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Welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training, Tulsa Soccer Camps or we offer the best tools, resources, and tips when it comes to Tulsa soccer camps. This podcast is brought to you by pride tulsa.Com. We are told his only soccer training podcast and we are Tulsa’s number one program when it comes to personal shopper, training, Tulsa soccer camps and soccer player development in this podcast soccer, Tulsa Soccer Camps coach and personal soccer trainer on your bed is it inside and wisdom when it comes to the overall game of soccer and Tulsa soccer camps, O’Neal’s. Also, the founder and CEO of pride soccer training he’s my husband text daddy and his wholeheartedly focused on and committed to elevating the game when it comes to personal soccer, training, soccer lessons and the overall soccer player development product of the soccer training. His mission is to help soccer player, systematic grow and progressively develop about character and soccer skill. Part of Tulsa soccer training help soccer player, just like you achieve their personal goals so that they can win through on the pitch and in everyday life, to learn more about the pride of Tulsa soccer training and to get started on your first soccer training session.

Give us a call today at 918-701-0983 or visit our website fried salsa.Com. This is episode 174 and today is going to be titled, FIFA, world, cup, 2018 and I’m talking about not only that the world cup tournament, but the video game itself. Oh, my goodness Jackson and just put me on to FIFA world cup. It’s a new part of FIFA 2018 that has been added to the game and. He and I start playing the world cup. Last night we picked one team from each group and we start to play, and so the first two matches that we got the fight last night we got to play Egypt vs., Uruguay and i. Tell you the way they have made his game. They made it difficult to play like you really have to be precise. The strong teams are very strong and we were up. We were down I, think it was 3 to 0 against Uruguay and we ended up playing and I got a ball from jack in the box I can’t remember which player I had, but one of your blind players failed me and solid stepped up to take the pk and Jackson he’s a good pk. Take your like he’s been practicing doing a good job, so he took up and slotted it home and it was nice and we may come in very important because we need to tie or win-win the next 2 games that we can go through and even our goals you score does matter. Tulsa Soccer Camps So we worked well together at once again. I think this one, the best tools to use in today’s world to teach your kid the game because you’re not only relating to them in their world would shove. You know video games, there is a social aspect to it as well, there’s just overall fun that you can play in any electronics. You know you getting in there, but it’s a very great tool because you can tweak lineups. You can put players in that.

You want you to just so many parts to it that are just amazing, an amazing tool that allows you to teach the game and I’ve been working with him on seeing the game early. So sometimes you be asking me: how do you see that? How do you see that pass daddy? How do you know how to do that and I say: hey I’m, not just looking at the play with the ball I’m. Actually looking at other parts, the field so I can play the ball where I wanted to go early, so he’s learning those concepts. That he’s also a really good defender against the computer on the game and I’m really proud of how he’s developing and you know when we play each other. Now it’s become a lot harder. We play against each other to beat him and I’m teaching everything. I know that and also having to figure out new ways of being so it’s a good mental challenge. For me, it’s a good challenge for him, because he’s he’s learning a lot and so yeah we lost to Uruguay I was our first game second game and group b Portugal vs Spain and we ended up losing 2 to 1. We were tied, 1-1 had a few chances that we missed. One goes cold outside by Nani. Once again we have found in the box and who steps up to take it, but none other than Cristiano Ronaldo and Jackson. Once again, Tulsa Soccer Camps it’s selected him to take the pk and Jackson slots at home, beautiful pk, well-taken, driven home and so Jackson’s family guy is a pk specialist and it was fun. We move the ball well, I think we actually outplayed Spain I feel like there’s a little bit of robbery from the computer in this game, but you know can’t be a sore loser and got to suck it up and I keep playing. So we move on to group see we have not played this yet, but we picked France out of those teams. There’s Australia Peru in Denmark and, of course, Francis. One of our favorites griezmann is Jack’s favorite player, so we’d selected France for sure, then out of the group, d, Argentina ice and price at Nigeria we actually picked. Iceland Jackson was interested in seeing what I sent could do. So this is a fun little choice, ruby, okay, there’s Brazil Switzerland, costa, Rica and Serbia. So, of course, we pick Brazil man, we love Brazil, so I’m, hoping that we can get away with them as well and then we’re both. There was Germany Mexico, Sweden, and the Korea Republic. Although free republic is one of my favorite teams to pick him Germany Jackson’s choice was Germany.

We paid for Germany to get to play with my soul and have some fun there. Group g Belgium Panama Tunisia in England, so I was kind of wanting to do Belgium, so I can use in hazard and Missoula Kaku, but decided to go with England because they have some of my favorite players on that team, which Ratchford Marcus, Rushford, and Jesse Lingard. So I love those two up-and-coming players all about a play. So Jackson said he tried anal in earlier and they were a lot of fun. So I’m looking forward to that game and go g, we play with England in group h. There was Poland Senegal, Columbia and Japan, and so because of my knee we pick Senegal. So it’s going to be interesting to play with him and play with that team, see how we do, and you know those are the teams we picked so Tulsa Soccer Camps I’ll keep you posted on how we do each game. You know, but I am excited to see what happens this world cup I’m really looking forward to watching the games? I’m really going to be rooting hard for Egypt, I, hope, solid, plays well. I hope line need another player that we love so we’ll be diving and cheese games. We have to figure out what I’m going to do to try to watch these games. I think you’re going to be really early in the morning, so I’m going to have to get up early go to bed early, just get my rest, so I can work after I watch the games and go from there. So I am thoroughly excited about. You know: Egypt, that’s going to be one of my team.

Portugal I want to see what Cristiano Ronaldo can do. Can he carry his team to the finals and can he score goals in class I want to see if your wi-fi? What’s the new Suarez bites anybody this year, hopefully not, but we will watch I’m, also kind of secretly interested in Saudi, Arabia I’ve heard about some good thing. The players see what they can do. France course I think they have a wonderful team, pogba griezmann, drew, I love, seeing how they play to beat the full game. So sorry to see this world cup can’t wait to be a part Tulsa Soccer Camps of it. You know Neymar, Brazil, Argentina, Nigeria, i. Think it’s just going to be wonderful world cup to watch, so they posted stay tuned and you know I will keep you posted as to exactly what has happened in this world of FIFA, both in real life and in the video game. So once again, thank you for joining us and thank you for listening to the only podcast about Tulsa soccer camps and soccer training at 5 how’s the soccer training. We strive to fully develop every soccer player by giving them the absolute best. When it comes to Tulsa soccer camps at the pride of Tulsa soccer training are Tulsa. Soccer camps help soccer player to be technically sound, incredibly strong force on the page. If you want to learn more about pride soccer training, please visit our website fried salsa.Com. Give us a call today at 918-701-0983 the pride of Tulsa soccer training, we teach character, confidence and soccer skill, and, if you’re willing to the to work hard in a follower, customized Tulsa soccer camps, we can get you results guaranteed. Thank you again so much for joining us until next time

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