I want both I want flair and efficiency. Kind of like thierry onry he heboth, flare, inefficiency, cristiano ronaldo is is starting to use his runs in a much better and more dynamic and different way.

Making runs blind side of defenders he’s also using his player, and the defender is marking his player at as a screen to where he can come in and and score goals in between players and and I i. Just think thatand watching him play watching him. Do these things? I’m, actually, learning a whole lot more about strikers a lot more about the runs that need to be made a lot more about where you need to position yourself and how you need to be in how you need to be on the blind side of those players and Tulsa Soccer Camps how you need to push the boundaries of offsides. Thierry onry talked about it quite a bit about if you’re not getting outside the few times that I match, then you’re not pushing those boundaries hard enough and i. Just I really am grateful to to be able to enjoy watching cristiano play to see him elevate his game in a more mature way. What uses his mental strength more I find it that’s. What makes players better is when their mind is, is stronger than their body. Forand I feel like when your mind is stronger than your body. Then your body, the falls in line with your mind and you’re able to do things that you weren’t able to do before when you, your physical ability, was stronger than your mind and I think. That’s a challenge to young players to make sure that they’re always focusing on what they can do mentally first and then can I buy bodies to line up physically with that. So in a cristiano is a isn’t. A perfect example of this I’m excited to see what how he leads for fallen, world cup I want to see what happens in the champions league final tickets this weekend.

I hope it is, but I’d like to see how he performs how he makes this happen and I’m well how he contributes to his team’s overall success time. You know I’d love to see silo, you know, lift up the champions league trophy and also score some goals, but I secretly I think I Tulsa Soccer Camps want real madrid to win cuz I want to see cristiano ronaldo get another champions league when I want to see the same thing for the don I’m a biggest fan. I love the fact that he’s having success as a coach and I want to see him do something unprecedented where he wins. I think it’s three back-to-back championship uefa champions league titles, i, think that would be very impressive and it would be a tribute to him as a player as a coach and how he’s able to park the game. Tell their players i. Think that’s the biggest thing about coaching is imparting the game to other players and and I’m just I’m excited to see what what happens. I’m, hoping cristiano ronaldo will do that to you. I think some people think he’s cocky I used to think that about him, but really I think he’s just driven and he doesn’t hide his emotions. He doesn’t. He doesn’t lie about them or try to act like they’re, not there and i. Think that’s remarkable to be very honest and open about them and yeah he’s not perfect.

I, don’t look at him as a perfect person or perfect player. I just enjoy to see what how he thinks about the game, what ideas he has and how my son can learn from him and I think that’s the ultimate thing:they’re, just learning from players like cristiano learning from players like messi learning from players like thierry, onry and antoine, griezmann and I’m, just really grateful for that. Tulsa Soccer Camps So once again we come to the end of our podcast. Thank you for joining us and thank you for listening to the only podcast about tulsa soccer camps and soccer training that product sells soccer training. We strive to fully develop every soccer player by giving them the absolute best tools and resources when it comes to tulsa soccer camps. At pride of tulsa soccer training are tulsa soccer camps, help soccer players become technically sound, incredibly strong force on the pitch. If you want to learn more about pride soccer training, please visit our website pride tulsa.Com or give us a call today and 918-701-0983, a private soccer training. We teach character, confidence and soccer skill and if you’re willing to work hard and follow a customized tulsa soccer camps, we can get you results guaranteed. Thank you again so much for doing until next time