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All right, welcome to the pride soccer training podcast. Uh, this is only old Ben, the founder and CEO of pride soccer training. And this weekend, uh, was Labor Day weekend and I was always a over the several years of playing and coaching soccer, Tulsa Soccer Camps I went again to Plano, Texas to go see my son play this time when I was a parent. I was a daddy, I was not a coach and it was wonderful. My son made me so proud this weekend by just how he played. Yeah, if you look at the stats, he had great stats. He had a four goals, two assists. But overall I was more impressed with how he played the game. Uh, this, this last weekend. He was brilliant on the field. I loved seeing him take players on. He plays at center forward. He combined with his teammates, he looked for his teammates, he scored goals.

Um, he made, runs off the ball one time. He made a very unselfish run where he ran away from the play, took a player with him, open up the field for one of his teammates to go through the goal. Um, and unfortunately I didn’t score, but it was just, Tulsa Soccer Camps, it was beautiful. Um, and I’m just really was just really delighted to watch him play and see him play with other likeminded players who are very skillful and talented and um, you know, all the years that I have put into coaching, uh, I started to see it matter toward something mattered towards his development. Um, everything I have done throughout my whole life, this moment has come to helping him. And yes, I do help many other kids. I helped, um, many other families. But I, I found that the work that I have put in over the years, he is the one that’s benefiting from it the most.

Um, and that’s how it should be. I mean, that’s really how it should be when you’re doing something. If your kid is involved in, you’re good at it, like your baseball player, baseball coach, football coach, your kid should be one of the better players. Um, you know, just because you know, you have the knowledge, but it’s how you operate with that child and within, uh, the parameters of a parent coach relationships. Also dealing with other players on the team and making sure things are fair and, and all that. So it is just amazing to see, um, you know, just how everything has worked out. Like how uh, I’m just amazed to see what he’s doing and he’s way better than I was his age, like things he was doing this weekend. Things that I didn’t do til I older and some of them like make an unselfish runs away from the play I didn’t even do. I’m so. He has really impressed me, but it’s also, it brought tears to my eyes, um, to see how well he played and we played against a kid who we were joking about it, you know, calling him a man child because he was so much more developed like muscular and bigger than all the other players on the field. And this guy was big and they say he may be a year younger, Tulsa Soccer Camps

but Jackson have to go up against

all the other kids on the team bouncing off of him. I mean literally he would go and he just shield them off. They bounce off, fall down. And it wasn’t a foul, like kid was clean, it was very clean player. And so Jackson battled with him a little bit in one the ball from him turned and took him on, beat him and got some chances on goal and he did it more than once. And when he did it the first time, it opened up the rest of his game and gave him confidence to do it more often. And you know, Jackson’s team, they had a lot of chances they could have provided the other team hit the bar a few times, like three times. So losing two to one in a game like that. Very Realistic Score, very honest score, um, where we better than them?

No, I don’t think so. Where are we worse than them? I don’t think so either. It was just a good game and that team was probably ranked third in the state, I think for their age group, state of Texas. And uh, we, we held in there with them and played well and I’ll play them at many times. Um, it was interesting to see that when a coach puts his focus on development and he puts his focus on teaching them and stop play teaching them how to make decisions, how all that comes into fruition into, into the way that the kids play. And it was really impressive. Like I’m really feel blessed that Jackson has coached Joelle, you know, and his life and teaching them how to play the game. I really feel like it’s a huge blessing and I’m really grateful for that. I’m really grateful, um, that he gets to play for him and learning from him. So it’s making sure that you have that good balance, you know, in your life. You know, Jackson has been working on technical abilities working on a decision making. Tulsa Soccer Camps, he’s been working on just to the, runs off the ball,

a phenomenal job in developing. We’re going to continue to work on his development and you know, I think maybe that’s an amazing feat that is going on here and I’m just proud to be his daddy. I’m really proud of him. Proud of seeing how he’s developed a, seeing the person that he’s becoming.

I’m really proud of my son and Tulsa Soccer Camps

you know, this this week and like I said, the stats, those are outcome driven goals,


but they’re also process goals and performance goals that come before the outcome. So you must have a process that you or goal that you’re working on first, you know, it might be the improve your ability to shoot with your, with your, with both feet so that you can put away more chances and goal or put away more, give them more opportunities to, on goal and then eventually get more goals put into the back of the net. But, Tulsa Soccer Camps, you cannot just be based on outcome goals, outcome driven goals, but do not, are not something that you can control. Like you cannot control how many goals you score, you can control your technique, you can control your decision making, um, but you cannot control

the amount of goals or assist that you get in a game is just not a possible thing. So those are the things that, uh, I find it pretty, pretty interesting to me. I learned that through my b license this weekend. Um, what was in it and taken my course and it was interesting to see the things that they were, they’re putting out to me on how to make sure that when you set a goal with a kid, you’re not basing it on, on outcome, you’re basing it on a process performance so they can get to where they want to, you know, even Christiana, Ronaldo, you know, one of the, he’s my favorite player right now, favorite player to observe and watch a lot of his because he does remind me of my son. I think there is a similarity there. And um, you know, I think he goes, he has so many different things.

He does like training underwater, uh, riding a bicycle. I mean, I’ve seen footage of him doing this. Um, these very, very intense about it. Very intensive about um, what he eats. I’m making sure he eats proper food and not always the most tasty food from what I hear, you know, hear that he, he’s not going out there and just hamming it up. He definitely is concerned about what he puts in his body and how much of it. And at what time? Tulsa Soccer Camps he gets enough rest and sleep. He keeps his body, you know, really strong and healthy. And it’ll be interesting to see over the years how he goes. Some people think, you know, he’s 33, he, he, he, you know, will not be able to play another world cup. Some people say, oh, his body is like amazing. You know, he’s like a 17 year old.

All that stuff. I don’t, I don’t know, only time will tell. It will be interesting and I think it will help set the tone for other athletes in the future, uh, to uh, take care of their bodies better and, and really concentrate and focus on those types of things because I do matter. But, you know, my son, I’m, I’m really excited about where he’s headed and what he’s doing. Um, I feel like all the work, like I said I’ve put in it has tremendously helped him. And um, you know, pride, soccer, training, your child can be helped just as much. And so come on out, come to our training. We will help your child improve drastically. Tulsa Soccer Camps, it’s not a, not a gimmick, not trick, it’s just the truth of our system works. And, uh, so thank you for listening to us. Thank you for, um, taking the time to hear us out and talk to you soon.