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Tulsa Soccer Camps | The Importance Of Striking Hard

Right. Welcome to a card soccer training. Uh, this is our podcast. I’m O’neil bench, a CEO and founder of pride soccer training. And today we want to talk about the importance of having a good striker. I have watched many teams play and Tulsa Soccer Camps, you know, my son’s Fema, I like, I keep talking about him lately because he’s just, he’s really amazing. Me More and more as I watch and it’s a blessing when as a parent you can watch a child play and he’s your son and he’s really good and I’m just really, really pleased to see how he’s becoming. But on his team, his team is very good. They all, every player on the field is a strong player. Every player on the field has a high potential and every player on the field that was working really, really hard at their craft. And I mean necessarily like they, they have, they moved the ball well, they play well.

They’re, they have an exceptional coach. And I watched today or yes, this weekend my son kind of has an injury and a pulled a muscle in his back and he hasn’t been able to function at 100 percent if I had to sit out much of the game games that they played this weekend. So we’re trying to work that out. Dr Him up. It’s just a muscle that we got to loosen up and after that he should be fine. And Tulsa Soccer Camps, you know, I’ve seen how they function without him being up top. The threat that he causes the other team. And what happens is when you play a team that’s just as good as you and they don’t have to worry about an offensive threat as much, they become more powerful. And you know, and I know people say, well Duh, you have a good striker, those score.

But just to watch it because I’ve seen teams who don’t have good strikers, still win games and still do, do well. And um, you know, there’s striker, my score every few games or so. But the threat of a good player, the third of a good player, uptop keeps them at bay. Tulsa Soccer Camps, and I watched him as weekend. He was still hurt when he was playing, but they double teamed and had one in front one behind. And so he was thinking about it, one of his teammates, Reiland, who’s another great player, he said to keep moving. So Jackson thought about, you know, what he said, and he ended up moving out wide and wider and wider away from the play. And so it drew one player with him and the other player to make a decision as to what he was gonna do to keep up the play.

And I just saw right there that, that was just a wonderful experience to see those gears turning in a child’s head to see when they make that decision on when to, um, move, you know, wide went to um, move forward. And when they’re thinking about how to undo what the other team is doing to them, whether they’re marked double teaming them or I have a man marker wherever they go. Tulsa Soccer Camps, it’s, it’s just amazing to see how those situations unfold and how those players have to think more. And you know, Jack said, know, he would say to me, daddy got harder. I don’t like it. It’s, you know, it’s harder now because I’m hurt. And I said, well, yeah, you gotta learn how to play around it and uh, you have to learn how to think, you know, and, and sometimes you will play with some knocks here and there and you’re going to have to figure out how to play hurt.

And I don’t mean that you applied for your broken leg or pulled muscle in your back. I’m being like, you have a knock on a leg hurts and you can feel it if you go into some kind of a Taco or you might have sprained ankle, but you’re still playing. I mean, those things happen. And so he’s just kind of have to learn how to deal with those things. And he’s learning now and I’m, I’m proud of. I’m proud of, of learning off of him to like I learned so much about strikers and um, you know, the thought process, the runs that they make, Tulsa Soccer Camps, you know, I’m having to teach him certain things and, and coach Zhao was working with them too and uh, you know, it’s just, it’s just so fun, Fun and enjoyable, Fun, enjoyable to see how those players, how he, he’s improving and his skills getting better.

One of the players on his team named Anthony, I’m one of the most skillful midfielders I’ve ever watched, um, at this age, they’re 11 years old and he’s moving that ball. He uses a lot of body fakes, which I love. I love players that fake one way go the other. And yesterday or this weekend, sorry, last weekend he was dancing around the ball and the way it was just beautiful to watch. He scores beautiful goals. He’ll lay balls over someone’s head, lady balls over a goalkeeper heel strike balls from 20 yards out, 25 yards out. It’s just amazing to see a player with that vision, that technical ability and uh, it’s just, it’s beautiful to watch. They have another player and a Matthews or defensive midfielder hold back and uh, you know, he, he is just all the time, always moving, always tracking people down. It’s just a different player when he’s on a different team. When he’s on the field, they have another one named Reiland plays in the back who he could play anywhere he can put up front and you can put on a wing. Right now he’s playing center back and pulls it down. Tulsa Soccer Camps I mean, he tracks everything down. He’s got a lot of speed, a lot of pace, very smart player, hard work on skillful.

Then there’s a, you know, um, uh, gosh, I forgot kid’s name. He’s got red shoes. I can see it right now, but he is there outside, left back, I think, um, I think his name is. I want to say it’s matthew as well, but I might be wrong, but he can move that ball. I played outside back for many years as well as winger and I’ve seen a few kids move that ball like he does down that wing pace. He tracks everything down. He moves through, um, the other team wins balls, takes them on. It’s just beautiful to watch. And Tulsa Soccer Camps, you know, I, I love seeing these are the love. You know, Eddie. Eddie is a true center midfielder. He, he pops up in pockets, wins the ball, starts attacks. I’m always, always around the ball. He can play defensive men attacking, maybe could play anywhere on the field that is needed.

And I love seeing him move and play that ball. Um, they’re all technically strong and gifted. Tulsa Soccer Camps, you know, we have a winner I didn’t know and the left can take people on your keen come Keno and he moves that bowl so fast and he makes, runs off the ball that are amazing. So he’s always combining with players. Um, so many of these players, I didn’t name every last one of them I would love to right now, but you know, seeing a team like that, team players that are really, really good playing against other teams that are strong as well. And what sets them off is, you know, key key players, key decision makers in certain areas. And right now, you know, when Jackson was able to play, they’re able to play at a much higher level and I attribute that to a lot of the hard work he’s put in, you know, I do feel God has blessed him.

He blessed him with ability, blessed them with mine, no blessed him with so many things. Tulsa Soccer Camp she also blessed with the ability to work hard. Jackson has worked so hard over the years with pride, soccer training, um, with um, a tsc working in the club. I’m going to a foot saw whether it was legacy foot saw or you know, whatever he, he’s really put all the pieces of the puzzle together. I do believe that it requires having more than just one outlet, more than just technical training, more than just club ball competitive. Bob More than just install it takes all of those areas for your kid to improve as rapidly as I have seen a Jackson improve. And I think, you know, it’s, it’s excellent to start to see, you know exactly how all that works together, how it should be and how we, we could play.

But I’m on, on that note, I mean, it’s, I think all the kids, all soccer players have the potential to become really good. Tulsa Soccer Camps There might be a few that just, there’s not ever going to do something, but I think if you nurture kids the right way and if you teach them the right way, like we do, um, pride, soccer training, we, you will see that these kids will develop rapidly. And I’ve seen it, I’ve watched these little kids work hard over years starting to get their technique now and start to get their skills go in and they play a beautiful game of soccer. And the most beautiful part of it is when the brain’s click and their physical abilities click and they start to work in tandem. So that’s all I have for you today. The importance of a striker is huge on team. And uh, you know, I hope that your team has a very good striker as well. So have a wonderful day. Thank you.