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Tulsa Soccer Camps | Versatility Matters

Hi and welcome to pride soccer training. My name is O’neil bent and I’m the founder and CEO of pride soccer training. And uh, things that want to talk about today is just how, you know, working on something a little bit at a time but being consistent over a long period of time is how people will become great at doing anything. It doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t just, you don’t just magically get it and all of a sudden Bam, you’re there. It’s, Tulsa Soccer Camps, you end up working time and time again. So over pride soccer trainer, we are consistently working on passing, trapping, shooting, dribbling each touch that the kid makes with the moves that we, we use and the skill drills that we do, every touch that kinematics is important to their progress and becoming a better soccer player. And uh, we work on both feet, not just work on those strong foot to the player has, whether it’s left or right, we work on both and that causes that player to be able to move in multiple directions, not just one one way are on one side of their body.

Um, they’re actually able to use both sides of their body and which gives them so many more ways of performing tasks. Tulsa Soccer Camps, and that’s something that I’ve, I’ve watched over time. There was a coach that a, let’s tell me the other day, the observed another coach work in his team and his team, all the players on the team could use both feet and he was asking them, how did you do that? How did you get your players to use both feet all the time? Like they could shoot with the feet with both feet. They could pass, they could dribble and they could. They were just naturally good with both feet. And he said, well, this is what I did when I worked with them on both both feet. And I’ve always been a firm believer that, you know, you can work on, on both feet and use both of them.

Tulsa Soccer Camps, I know growing up I was strolling mainly known for my left foot and one till I was 14. I only really had a left foot, but I remember at age 14 I was like, I need to work on this. I need to be able use my right foot and I worked on it enough to where I could really get good shots off with my right foot and even now I still can’t. I can always pass with my ride and do some simple moves and stuff. But shooting with chipping the ball, that was a different story. And um, I kinda ended up striking the ball really firmly with my right foot, any, uh, needed to do more work on it. But, um, when I went to college I actually got a lot better with it, um, and uh, until I had knee surgery and then I, you know, I didn’t use it as much, but it’s just one of those things that as a player you have to put that time in, working with both feet.

You need someone to also guide you through that process. And, you know, I pride soccer training, we are here to guide you, guide your child through doing technical work, technical training, making sure that they can use both feet. Um, being ambidextrous is a very important key to being, Tulsa Soccer Camps, being someone who cannot be read every single time. All right, so that you have a variety to your game and so that you can take advantage of different situations. And if you could only go one way every time, then hey, you’re only a one sided player and there’s players that have, have been able to do that, you know, but they’re far and few between, like Diego Maradona completely left footed. He probably could use his right foot fairly well too, but he just enjoyed, he’s not left with so much and it was so potent, so deadly that he, you know, he didn’t have to know and that was just how he did it.

But most players need to be able to use both feet. Most players need to be able to play both ways because we’re not Diego Maradona, there was only one. And so, you know, having said that, I see, you know, where my son, me and trains and we worked on both feet. He’s able to shoot with both feet can dribble with both feet. Tulsa Soccer Camps, you know, and at first the kids don’t enjoy doing that, they don’t like using their week flip because it’s not easy to them and that’s the nature, that’s the nature of being a child and even adults, we don’t like a lot of times doing something that’s not easy or not normal or not what we’re used to doing, but when we do do things outside of the norm, it helps us to become better, to be stronger. I’m smarter being more technical and um, you know, also being more marketable.

And I think of someone who, who knows two languages as, as opposed to one. I think it’s a great example of, of how we need to be on the soccer field is very versatile. Being able to talk in multiple languages, talk to different people. Tulsa Soccer Camps, you know, I think that’s, that’s one of those things that we need to do over and over again. And uh, you know, as players, we’re always developing, always looking for ways to change. We always have to reinvent ourselves because there’s always somebody else’s reading us, learning about us. Um, my place several matches against the team and the coach knows who you are. Well, we need to make sure that we always keep them guessing and the way we do that is by being more versatile and be able to go to both sides of your body, being able to shoot both feet.

Tulsa Soccer Camps, and when you don’t want to. Players that love seeing Claire Back in the day and you know, I’ve talked about them a lot, you’re going to hear about them again. You’re hearing many times in my podcast is Georgie Haji, you had both feet that he could use. He was known a lot for his left foot, but he was known for being on the go to both the chip, the ball with both feet, shoot the bowl with both feet. He could dribble with both feet. He was just a player that could do both, you know. But yeah, he, he preferred his left and he used it more but he could always go to his right to and, and that’s a very important feature. So he was found sometimes in the left side of the field, sometimes on the right side of the field. He would move forward and come back.

Sometimes he would attack you with defend. He can do it all. And Tulsa Soccer Camps, he was, you know, their, their player, their playmaker that would pop up anywhere. And you know, also for someone to play with a player like that who moves around the field a lot, other players around them also have to be versatile. They also have to be able to move and change positions and changed shape. And you know, I noticed a lot of times we talk about that star player but we don’t really talk about the players around them. The players around them I have to adjust and be technical to like it’s not good enough just to have one really strong player. The other players around them have to be good. And you know, back in the day when Romania was good in the nineties and the, and just the 2000 euro, um, there was a decade there basically that they were a powerhouse.

They were really good. And the players that were around Georgie, how’d you like Popescu Petrescu, Moldovan lea. Uh, all these guys that they were playing around do a read a child. Those guys, they were very, very good and helped to be supporting cast to Georgie Haji and um, they were very technical. They could shoot, pass, dribble. Um, they all worked very well together and we’re very versatile. Tulsa Soccer Camps, and that’s the thing that I love. I love watching. I love seeing, I love helping to produce players who are personnel who can play multiple positions, who could see the game from many angles. And I’m very good at, at performing those tests. You know, I was a very versatile player. I can play left back, left wing, defensive mid. Those are the players I put the positions I played. Um, mostly growing up. I even had a real small stint when I play striker. Um, and uh, you know, it’s, it’s one of these things that you have to, you have to really be versatile because you never know. You’re going to be put in a situation where you have to play a different position. Um,

you know, and

I think that’s something that you have to be prepared for and yes, have your mindset on the things that you liked to do, the positions you like to play and work towards them, but also be open minded to finding other positions, you know, not everybody gets to roam around the field like hygiene and uh, and change positions, change shape. So, you know, it’s one of those things that um, you just have to, to watch and do and you have to work on every day and you know, uh, pride. Tulsa Soccer Camps, I thoroughly enjoy teaching kids how to kick the ball, how to dribble the ball, how to move with the ball and be better. Yeah, there’s, it’s, it’s amazing to watch them improve and enjoy. So, but thanks again for listening and we will see you next time.