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Tulsa Soccer Camps | Talking About Brazil

Good morning, this is on the old van with pride soccer training and uh, today I wanted to talk to you about the World Cup again. Um, today my first love Brazil plays Mexico and uh, you know, I’m sad that Mexico is coming up against Brazil because I’ve been kind of rooting for them because they’re like team and Conka calf that’s still in it and I’ve done the best out of any team in conquer cap as well. Tulsa Soccer Camps, and I want to talk about Brazil as well as Brazil. I grew up watching footage of Brazil. My Dad got me into soccer and the first team that I started to watch was Brazil from 1986 and I got to enjoy watching outside backs, like Julio says, and then Josie Maran overlap out of the back, they would score goals I saw strike because I Kotecha uh, I think it was a guy named Miller who was on the team as well.

Um, there were also some star players like socrates, Zico Junior Bronco, all these players that were so good that, uh, I got to learn off of. And I saw the game played in such a beautiful way that it just, it caused me to be one sided on how the game should be played. And I’m glad that I started off watching Brazil. I’m glad because it set the tone and the foundation for how I would view soccer and how I would want to see a play. And Tulsa Soccer Camps, I just think it helped as well for me to be directed towards Holland, the Dutch because the Dutch play a similar style possession and overlapping backs and um, they also play a total football. Um, so I just, I’m just grateful for that. So today we get to watch in Brazil, that seems like every single time they play there’s another level that they can reach and I think Mexico is going to push them to that next level.

Today. I think Mexico’s going to give them everything that looking for. But I do believe that Brazil will overcome Mexico. And when, um, I do think I feel sad for Mexico if that were to happen because they’ve done well, you know. But I do think Brazil have so much talent, so much skill. And, uh, a very good playing style and they have shown that they can raise the level of play every game. So I want to see that happen today. I want to see what magic and beauty they can play with. Um, I think Neymar must play in such a way where he’s passing and moving and not just dribbling every time. I think, Tulsa Soccer Camps, when Brazil pass and move and they use each other, they just play a much more beautiful solid game. And um, I want to see that happen. I want to see them play extremely well.

Um, you know, the, the, uh, beautiful of playing the game to me is not just the dribbling, not just the past thing, not just the goals, it’s all of it together. And I want to see all of it done in such a way that just brings joy. Um, Mexico, I feel like they have brought passion to the game. They have brought a style of counter attacking that is beautiful to watch. They can also possess the ball very well. And against Brazil, they usually get Brazil a hard time. They usually can play just as good as Brazil, if not better at times, and it’s going to be a very interesting matchup if Brazil has Kryptonite, Tulsa Soccer Camps, it would be Mexico or France, those would be the two teams that would be the Kryptonite for Brazil and later on today I was just thinking about this as a Belgium versus Japan.

Japan plays a Brazilian style as well and they go up against Belgium. I do think Belgium will beat them. I don’t think it will be easy, but um, you know, we could see Japan upset Belgium and we can see Belgium beat Japan and if they get their rhythm they could really put the hurt on Japan. Um, but we’ll see all that’s yet to be seen. Tulsa Soccer Camps, I think, um, Belgium has played a beautiful brand of soccer. I think Belgium has shown that they can move the ball just as well as any other team out there. They could be a favorite as well over Brazil if they continue to play in the style that they have.

I do think just the amount of depth and quality players that Belgium, they can definitely go through to the finals once again in Brazil would be the one team or France, uh, those would be the teams to stop and, you know, know Portugal is out of it. I still have to have a big shout out to Portugal. Chris Yano. I loved watching him play. I was hoping he’d make his mark in the World Cup but didn’t seem to be that way. I don’t think he’ll get another opportunity at it. It’s just a unlikely. But I’m excited to see what we get to watch today. Excited to see how, what kind of imagination and a beauty Brazil can play with.

Alright, I’m ready, uh, to enjoy some beautiful soccer. Um, my family, I have a lot of family members who love Brazil. Um, they enjoy watching them and it’s hard not to look Brazil. Tulsa Soccer Camps, I’m, I’m really hoping that Marcello was back. Um, I thought Phillipa Luis did well and overlap, played well, had some good shots on goal. He’s a very good player, so it was just hard to have someone like Marcello in front of you because you may never get an opportunity to play because he’s just so fit, so good. So good. I’m talented. It’s very difficult. Um, but uh, you know, at pride, soccer training, what we do is we teach kids to make decisions, um, to use their skills that they have naturally. Um, we also teach them new skills, new moves, and uh, that’s what I want the game to be as a full full of imagination.

Sometimes you have to learn something new and try it, see if it works for you when it comes to skills and, and a technique. And eventually you adapt, you change. And I think that’s what the game is about evolving. It’s about taking the environment that’s been given to you and doing what you can with it or around it or through it, over it, under it. You have to figure out what is the best way to go about solving that problem. And it’s all about problem solving and you have to be mentally engaged. Do you have to be thinking you have to be working hard at the same time. It’s challenging yourself and accepting new challenges and that’s where it’s at. That’s what you have to do. Tulsa Soccer Camps, and I’m looking forward to seeing the kids that we train to grow and to develop and get better and better as time goes on.

They have a lot of fun, you know, and the training and it’s just, it’s just fun to be around. So we strive to improve each player to design training session is that accommodate each player individually and improve them. And we look at what strengths and weaknesses of these players have that come in and want to learn and teach them what they need to know and we guide them. If a player comes in and they’re not good at a striking, the ball will work with them on striking the ball if they needed help with dribbling, we work on that. So, Tulsa Soccer Camps, the biggest thing is to just making good decisions while they are on the wall. And the decision is what forces you to learn new techniques. Um, the idea is that you have, I’m seeing that, hey, maybe I’m not as strong as that was this last weekend. My son was working on his skills and found out, you know, I’m not as good as some of the players around me and I need to get better. And it’s a humbling experience. It’s a good experience for all the kids to see that, to experience it and to have to work harder. So, once again, thank you for today’s podcast. I’m listening, I just appreciate everybody who out there who is supporting us and helping us to, uh, to grow and just remember ABC always be consistent. So talk to you later. Bye. Bye.