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Tulsa Soccer Camps | Sportsmanlike Conduct

Hi and welcome to pride soccer training podcast. When we talk about all things soccer related, um, today I got this weekend, I went to a tournament, beat the heat with my son’s soccer team and um, I think I said before my son was nursing an injury going into it and so we had to be kind of careful and hoping for the best. Find out what it was. It was a man called the piriformis muscle or something like that. Tulsa Soccer Camps it, it’s a muscle that is in the glute covers certain areas and you have to really stretch it out or it’ll feel like you’re having pain your back. It’ll stop your whole leg from, from moving. So it’s a pretty important muscle and he didn’t play much in the first game. Played maybe two minutes. I’m in the first game. And then, uh, in the second game he played about, I’d say about a half of a game or so.

And I think from there on your played about a half of the game, um, to the finals where you play, I would say 60 percent or so. I’m thinking. I was finding out what the trainer and everything is, how, how valuable it trainer really is like a trainer can help you find out about the muscles that you’re having trouble with. They can help you prevent injury, they can help you, um, to perform, Tulsa Soccer Camps, you know, different tests and things on your players that, you know, if they’re ready to play. So a, a, a trainer up there named Garrett and he was so helpful. I really appreciate him and a few others that helped us, but he was very kind, gave me a lot of information. Um, and uh, it was just cool, cool to see someone working in the professional really loves it. Um, and uh, I enjoyed, um, getting his help and so, you know, Jackson ended up playing and scored one goal in, in four games, which isn’t too bad for, for being injured, you know, and we’re looking at, you know, that stat of how many goals you scoring purely because he is a striker.

I mean, he’s got score goals. So, um, one thing that we did enjoy as another kid named Carson who came down from the first team to play with us because we weren’t sure how Jackson was going to do physically. So the coach brought in another player and the two of them worked so well together. Um, it was a joy to see how unselfish they were with one another, how they found each other passes. I’m making runs off of one another. I just think it was, it was a real joy to watch and experience. And uh, hopefully in the future we’ll see more of them together. You just never know how things pan out. Tulsa Soccer Camps, but, you know, I’ve been watching my son play and I saw some, you know, you see things in, in, in tough games that come out. And one of the things that I was thinking about is that kids have to really believe in what in themselves and really believable what they’re doing over time. Even in the tough games, they have to fall back on those still those skills that still brought them to where they were.

It helps you identify the things that, um, you, you need to, to, to, to train on and to hone and um, you know, Jackson, uh, he’s really good at just about everything, but sometimes you know, he can say to themselves, Hey, I’m is a tougher game. I don’t think I can do this and we all can be that way. So, you know, in dealing with kids, young soccer players, teach them, Tulsa Soccer Camps, you can still do this even against the best and we still have to perform this way. You still have to do these things because that’s what makes you who you are and you can’t dummy down your game or get scared and hold back. You got to play. And I think that’s where he learned this weekend. I’m learning how to help him in many ways and so we’re going to work on those things.

Work on dribbling and speed, um, and, and being consistent with your touches even on your top speed. That’s something that I worked on the other day in pride soccer training with a lot of the kids just dribbling fast with the ball, like learned, dribble fast, 10, 15, 20 yards. You might have run the whole field, but learning to dribble fast level, so important and I think it just needs to be worked on more and more each day that they trained. And so, um, you know, I thought that was, that was very interesting to see. One thing I did find it was the tactical, Tulsa Soccer Camps, ordinance of both coaches in the final game that we played our first half, I would say belong to the other team. Um, and the other team channel most of their play through, um, an individual player and happened to be there, center back.

So I saw where our coach was having our forwards, Jackson and Carson pressure that backline to force them to play the ball wide every time, which I did. And then when they go outside back, we get it where I could share, um, you know, pressure. I think they were, they didn’t look like they are not calm, but they were pressured. And uh, they were struggling to deal with it in a positive way, but, but I think they were playing away that they didn’t normally works for them. They could knock a ball forward and people can bring it down, but our team would pressure them when the ball keep the ball, move it and attack them, and eventually we broke them down to where we scored one goal, one beautiful. And

Tulsa Soccer Camps,

you know, it’s, to me it’s pretty cool to see two teams play at such a high level. It didn’t get dirty, didn’t get chippy, parents didn’t yell, he chose the coaches, didn’t yell at each other. That was just a very good game. And it was very intense too.


uh, I think all the way around, I was really grateful to see that. Um, yeah, my son’s team was on the winning end of it. And so it was great in that aspect. But how do we lost. I think it would still have been great. The sportsmanship that I saw this weekend on all parts of the game was, it was very good. And so, um, it’s just, it just has to continue to be that way. And uh, you know, I think I think I’m finding too is with, with coaches and parents and players, we all need each other to make this thing work and it’s not just a coach or just the kids or just the parents, it’s all, all of it. And all the different environments that you apply in. Um, you know, pride, soccer training, we specialize in making plays players better technically. And decision making wise, we work on both of those things constantly, always everyday, always working on them to make kids better both technically and a development developmentally.

Like we work on their ability to make decisions, to think for themselves all the time. That’s our specialty, you know, whereas a club there, especially as we have teams, we have the best teams or whatever and we play and you know, our, our goal is to have the best team work out of everybody and you know, you have other things like, uh, put salt where there everybody’s deal is improving decision making skill players as well. And you need all of these things together to work for each other to work together and you’ll see your kid improve the fastest. Tulsa Soccer Camps, you know, I’ve, I, I’ve seen where Jackson, you know, coming to pride, soccer training, working on his technique, working on his skills individually, has really helped him organize his decision making skills there as really helped him. And then when you add in a club, play the footstool. He has just grown tremendously and he still has a lot of work to do. We have a lot more work to put in this year.


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trying to prevent those things. So this week he’s Kinda sat out practice yesterday, he hasn’t have practice today and tomorrow I may have them do just a little bit of foot Saul, have you played with the boys because a Thursday headed little, you know, I bet to do so. I just think, uh, it all works together. It all helps each other out. And I’m so happy to be a part of the soccer community here in Tulsa that allows me to, to have such an impact on kids that I get to train and, and see them improve, see can get better. Um, and so those are the things that, that make it special. Always helping kids develop their skills and apply it better, you know, and uh, just continuing to push forward in that area. I’m excited to see where I’m players that are trained and up, you know, what teams they ended up playing for, how they grow as players, Tulsa Soccer Camps, how they develop and their decision making skills. You know, I was just going to be a wonderful experience altogether. Just watching them grow and get better. So. But was he had the tank you for listening to pride soccer training, um, where we talk about all things soccer related. So I love you. Talk to you later. Bye. Bye.