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Tulsa Soccer Camps | World Cup Conversation

Good morning, this is o’neil bent with pride soccer training and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tulsa Soccer Camps, today’s podcast is going to be a bit more about the World Cup. Everything I think for the next few weeks is going to be about the World Cup because it’s the World Cup. And recently we saw Mexico in Sweden advance to the second round while Germany, the reigning champions were knocked out of the World Cup and that is something that is just, it’s normal, but because it’s Germany, it seems like it’s a big deal. Their history, um, they always make it to the second round, I think since like 19 thirties. Um, they’ve always made it to the second round. So this time for the first time in years that did not make it through decades. They did not make it through to the second round. And um, you know, they’re going to have to go through an overhaul. I won’t doubt, I won’t be surprised if the coach retires, but if he does, he’s done a great job with them.

Um, you know, every, every dynasty comes to an end. And so that’s, I think what we’re seeing now is where other teams, the rising up, the, the amazing thing about this World Cup is that they have been so many teams that have become powerhouses, become really, really good and nobody’s had nobody expected that to happen. Like Korea beaten Germany to, oh, they didn’t expect that. But Korea is a good team. Tulsa Soccer Camps, Morocco, the performance that they put in in the World Cup, they didn’t make it through, but they almost, they almost beat Portugal. The gave Spain a run for their money and almost beat them as well. And so we’re seeing where the world is getting better at playing this game. The world has become more skillful and this is beautiful. And now we’re starting to see new team step up and become dominant. I won’t be surprised if this World Cup, we have a new champion and that’s always nice to see a new champion.

Um, it’s a shame. I wish Holland would be in here because I’d be probably in the, in the, in the run for it. I’d love to see them win at some point. US, of course, you know, living here in the states, I’d love to see us win the World Cup and uh, you know, just see our country start to play well in the world’s game and Tulsa Soccer Camps, you know, are watching, um, Brazil as Brazil, Brazil, I think maybe some day they may not make it through, but it won’t be this time. They made it through to the second round and they’re starting to play better and better as the tournament goes. Each game you could see a different level that they could play at or they adjust and they adapt and they have depth. Um, the other day, Marcello got hurt probably the best left back in the world.

And uh, we had, Tulsa Soccer Camps, Philippe Louis come in and he was brilliant. He played very well. And, um, I just think it’s amazing to see that if you develop talent in a certain way, certain rate, have certain values and beliefs and make sure that you’re hitting certain technical parts of the game that these players are going to grow and be good, you know, and my pride, soccer training and that’s what we do. We, we work on players dribbling and they’re passing, shooting, heading, Oregon, defending work and all these things that they might not be getting at the regular practice because to be honest with you, when you go to practice with your club coach or even your rec coach, they have to be concerned about so many more players and it probably soccer training. We, we personalize each training session for the players so that they can develop and then they get better.

And I’m just, I’m amazed at seeing countries, how they play, how they operate, how they see the game. One of my favorites right now that I love watching his Croatia, they play a brand of total football, um, that I just completely enjoy. Um, I love seeing players switch positions. I love seeing players, um, a roam freely and are free to make decisions in the game. Tulsa Soccer Camps, I’m a big fan of that because I think it just, it causes organized chaos. I’m all about organized chaos. If you can confuse the other team and then you have the advantage, if you can keep them guessing, you have the advantage and if you are always adaptable, then you have the advantage and I think I’m learning how to pass trap, shoot, dribble and make decisions, makes you adaptable. If you are able to make decisions on the fly based on what your surroundings are, it it’s you just makes you that much better of a player and I’m always talking about adapting to what is around you, playing what’s in front of you and one of the little kids yesterday, I’m trying to remember how he said it, but he said it better than I did.

He was. He was just like, that’s what the game is. You’re just playing what’s in front of you. You’re adapting. And I just loved it because he was. He’s one of the smarter players. He’s younger than everybody, but he can hold his own and he’s doing extremely well and I’m proud of them. I love seeing him dribble the ball and pass and move and make decisions and it’s not easy. Sometimes. It’s tough to deal with players that are stronger, faster, bigger than you, but he finds a way every time and I think having that nurturing environment to play in helps, Tulsa Soccer Camps, in the World Cup, we’ve also seen where Japan, I think Japan is Senegal play again today as well as Columbia and Poland and from, I know Poland is out of it, but a Senegal, Japan and Colombia all have a chance to move on. And so I’m excited to see what happens there.

I’m rooting for Japan in Senegal. I would love to see an Asian team go through. I’d love to see an African team go through to the second round. Um, that way we have representation from all the different federations, uh, because we do have Europe, of course. Tulsa Soccer Camps, we also have a South America and we have a Conka Cath. Mexico is representing strong, so I’m loving the fact that Mexico is doing well. I love how they play a Chicharito Vela. Um, all the players that are out there, they’re just, um, fun to watch. I like, Hey, suze. I is a good little player. He takes people on very creative. He can use both feet. Um, so I’m impressed with what I see from, from a Suze, um, and I like, I don’t know, I do enjoy the counter attacking style if you cannot dominate the game, if you find that you can’t outplay the other team than I do believe in countertack and because you do have to win somehow, you do have to find a strategy that works for you.

Mexico has the ability to do both, but I think they seem to have been doing their best lately when they counter attack much like Portugal. Portugal as a favorite of mine to elect Cristiana. I talk about them almost every podcast. I’d love to see him go through and they’ve had to play a counter, a counter attacking style and it suits them messy. He delivered. Finally they made it through to the second round. Married Donna. I was watching him in the stands, all the, the motions, gyrations, everything he was doing. Um, and uh, I hope he’s doing well because I think his blood pressure shot up on him during that game. So, Tulsa Soccer Camps, it’s probably good that Argentina made it through because I don’t know if he would have handled it very well and I’d like for Metadata to live for a few more years because I liked the guy, even though he is the one that’s always on the thin line between amazing and crazy, so that genius and crazy miss a line.

He is always on either one or the other, but never the line. So, um, but, uh, I love him still. I love all the old stars that are out there that brought us so much delight Pele. Um, one of my personal favorites, how Ge probably my favorite of my lifetime because of me was getting to watch him play, Tulsa Soccer Camps, look, always look for players like him because he’s just a magnificent personality on the field and I love watching him play. So I hope that we continue to see amazing games in the World Cup as we have seen. Um, there’s always surprises. Uh, there’s always people out there. I’m just making things happen. She Kiri um, uh, what’s his name? Uh, I hope that they leave the politics aside and just play the game and enjoy it. Um, but, uh, you know, that’s all we have for today. So thank you for tuning in. I really hope you all have a wonderful day and continue playing soccer and enjoying the world cup. Until next time.