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Tulsa Soccer Camps | World Cup Final

Hi and welcome to the a pride Tulsa soccer training podcast. Um, this is the last one for the World Cup that I’ll be doing because the world cup is officially over. We watched the final yesterday and, uh, you know, I know I’m, I’m happy for all the French supporters. Um, France did well. They, they deserve to win. They scored more goals. I’m Croatian fans. I’m sorry that they lost. Tulsa Soccer Camps, I thought, uh, Croatia did a wonderful job of even getting to the final and for a smaller country like theirs to make it to the final, to me that says a lot about their talent, their skill, their passion, um, and it’s almost like winning the World Cup for them to actually make it all the way to the final. Um, one thing I have to say as I’ve talked to my buddies, a two of which are French supporters, um, and I have to say I’m a little disappointed in how France played.

I know they played and they want it. I know that they were very potent and finishing their chances. Tulsa Soccer Camps, I finished the majority of the chances that they created. And that’s impressive, they won four to two and I really feel that they could have played a more beautiful game. That’s the problem that I have is that it wasn’t beautiful enough, like I expected to see a better game from them and that’s what disappointed me is that they counterattacked uh, Croatia and Croatia is just that good and maybe they, you can’t get the ball off of him. But I felt like France had the, the ability, the skill and the players needed to, to possess the ball. And I’m going to be, I’m going to admit I’m greedy. I like three goals, no goals given up and the majority of the possession, that’s what I want to see when I have a team that I liked that’s dominant.

I want to see them dominate that way, not just the score line but the other parts of the game too. Tulsa Soccer Camps, so those are the things that kinda bothered me a little bit was the fact that they did not have, um, they did not have the dominant dominant possession. Um, and they only had in the thirties, um, while Croatia had mistakes. He’s on the flip side. I think Croatia had a very dynamic and very interesting attack. I like how they played. I liked how they were able to dominate written possession against of their opponents. Um, they were extremely good team and the way in which they played with attracting a ride, they were one of the more fluid midfielder. Midfield had one of the most fluid midfield that I’ve seen in the World Cup and they worked so well together. I’ll be observing them more in the future.

I’m going back to watching the games, trying to study, see what I can do to emulate that, that type of play. And, you know, there’s a little bit of sadness whenever the World Cup finishes for me, I feel like, Tulsa Soccer Camps, like my best friend or something has gone or they’ve left and I just feel as kind of man, I, uh, I miss him. So I missed the World Cup. I miss everything about it, but I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly. And, uh, I think the fact that it’s once every four years is actually a good thing. I think that’s what makes it so special is that it’s not every year and there was no other sporting event that is as impacting, I think. I mean, I mean involving the whole world, not just, not just saying that soccer is the best sport in the world. No, I’m saying to have that many people watching a single sport that is just really impressive and amazing.

So that’s the part of it that impresses me the most and I’m so amazed by it. But I’ve enjoyed it. I’m looking to see new ways of playing. I think the way that Croatia played was nice, the way that France was able to counter attack and, and when I think it was, it was nice. Uh, I loved how Brazil played out of all the teams. I thought they played the best. I thought they had the most interesting way of playing and I feel like they were knocked out prematurely by Belgium. Belgium was another team that I enjoyed as well. They played a great brand of attacking soccer, Tulsa Soccer Camps, with any luck they would’ve been in the final, but, um, I think that they, they play a type of soccer that I thoroughly enjoyed too. I love watching them attack and spread the ball wide, attacking from the wings. I really liked that style of play and a lot. Um, and uh, I’m hoping to see some more, uh, in the women’s World Cup. I’ll be, I’m ready to watch how these teams play. Um, I’ll be looking for, um, Japan, um, that’s one of my favorite teams and uh, I just want to see how they do. Um, I want to see them play and,

and work. I’m in such a way that a, I want to see how they work and are you okay?

Um, so I just want to see how they play and how they move and how they do that. Um, asked that or I just hope that, uh, um, again, just gets better and better. I hope that Japan plays well. I know the u s be shown up to be strong. They’ll probably be a favorite, but it’s hard to win a World Cup back to back and um, I think, um, that’d be difficult for them and it’d be a rebuilding year for, for the U s. But uh, we’ll see. We’ll see what happens. I’m the women’s World Cup is just as fun as the boys. We won’t see as much flopping. We won’t see as much diving, all that stuff. I hate watching that part of the game. Tulsa Soccer Camps, I understand people are trying to avoid tackles on that, blah, blah blah. But I get tired of seeing the diving.

I don’t want to justify it. If you have to avoid a tackle, avoided tackle, but don’t turn all of that stuff into a foul when it’s not. You know, I do question Griezmann a dive. Some people say it’s not that somebody will say it is. Um, I don’t think we’ll ever know unless we ask him. I, he may never admit to diving as well. The players coming out him, he sees it about to happen so he avoids a Taco. But I think job and keep moving. I think, um, I’ve seen messy. Do it a lot. Why can’t other players do do that where they made the tackle and keep moving. Tulsa Soccer Camps, especially if you’re faster than the opponent, I’m go ahead and do that. You know, some people I want to mention though in the World Cup that I enjoyed watching dribble, whereas I’m a hazard. Um, I enjoyed watching him and enjoyed watching module, which he was an incredible player.

This tournament deserve the MVP, a pog liked watching him when he got the ball moving. Uh, also, uh, Tulsa Soccer Camps, and Bob and Bob is wonderful to watch. And the good thing is there’ll be more of him in the future. Um, you know, to be a teenager and score in the World Cup, there’s only been two of them, him impella. And that’s impressive. I liked this celebration, uh, came from when he plays his younger brother and video games and these scores on him. Um, it was pretty cool, the story behind that, but those are some of the players that really stood out to me where they’re dribbling ability. I think the best dribbler tournament was probably has art, uh, always deadly and very simple in his is dribble. And I liked that. I liked the fact that it’s not too complicated, but that’s all I have for today. I look forward to talk to y’all again another day and I hope you enjoyed this podcast. Thank you.