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Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast, where we offer the best when it comes to Tulsa soccer lessons. This podcast is brought to you by Pride We are Tulsa’s only soccer training, podcast and we are Tulsa’s number one program when it comes to personal soccer, training, Tulsa soccer lessons and overall soccer player development. In this podcast soccer coach and personal soccer, trainer O’Neill bent is going to share inside and wisdom when it comes to the overall game of soccer and Tulsa soccer. Lessons O’Neill is the founder in the CEO of Pride soccer training, he’s my husband and he’s Jackson’s father, and he is wholeheartedly committed to changing the game when it comes to personal soccer training, soccer player development in Tulsa soccer lessonspride of Tulsa soccer training mission is simple. Their goal is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop in both character and skill. Pride of Tulsa soccer training helps soccer players achieve their personal goals so that they can win on the pitch and in everyday life. This is episode, number 80 and it’s called development leads to winning and I’m coach Odell is here today. I know we talked about this topic right before we hopped on to record the O’Neill set this up for us and kind of, let us know, what’s in store. What’S on your mind today, with this topic, development leads to winning. What’S on my mind today is about how the u.s. Men’s National Team failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia and its me as it is a huge topic. It’S a big issue in our country right now, and I think it’s just happened with September or September to September, where we failed to qualify. We were supposed to be Trinidad and Tobago in Trinidad and we lost two to one and we went through a series of situations where you’re going Klinsmann was than men’s. National team coach, successful World Cup in 2014, but when it came time to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, we were struggling and so in and if we fired him and brought in Bruce Arena and at Bruce couldn’t turn things around he’s considered to be. You know like the savior of the US soccer soccer in a lot of ways. Why is he considered? That is a very winning coach like, for instance, you start off at Virginia University of Virginia where they won several national titles.

Then he went on to be the u.s. Men’s National Team coach where they made it all the way to the quarterfinals in 2002 World Cup. Very successful campaign, and then he went on to coach. I was DC United won the first MLS teams and they won several championships during the the beginning of Major League Soccer. So he’s considered to be very successful, a very good coach, and so they brought him in to fill in the gaps. They felt that he could. He understood us players best and could help us turned things around because of all of his experience. Yes, I remember, when they kind of told you I think we were talking. I was like they’re going to get rid of him on baby cuz. Maybe he didn’t get the results that they wanted in the World Cup. What do you think about that? Do you think that was a good move? Do you understand why they’re doing it just your opinion on that? You know it was a bad move as a poor decision, because Klinsmann was coming in and trying to implement this 10-year plan, similar to what Germany had done back in 2000 and I’ll give you some background. In 2000, Germany failed to get through to the second round. In Euro – and they everybody their whole country, looked at as the nightmare, a disgrace, cuz Germany’s a very successful country having one several World Cups and they get to the quarter-finals semi-finals many times I mean it’s not just like once or twice then get there almost every Time they go yes exactly so they looked at it as a systemic problem with how they’re doing things in their country, and so they went in and revamped everything they worked. The German National Association, German National Team worked with the Bundesliga, which is the top German professional Division, and they also worked with the next division, hello that to make sure they can come up with a curriculum that would develop players across the board so that their national Team, their country overall would be able to win World Cups and be more successful, and so they implemented that back in 2006, then they produced Talent after Talent they were runners-up in 2002 and then third place in 2006 and 2010, and then they end up winning it. In 2014, some of the players that we know today that came from this product were like Mexico., So you have a player named Shirley. This is funny. That sounds like the ladies name Shirley, but it’s spelled the German Way you have a like that player.

I remember you also have per mertesacker he’s about to retire now from the game altogether week. I can list off several more, but the point is: is that Jurgen Klinsmann was a part of that development and helped nurture that environment. He was a coach for them in 2006 when they got third place, so he knew exactly what needed to happen, and you was trying to implement that and in the process to help the current team he was trying to bring in players. That would help you feel the need until the youth had developed enough to get there. So I think we ran into a situation which I do see a lot with in coaching with parents, where we want to rush to win games as opposed to being patient in the developmental process, because it is a process that, with your soccer skills, it’s going to Be short-lived and we we’ve seen that before, but the difference is like when you have soccer players who do come work with you and trying with you and then that technical development we watch how their soccer career, you know just grows and develops and art and give Them opportunities, you know from like more playing time. We seen College scholarships. So just tell us what can you offer you know when it comes to Tulsa soccer lessons? What are you doing over at pride of Tulsa soccer training that helps players make sure that they are fully developed and you know, have a strong sense of development so that they can? You know ultimately win a pro soccer training. We provide soccer lessons that develop the entire player, so we develop their technical ability and that’s passing trapping dribbling shooting hitting the ball anything that has to do with the ball and how you manipulated how you move it. We work on that, so they’re player gains confidence in their ability to control the ball, which eventually leads to a better decision making on the field. So when they’re dribbling they’re, taking their head up and looking at the field able to find other players, make that pass, make that shot dribble against opponents and make runs to get the ball back again. And so this is what we we strive for is just developing. The players, technical ability and then also and doing so we developed character there’s times when when training is hard, is difficult and requires can get discouraged. But we work on saying: hey you have to have grit. You have to work through this. If you want to be successful, and so we work through the issues, the doubts, I think is when you watch players who have that strong. You know development, it’s the most beautiful thing to behold. You know when you see a star soccer player and I can say in any sport when you watch somebody’s playing basketball, I mean like Steph Curry. You know you watching me like a machine, Cristiano Ronaldo. I love watching him and Stocker. You know methadone, so you reference him. They run like a machine, but it goes back to their development.

Is that correct is very true that I’ve looked up over the past years like pure low Haji Baba’s, you I mean all these different players that I’ve talked about. They all had that technical ability to where they were able to have confidence in what they want to do with the ball and in how they build the game. So I think that having a strong technical ability is a directly helps you in winning, because it allows you to think about things that you couldn’t think about, because you’re so totally concentrate on just controlling the ball. With all successful play some old school players, but even now, when we see players, soccer players currently emulate and look at and resonate with, they have that strong development. So if you want to help your soccer player, you know grow and increase in their development and, ultimately when we can definitely help you with that over at pride of Tulsa soccer training. We want to thank you so much for joining us and thank you for listening. We are the only podcast about Tulsa soccer lesson is an soccer training and over at pride of Tulsa soccer training. Our goal is to fully develop every soccer player by giving them the absolute best when it comes to Tulsa soccer. Lessons at pride of Tulsa soccer training are Tulsa soccer. Lessons help soccer players become technically sound and creatively strong on the pitch. If you want to learn more about Pride soccer training, please visit our website Pride or give us a call today, at 918-701-0983, at pride of Tulsa soccer training, we teach both character and soccer skill and, if you’re willing to work hard and follow, are customized Tulsa Soccer lessons the results are guaranteed. Thank you so much for joining us and we’ll see you next time.