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Tulsa Soccer Camps | The Soccer Players Are Humans Too

Right, welcome to the Tulsa, the pride Tulsa soccer training, a podcast. Today I just want to talk about the humanness, humanness of players. Uh, sometimes we, we, uh, we build a players to where they become like gods and I don’t think that’s ever a good thing. I think it’s a, it’s the wrong mentality, you know, and I see that were messy, Mrs p, k, everybody’s up in how terrible he is and why is he missing and all this stuff. You know, Christiana puts the fuel of, puts a one away and they’re talking about how great he is. He misses his, uh, against Iran and we don’t really hear much about it, you know, a few people say something, but, you know, overall his performance has been good. So, you know, people, Tulsa Soccer Camps, I find that there’s a lot of hero worshiping and things like that.

And like I do, I do like to see star players be stars. That’s probably my favorite thing in the World Cup in teams in sports is watching that top player perform for their team, for their club or their country. Um, I just love seeing that because it just says a lot to me about how they can dig deep and perform and the confidence that they have in their abilities and the work that they performed. Recently I listened to. I’m a TV show. I was talking about Cristiana know Rinaldo and his work ethic and I was pretty impressed by it. You know, they’re talking about how hard he works. He’s always the first, Tulsa Soccer Camps, into the training ground, the last to leave. He would try and even on off days because he was concerned that he wanted to make sure his body was ready to go and to work hard, um, whenever he needed it to.

And you know, that bicycle kick that he pulled off for Real Madrid a few months ago, that he physically, he got his body up to a height off the ground that is just remarkable and it was off of one leg and it shows the amount of training my hard work and discipline they put in. Um, sometimes we can look at things like that and think, oh, that person’s just naturally gifted or that they just naturally can do things, just blessed by God with those abilities. And yes, I believe that they are blessed by God by the width, those abilities. But I do think as well that they work at those abilities and they hone them and they make them better. So they see me when I’m bigger and better on the world stage. And that just comes from hard work. Tulsa Soccer Camps, anybody who has gotten to those heights is putting a lot of work, a lot of time and it’s not just a Bam, they’ve been given something.

It’s that now they’ve been given something and then work with it and you know, pride, um, soccer training that, that is what we work on is teaching kids how to work and put in that, that, uh, an extra amount of effort so that they are able to reap the benefits on the field. Um, you know, nothing they were talking about with Christiana. Renaldo was, um, how he is eating habits, how he always eats the right things. And it’s like he doesn’t want to put junk into his body and know as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that I can’t, I can’t do that either. I think when you, you started to get older and you starting to realize that your energy is not limitless. You start to recognize the importance of other things and how you eat is one of them. And if, if a player can realize that early stage is excellent and if they keep adapting, Tulsa Soccer Camps, as they get older, that’s even better because not only are they doing the right things early, they’re improving as they get older.

And um, you know, something I’ll say they were saying in the interview that, or the sorry, the TV show is that Christiana, Renaldo, um, has found a way to always improve. And despite the fact that he shows up to every game and he is fully confident in his abilities, his skills, there’s a certain amount of pride that it takes to, to come and show up and know and believe in your abilities. And he’s done that. Tulsa Soccer Camps despite having all of that, he has also had the humility to actually take instruction from senior players, from his coaches and adapt when he first went to Manchester United, he was doing all these flips and tricks and I, you know, all that extra stuff that made his game so flashy, but they’re starting to knock him and kick him and teach him, you know, you can’t do this, you’re going to get hurt.

And so, um, he eventually adapted and changed his game to where he, um, simplified as game instead of taking three touches to beat someone who took to. And that’s one of those things that you have to see as a player that you have to adapt, you have to change, you have to, um, grow and become a better player overall. And that’s one thing I think Chris Jones has managed to do every time, is to become a better player to become. I’m just someone who’s adaptable and change to the environment, changed to the game, change the system. I’ve seen it at, at Manchester United, Real Madrid, at least seen it with Portugal. You know, years ago he was playing. He was a young kid, I’m playing with Louis Fico, and he was the one that was really energetic and fico was the older man that was a, just moving the ball and doing this thing and being smooth as Spiegel did.

And Tulsa Soccer Camps, you know, I saw a lot of energy from Christianity, the step overs, all that stuff. I know he’s the old man, um, with a lot of experience and he’s leading this team to the finals at something I saw his humanness showed up, uh, in the run game when he missed his pk and then also got a yellow card. He could have gotten a red for a, an elbow to a guy’s head to face. I don’t think it was vicious. I think he, he did nudge him a bit, but it wasn’t something I thought he should get a red card for, especially with the player backing into him. And it’s frustrating. And as a player, I don’t condone that behavior, but I do understand why he may have done it because it’s frustration. And sometimes with frustration, um, you lash out and that’s where being a mature adult, despite all the adrenaline that’s going, all the intensity that you still in control of your emotions.

And, Tulsa Soccer Camps, that’s something that I, you know, uh, pride, uh, we work on to make sure people understand is that we are, um, that we are teaching kids, good character, integrity of teaching them to make sure that they, they hold a strong value and belief system about how to play the game and even towards their life. Um, you know, I’ve talked to a kid the other day, he was monkeying around and practice and training and I said, hey, when you do that, you not only are you missing out and not doing your best, but you’re hurting others around you. And so, you know, there’s a, there’s a thing about how you perform, how you behave has more impact than on just you. It’s about everybody around you. And so it’s very important that we all recognize and realize as players, as people, that what we do affects others and how we perform and behave affects others.

And, uh, I think, you know, Christiana will be going after this game. I’m looking at his play, looking at what he did. He will be moving forward. I think he’s already moved on, but he’s going to be focused on, be performing even better, you know. And uh, also they rely on your teammates. I saw charisma show up yesterday and charisma played a beautiful ball into, into the, into the goal. He shot a ball with the outside of his right foot, which is known for and just a beautiful curl. He’s also an older player, but performing at an extremely high level. He’s another one that seems to be taken care of his body, taking care of it himself. I’m working hard, training hard and as a fighter’s attitude, I liked him. Um, but yeah, the humanness behind things, I think let’s not build people up on these pedestals.

I don’t think that any of us, if we were all taking penalty kicks, any of us going to hit all of them. Um, maybe that’s something that some people have done, but I don’t know. That’s very far and few between to hit all. Every time. You hit one to never miss, Tulsa Soccer Camps, to always have the best game at, at, uh, you know, best plays that in a game. I think it’s a little bit unrealistic. I think we have to say, Hey, we perform, we do our best and we’ll leave it at that. We share on those superstars, those heroes that we love so much and when they mess up, we need to still support them and give them love ’em all the Msu supporters, all the Christiana to support whoever you like. Um, I think we owe it to them as human beings to still, um, you know, be positive and to cheer them on as we would want to be. So thanks. That’s all I have for today as our podcasts. Um, I hope you all have a wonderful day. Bye. Bye.