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Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast, where we offer the best instruction when it comes to Tulsa soccer lessons. This podcast is brought to you, as always by Pride We are Tulsa’s only soccer training, podcast and we are Tulsa’s number one program when it comes to personal soccer, training, Tulsa soccer, lessons and soccer player development, and this podcast we have soccer coach and personal soccer trainer extraordinaire O’Neill bent easier to share inside and wisdom about. The overall game of soccer and Tulsa soccer lessons O’Neill, is also the founder and the CEO of Pride soccer training. He also happens to be my husband and he is the father of our son Jackson and for as long as I’ve known you all he’s, been wholeheartedly focused and really committed to elevating the name of soccer. He’S someone who is really dedicated to the work of bringing exceptional and personal soccer training, really Innovative soccer lessons and the highest caliber possible when it comes to overall soccer player development at pride of Tulsa soccer training, we have a mission that is really simple and focus And that mission is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop in their character and their soccer skill pride of Tulsa soccer training helps soccer players achieved their personal goals so that they can have wins on the pitch and wins in their everyday life. If you want to learn more about pride of Tulsa soccer training, if you want to get started on your first soccer training session, you can give us a call today at 918-701-0983, you can also visit our website, which is pride This is episode 124, and today we are talking about the people’s game. Now I know you were looking at some of your soccer books and talking about some of the topics and the information in there tell us what you mean about the people’s game and how you landed on that. Well, the people’s game is is soccer. Soccer is the world’s game and they called The People’s game because, no matter what your status is in life, you can play this game so. It’S it gives us the ability with just a ball, to play. You can use rocks for goals, you can play barefoot, but all you need is a soccer ball and you know we have so many sports in America that that you have to have other tools. You have to have helmets, you have to have pad. You have to have a football, you have to have a basket baseball, basketball, hoops. You have to have all this equipment and it’s costly and so was soccer. It’S the people’s game. All you need is about. You can make a ball out of rags and you can play, and so in the book that I have here, that I’ve had for years called the concise Encyclopedia of world football. They have a a little snippet introductions called The People’s game, and this is a quote out of the book for all its Simplicity. Soccer’S ever been played on a grand scale. It began with whole Villages playing each other in matches that lasted days. At a time now involves the global with International competitions and worldwide television through soccer has remained the ultimate people’s game, capturing hearts and Minds from Iceland to New Zealand from Mexico to Saudi Arabia and just sums up soccer. If you look at it, how both boys and girls can play the game, you watch the Women’s World Cup. If you watch men’s World Cup, it’s equally as as fun to watch, and I admire just as many female players as men players. I admire players that come from Romania, players that come from Holland play the come from Brazil African. So you have. You know players that come from all over the continent, all over the world, different countries that they come out there and they play and it’s wonderful to, watch and watch the different ways, a different ideas that people play and it’s it’s so impressive. Like you watch Argentina play and, then you compare that to how Portugal plays in you have rivalries that go on like Rivals between Germany and Holland for Brazil and Argentina. I mean you watch these games and you fall in love with the different styles and in different players, and you admire them. You know, even to this day, a player that I still love wholeheartedly, that I’ve never found another player that I’ve loved as much as Georgie Haji. And you know it’s it’s something to wear. I was just watch the game and I love it. I love playing. I can get a pickup game, I love playing when I train with kids. I love playing men’s league so – and you know I’m 40 this year turn 40 this year and the love for the game. The passion for the game hasn’t stopped. I love playing soccer. You know they have that Adidas saying all day I dream about soccer, and – and I do I think – about soccer every single day – it’s that is a very important staple in my life and it stopped I’ve learned life lessons through it as well, and I’ve learned how to Be a better person – and you know I think, that’s why it’s the people’s game, because anybody can play it and it’s it’s so addictive. I find that even like people who used to play basketball or played baseball, they somehow they want better exercise and they go out and start playing soccer and then little by little they’re asking more questions or watching more games. They’Re learning how to play better, and over years they become a decent soccer player just because they keep playing and they love the game. They’Re passionate about it and they want to be involved in it, and I think something that’s was so lovely to see.

Is that every country ends up loving the game and being passionate about it like last World Cup, when the US was in it? I cannot remember seeing the nation come together. I remember the chant. I believe that we will win and it just it brings up all these different emotions in me that every World Cup I enjoy something new something special and something magical in the Women’s World Cup in 2015. I enjoyed watching Japan play a lot because they played well as a team and they had a girl. A lady on that team named me and I love watching her place. Yet it very gifted and Pope poten right foot and she was so eloquent when she dribbled it was just smooth and subtle, but yet so powerful at the same time that it’s something that I love even looking up footage of her playing now and see. How did she do that? How did she play in that way, and so there’s so many things that Captivate me and it bringsI bring all these things into the training sessions at Pride soccer training. When we’re developing soccer players, I try to to line them up and have them watch players that are like them right now. I do have a girl, who’s, subtle and she’s, very subtle and smooth with her movements and I’m having her watch and footage of her so that she can learn to be a better player and learn, see someone like her, who is subtle and who’s a female and Can play? I also do that with with boys that I coach, I have the boys watch different players. If I see that they’re strong for their player may have the watch, the footage of Beckham or I may have him – watch footage of Haji or rude hell. It so you just have to line them up with players that are like them and they start to learn the game of soccer even better, because now they can relate to someone who is like them, a new who doesn’t like to have that. You know when they’re studying you know even literature or history we like to study things about cultures that have us in it and when we can identify with those things it just strengthens that Bond and helps us to wanted to develop more into better players. So absolutely I do have one last question before we go. I know you’re really passionate about your soccer. What do you say the people’s game? How does that compare to other sports that are played? Wear what I mean there, people who play basketball worldwide there, Tulsa Soccer Lessons people who play you know standard football or American football worldwide. What makes soccer different is it just? The Game Belongs to the fans that belong to the people. What is the difference to you that sets soccer apart, but one difference is: there’s a lot more countries that are playing soccer, a lot more countries that are trying to qualify for World Cup so as a whole. I think you have at least 200 countries that are trying to qualify for World Cup, so that involves even more people watching more fans participating so that means more of everything involved in it, and so there’s that aspect and then also the fact that all you need is A ball to play. That means that the people meaning of poor people, rich people, middle class, it doesn’t matter you can play the game. It’S easily accessible, yes, usually accessible. Thanks for joining us and thank you for listening. We are the only podcast about Tulsa soccer lessons and Tulsa soccer training. Our goal at pride of Tulsa soccer training is to fully develop every soccer player and we want to give them the absolute best instruction when it comes to Tulsa soccer lessons at pride of Tulsa soccer training, we customize Tulsa soccer lessons that help soccer players become technically Sound and creatively strong, if you want more information about price soccer training visit our website today at Pride or you can just give us a call at 918-701-0983 at right of Tulsa soccer training. We teach character, confidence and soccer skill, but if you’re willing to work hard and follow our customized Tulsa soccer lessons, we can get you the results you want on the pitch guaranteed. Thank you for joining us and we’ll see you next time.