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Tulsa Soccer Lessons | No one compares

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast, where we offer only the best when it comes to Tulsa soccer lessons. This podcast is brought to you by Pride We are Tulsa’s, only soccer training, podcast and we are the number one soccer program. So if you’re looking for a personal soccer training – or you want, you know Tulsa soccer lessons or help with your overall soccer players development, we can help you in this podcast soccer, coach and personal soccer trainer O’Neill bent is going to share insight and wisdom when it Comes to the overall game of soccer, as well as Tulsa soccer lessons O’Neill is the founder and the CEO of Pride soccer training and he is someone who is very focused and committed to changing the game when it comes to personal soccer, training, soccer lessons and overall Soccer player development, pride of Tulsa soccer training mission is simple. Our goal is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop in both character and soccer skill. Pride of Tulsa soccer training help soccer players just like you achieve their personal goals so that they can win both on the pitch and in everyday life. If you want to learn more about us, you can visit our website Pride You can schedule your first visit there. You can watch testimonials. You can also give us a call if that’s more convenient. Our number is 918-701-0983 or you can visit our website again Pride for more information. This is episode. 96. We are still talking about the success pyramid created by coach John Wooden, he’s a very winning coach throughout his career, one of the most decorated and successful coaches, who has really distilled all of his wisdom and I’m all of his ideas about what’s important and to a Success pyramid for this is part 3 part 4. That series I’m sorry O’Neal. What are you want to focus on today, condition skill and team spirit? It’S the the third level of his Pyramid of Success and under conditioning and condition it says, mental moral, physical, rest, exercise and diet must be considered. Moderation must be practiced, so in this area we have to make sure that, as a player that we are conditioning ourselves that we’re getting you know the physical exercise that we need to become better and to be able to run and have stamina throughout the whole game.

And my training, lessons of rat Pride soccer training are designed to make sure that players not only work on their skill, but they also have to endure some things, and so they might be drooling it at top speed for a long period of time, cutting through cones And taking shots, while under pressure and saw all these things build up conditioning they build up their mental strength, their physical strength, they they also are able to think under pressure and think quickly. So these are things that that are really good and all players must have, they must be conditioned, and I must be able to perform these moves when they’re tired, when I have lot of energy, no matter what the situation they have to to do, and that’s where The Tulsa soccer training license come in because when you are tired, for example, you know that’s where your Fitness and then your muscle memory for your meat that you develop is going to kick in. So we are very I’m big on customizing everything for our players. Each player has a unique set of giftings and abilities. They have different goals. Some of our soccer players want to you, don’t learn more playing time. We have been soccer players who were just trying to make the next team. We have some soccer players who have gone on to play it Collegiate level and earn scholarships, and we have somebody that’s their goal that they’re working towards. Tulsa Soccer Lessons So that’s the great thing about us is that we partner with you and help you climb the Pyramid of Success when it comes to your soccer training, your soccer goals and your overall soccer player development. Yes, and so you know to continue on with his – is Pyramid, skill and knowledge of any ability to properly and quickly execute the fundamentals, be prepared and cover every little detail so are soccer lessons at Pride. Soccer training are designed, especially for this area, right here, to develop a player skill to make sure that we’re preparing them for every single situation they could see on the field and that their skill is as such that I have to get pushed it or left foot. They can use their left or they get pushed the right they can use their right and that they had the technique to strike a ball. Well, I take me to dribble the ball: the technique to head the ball, to get it exactly where it needs to go. When they pass it, and those are the things that bring success, bring confidence and an in kids find enjoyment in that when I start to play well, there is no Greater Joy for both of the player in the parents to see a kid doing better and improving And enjoying the game and being a technically gifted player, those are the things that are fun to see and watch for everybody in every situation, all sports, not just in soccer, and so you know we enjoy CNN and I love it as a coach

When I see a player whose work hard, who has been taking on the skills that I’ve been training them using them to the best of their ability practicing on their own, and they come out to the field and they’re able to dominate because they have been working On their skill – and it’s just a beautiful thing to see the next part of it is team spirit, a genuine consideration for others, an eagerness to sacrifice personal interest, glory for the welfare of all, and so that is another part of being selfless. Putting your team first – and you know I think, of it – to improving your skills. A soccer player is not just for your own benefit, it’s for the benefit of your team, because your team needs you to perform at the highest level. Your team needs you to score goals. Your team needs to defend. Well, your team needs you to get a cyst, and so, if you’re working on your skill, that means your team is getting that much better by every touch that you’re making and that price soccer training. Our lessons are designed to make sure that you come in here and that you improve your Technique. You improve your dribbling you’re heading your trapping, Tulsa Soccer Lessons your decision-making. What do I pass or do I dribble? When do I do the dribbling? When do I do the passing? What do I do if three people are coming to me, you know, so we work on all those situations and scenarios to make sure your soccer skills are improving. I think that your energy, in your ability that you bring to the field you know when you step on the field as a soccer player and you’re, confident in your your work ethic that you put in in the training that you put in in the abyss. Ladies that you have developed an are developing: that’s going to elevate that team if you’re coming with positive energy – and we talked about that with our clients and we help our soccer players have a growth mindset and they have a can do attitude. We teach them that they’re capable that they’re valuable, that they’re strong, but then we also back that up with actual training session, so their ability can reflect any of those ideas as well.

So true – and you know I love like I said – I love seeing one player start to mature and they start to hold on to these Concepts, and I start to believe it and see it and it rubs off on the players around them. They start to see that their teammates are you doing, you know? How are you getting to be so good and they want to? They want to be a part of it, and so I think it’s contagious greatness is contagious and when you see someone doing a wonderful job and becoming better, you want to be a part of that. You want to also be great, and the way to do that is to work on your Technique to work on your train to work on the small things that small things make the biggest difference, and I think of each touch that you make with that ball. When you’re doing figure eights and doing different drills that we have every touch that you make matters it matters to you, are you touching you Softly As you picking up speed or hit it too hard and you have to go chase it down, but every touch that You make with that ball matters and, and that’s what it that’s, what it’s all about your soccer skill and really help you grow and develop on most of our clients, and we see Improvement, sometimes instantly, and you know, and just as time goes on. It’S really amazing to watch parents and their soccer players, because they are amazed at how far they’ve come. So we want to work with you and partner with you to help you grow in your. You know character in your skill and pride Tulsa pride of Tulsa soccer training is here to do that, for you, pride is an acronym that stands for perseverance, respect, integrity driving excellence, and so we want to help you grow and all those areas I’m we’re out of Time for Napoli want to thank you for joining us and thank you for listening, we’re the only podcast about Tulsa soccer, lessons and soccer training and at pride of Tulsa soccer training. We strive to fully develop every soccer player by giving them the absolute best when it comes to Tulsa soccer lessons a pride of Tulsa soccer training, our Tulsa soccer lessons, help soccer players become technically sound and creatively strong on the pitch. If you want to learn more about Pride, soccer training visit our website, Pride or you can give us a call today at 918-701-0983, at pride of Tulsa soccer training, we teach confidence, character and soccer skill and if you’re willing to work hard and follow, are customized Tulsa soccer lessons we can get you the results you want guaranteed. Thank you so much for joining us and we’ll see you next time.