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Tulsa Soccer Camps | Quarterfinals

Hi and welcome to pride soccer training episode, a one 85 of our podcasts today we’re going to talk about the World Cup and it is coming down to the quarter finals. So we have eight teams left. We have a France versus Uruguay. We have Brazil versus Belgium, Russia versus Croatia and England versus Sweden. So my predictions for these two rounds that France will be Uruguay, Brazil will be Belgium, Croatia will beat Russia and Sweden will be England. Those are my predictions for this upcoming weekend. Um, this is the part where it gets really exciting. We’re down to the final eight teams. We’re gonna see what they can do with. They’re all about. And this is where preparation training, all these things have come into play throughout the whole tournament and it’s winding down to the teams that I think do deserve to be there, have done the best in many ways. Um, I think that it’s going to be very interesting. I want to see if Russia still plays more of a counterattack against Croatia. I want to see of Croatia can dominate possession and get scoring chances again against Russia. Tulsa Soccer Camps, I also want to see how France plays against Uruguay. Can they hit their form because I think they have yet to really hit their form, formed their stride.

I don’t think that they have shown everything that they can, can do, even though they had a great game against Argentina with them a showing up, showing who he looks like to be the future best player in the world. And I think that, Tulsa Soccer Camps, will manifest itself over the next few years. We’ll see what they could do. Brazil, Brazil has been on fire. Brazil is my favorite team right now to watch in the entire tournament. Uh, I don’t hear enough about how good their defenses. They’ve only given up one goal so far. Um, and their defense is solid, their defense seems to absorb things. And then one thing I’ve noticed is that they, they go in groups of threes. I mean, this has been something that I’ve done for years. My, I remember my father showing this to me, but I definitely see it here that when they go to defend, there’s one that goes to attack the ball too, that come in to try to win it off that player and they’re very successful even in the final third, they’re successful doing it and they have a lot of discipline.

I was watching their movements the other day on how they swing as a unit in the back and I was impressed to see how they’re flat back for work so efficiently, effectively, and then how they adjust to balls that are played. Yeah. Even the air, they adjust quickly to defend and to block. So they’re always thinking, always proactive, always moving. Even with, uh, Philippe Lewis, I’m coming in and taking over for Marcello, I don’t see there’s been a big drop in performance. I do see where he’s not as attack minded as Marcello, but you know, that’s not necessarily a bad thing either. He’s doing a good job and he still gets crosses and he still gets forward at times, just not as much as Marcello. Tulsa Soccer Camps, which may be a good thing for them, I don’t know, but I think anybody Brazil puts in has experienced, has the discipline, has the knowledge of how to play. Um, that’s what makes them so strong and their midfield. The midfield is very creative.

Um, you have, uh, a ceo you have, Tulsa Soccer Camps, oh,

I forgot his name, but you also have Naymar. You have William, um, who all lie behind, um, J dot seuss. But I have a feeling that Ravinia may get to start this time since he scored in the last game. And uh, he just may be the person to come in and take over up top because Jason says struggled to score. His work ethic is good, but he just hasn’t put any balls in the back of the net. So I think Brazil also have a third gear that they get in where they start moving the ball and watch them against Mexico. How they shifted and moved and switched positions and started moving around. I remember the first go, they split was so beautiful where Neymar took the ball, cut into the middle on the left side. He brought three Mexican defenders with him, lays it off to willy and willy.

It takes a touch, takes another one, far into the box, crosses it across the face of the goal as Neymar’s continues this run to support him and Jay sue’s run through to put it into the back of the net and it was simply beautiful. I love how they play. They play the brand new soccer that I want to see played all the time and you know, that that is just beautiful soccer now. Belgium is no slouch either and they know how to come back from defeat and they know how to come back smoothly. Um, they know how to be calm under pressure. We saw that against Japan. They almost didn’t even seem phased and, Tulsa Soccer Camps I, I just don’t see them having the firepower necessary. Excuse me. Excuse me, or a combination? Well, I shouldn’t say that. They are good. They’re strong. I just don’t see them beating Brazil.

I feel like Brazil defense and attack, it can outdo them. I couldn’t be wrong. I hope I’m not. Um, I do like Belgium is a shame that they are on the same side as France and Brazil because I think if had they been on the other side, they would probably be a shoe in for the final, but we’ll see that they have strong players in Kakuma vandal of course, and hazard Merton’s company you have all these guys are so strong technically gifted players that they can step in there and they can make the difference in the game. Um, and has that. It’s very dangerous and be interesting to see what he does against the Brazilian midfield and defense. See if he gets any freedom. Um, I’ll be interested to see how they play him, how Brazil defends against him and if they’re able to deny him the ball the entire game, if they’re able to do that, I think they have a strong chance of beating Belgium with these.

Tulsa Soccer Camps, I know leacock is a big physical threat, but Brazilians are not intimidated by physicality and speed. Um, they don’t really seem to have a problem with that at all. Tulsa Soccer Camps, they are very disciplined in defense. And um, I just want to see how they come out on top of. I do a year ago in France will be an interesting game year ago. I can be a counterattacking TAC team. Um, the annoyance of Suarez is what I just, I can’t take the diving, the acting, the foolishness. I hope that the biting days are over. I really do. I hope we don’t see that again. I feel like Barcelona has helped him through that stuff, but uh, I don’t know what it’s going to turn into if the game does not go in his favor. So that’s the part of it that I’m really concerned about. But uh, I think uh, Cavani will show up combining has been their goal score, their main goal score, at least in the last game. I know he had to and he did a phenomenal job against Portugal.

Um, and they have a high work rate. Their players around them. If you have a high work rate, uh, I support Cavani as far as and them going after the. So it’ll be interesting. I think France will have their hands full, but I think that they will overcome that obstacle and uh, we’ll see what, how, how the game goes from there. But uh, you know, I like watching all these games, watching all this footage of games to see what players do, how they think, how they work. There’s so much to take in. It’s helped me so much as a coach to observe these games, to see how I want to play the game, to see, think of ways to, to instruct my teams to play in the way, for instance, like how Brazil moves off the ball so well. Um, I just want to all my teams to play that way and work towards that. So, um, in, in me about to get my license. I think this is a, been a wonderful summer for me to do that, to be able to watch soccer and think about it. I’m getting ready for my be licensed the questions they’ll ask me thought process. It’s all gonna be good. So once again, thank you for listening to our podcast today and I hope you enjoy the World Cup games. We have today. Bye Bye.