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Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast, where we offer the best when it comes to Tulsa soccer lessons. This podcast is brought to you by Pride We are Tulsa’s only soccer training, podcast and we are Tulsa’s number one program when it comes to personal soccer, training, Tulsa soccer lessons and overall soccer player development. In this podcast soccer coach and personal soccer, trainer O’Neal bench is going to share his wisdom is inside and some of his strategies when it comes to the overall game of soccer and Tulsa soccer. Lessons O’Neill is the founder and the CEO of Pride soccer training he’s my husband, Jackson’s Daddy and he’s wholeheartedly committed to changing the game when it comes to personal soccer, training, soccer lessons and overall soccer player, development pride of Tulsa soccer training mission is simple. Our goal is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop and both their character and their soccer skill. Pride of Tulsa soccer training helps soccer players achieve their personal goals so that they can win both on the pitch and in everyday life. If you want to learn more about who we are at pride of Tulsa soccer training, you can visit our website, which is pride You can also give us a call today at 918-701-0983. We love to talk with you. Get you scheduled for your first lesson this is episode 91 reach the summit part 3. So we’ve been, you know, breaking down the life of Pat Summit and her philosophies and really just sharing how, if you’re a good coach, if you’re a good player you have inside and velocity that transcends all sports and we can all learn from those things up. For instance, I never played basketball, I know O’Neill didn’t either, but we still learn from Pat Summit. You know in her philosophies and her lifestyle, you know, even though O’Neal was a stellar soccer player, still playing soccer is still coaching and growing and developing. So we wanted to just continue today, O’Neal: where did you want to start? I want to talk to start with this quote that she talks about loyalty. She talks about Bill except truth, and this one it says the absolute part of loyalty is to Value those people who tell you the truth, not just those people who tell you what you want to hear. In fact, you should value them most because, they have paid you. The complement of leveling with you and assuming you can handle it. The number one person in my life that I think of when I read this statement is used to read it because you always tell me the truth. You’Re always level with me. Even when I don’t want to hear anymore, I don’t want to accept it and I’m still stuck to deal with it. I still have to think about it stuff to work through it, and I appreciate it even though the time in muesli not happy about hearing it. But when you have people around you that tell you the truth, tell you you have to improve. Tell you you’re, not good enough. Tell you that you have to work on your skills, that you have to improve them and tell you how to do so. You really need to latch on to those people and listen to them and work through those issues that even sometimes fears that you have so that you can become great, and I think you know having truth-tellers around you, people that want to be honest with you.

You really like she said value that you have to Value them. You have to give them the benefit of doubt. You have to look at yourself and say how true is this? How much of what they’re saying is true and that’s? What’S something you told me the other days, you can’t dismiss something that is said to you just because you don’t like to hear it or you don’t want to hear it, and that is the essence in playing Uno Sports and in life is well absolutely. I want to say something about that southern statement in moniker, because you know I’m from the south and we just really for the most part believe in just telling it like it is. But I want to point out that even your truth-telling and as an illness sharing here where it’s not to be right, you are beat you down it’s to uplift you. So if someone, you know, we might say she would. You know client or someone that were working with our training: hey here’s some areas where we are noticing some weaknesses or some deficiencies, but we don’t just like harp on that and keep beating them down about it. We show them the way. To you bring those levels up to proficiency and Beyond, and we literally work with them show them the moves. And so I want to point out that, like yes, it’s absolutely true to tell the truth, but when I’m doing that when Pat Summit doing that, when O’Neal is doing that with our soccer players that were training, it’s coming from a place of love. Tulsa Soccer Lessons And you know it has development behind it. So it’s telling the truth, but with an uplifting stance you know cuz. I think there’s some people who tell the truth but they’re really trying to like bring the pain. You know they mean and sometimes they’re, not even telling the truth, and so I think it’s important, I guess to tell the truth in love, and I know that that’s what Pat Summit means by that quote. You know anyway, I like that quote. I think that’s awesome. How to me this is how you receive the truth, and so attitude is a choice what. You think you can do weather positive or negative, confident or scared will most likely happen. So if you take what someone has told you and you started taking it and make a negative spin on it, that’s probably what’s going to happen, because that’s what you’re focused on your focus on the negativity. But if you take it and you focus on the positive side of it, so I can fix this problem, I’m not the best dribbler. I can work on that. These are the skills I need to. We use is a skills that coach is showing me that I should I should use, and I should practice daily and if you take that sort of attitude and work on it and work on it and work on it, you know within a few months you’re going To be a way better player than you were just a few months ago, and it’s something that, like I said it, I think I said in the last podcast. It’S the little things that stack up the little things that add up over time that make you better. That make you stronger and they’re going to give you more confidence to play and to do the things that love doing.

It’S amazing to me to see players that come in and they’re struggling. They struggle to Stryker ball. They struggle to dribble the struggle to run and paste, and so we work on these things and in like a few months, their parents are amazed they’re having more fun and they’re enjoying it, and they don’t want to miss the training session. They want to come time and time again. I have one player, she shows up to everything every time, that’s possible and she is progressing rapidly and it’s so encouraging, because the soccer player, you know, comes there receptive, they follow what you know, we’re teaching and then they get the success that they need, and I I love that, because you know it’s it’s exciting for us, it’s exciting for them, it’s exciting for the parents and they’re just reaching their goals and your dreams and more rapid Pace. You know if they want more playing time. Some people are trying toon the team. We have some who maybe want to earn a college scholarship. You know whatever their goal. Maybe it’s really nice to watch people achieve that, because they’re working hard and they’re listening and they’re being disciplined. You know that some. It is so interesting to me because I think, like all people who achieve great things, it’s easy to look at them and just think I’m and they’re lucky are they just got a break, and now she probably put time and effort that you know nobody knows about Our saw behind the scenes, how much is she studying great? You know basketball strategies and skills and great players in studying the game. I mean that was like a full-time commitment to her and I was sitting here thinking. We should probably go through like great coaches and find one in every since bored and kind of talk about you know who they are because to be great to to coach for 38 years and never record a losing season. I mean the diligent, the focus determination that tenacity or 10 parallel. She also had with her players a 100 % graduation rate to see the thing about. Pat Summit is not. She was a winner, Tulsa Soccer Lessons but there’s so much depth to her. She had such strong character and she was very driven, very hard-working, very smart, very competitive, but she had a death and encourage that she lived with. You know she saw her players as individuals as family members and that’s kind of how we look at our clients.

To I love, I love with you to sit there, because this is her outlook on life and is it is what it is, but it will be what you make it and I think she lived at all the way through all simers all the way through her Whole life she cheat, she did it all in that way and that’s why she was so great because she made life great. She made things work the way she wanted them to. She wanted people to graduate college. She wanted them to be the best player she wanted to go on to be coaches. She want them to going to be mentors to, be successful through hard work through positive, having a positive attitude through their faith. She wanted all of that total package. She wanted them to have it because she knew the blessings that that gives you through life and she’s. One of those people to me that lived at her highest level and that’s the type of person I strive to be, and I strive to to have the kids be that way as well, to give your best to do your best to never let up it whether You win or lose. I don’t care. It’S like. You have to have that type of Pride that passion that you’re going to go into it and you’re going to work hard and you’re going to fight until the whistle blows, because you want to be the best, because you want to do your best because it ultimately Brings honor, you know to your to God to your family, to yourself. It’S it’s so many different ways and levels that you’re going to help yourself and you going to learn from it and to me it’s just a wonderful thing to see a kid over coming outtickle and do something great on that on that pitch. So absolutely in that is winning. We want to thank you for joining us today and thank you for listening. We are the only podcast about Tulsa soccer lessons in soccer training and that pride of Tulsa soccer training. We strive to fully develop every soccer player because we give them the absolute best when it comes to Tulsa soccer lessons at pride of Tulsa soccer training, our Tulsa soccer lessons help soccer players become very technically sound and creatively strong when they’re on the pitch. Tulsa Soccer Lessons If you want to learn more about Pride soccer training, please visit our website today at Pride or you can give us a call at 918-701-0983at pride of Tulsa soccer training. We teach character, confidence and soccer skills. So if you’re willing to work hard – and you will follow – are customized Tulsa soccer lessons, we can get you the results that you want guaranteed. Thank you so much for joining us and we will see you next time.