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Tulsa Soccer training | Amazing Soccer Lessons

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by Pride we are toast, is only soccer training podcast and we are the number one program in Tulsa when it comes to private and personal soccer training. We are also number one when it comes to soccer player development and in this podcast today, soccer coach and personal soccer trainer O’Neal vent is going to share insight and wisdom when it comes to the game of soccer. O’Neal is also the founder and the CEO of Pride soccer he’s also my husband and he’s Jackson’s. Daddy and O’Neill is someone who’s wholeheartedly committed to really changing the game when it comes to personal soccer, training and overall soccer player? Development pride of Tulsa soccer training mission is simple. Tulsa Soccer training Their goal is to help soccer players systematically grow and develop progressively and both their character and their soccer skills. Pride of Tulsa soccer training helps players achieved their personal goals so that they can win both on the pitch and in everyday life. This is episode 65 and it’s part 9 of our series Clockwork Orange O’Neal. How are you and what do you have to talk about today, Linda the briefly talked about how, when I was 16, I first started to do some research on on the Netherlands and the concept of Total Football and – and I fell in love with it, and I Remember watching this video tape called heading for Glory and it was the 1974 World Cup documentary and Watchtower you on Cruyff and and skins, and several of the Dutch stars in the 70s, how they played the game and how they move the ball and now technically and tactically, Sound, they were – and I just was really impressive to me – to see them on the field and the concept of Total Football, where they would pressure the other team in their half.

And then they would win the ball and they would be moving and interchanging positions. And how they did this so intuitively? It was something that I always wanted to see happen again, but it’s something like it’s very Dynamic and happens only it’s. You know what certain players and teams understand each other, and you know the time some of the players that really made that happen were you on Cruyff, Johan, neeskens, billing, Vanagon, Johnny, Reb, Ruth cook, crawl and Rob Raisin, Bran and Rob Prison Break was actually the one Person that was just as good as youbut. He was really introverted, so you never got as much attention, but I called him the snake cuz. He would just leave through players, and you know you just a beautiful player and at that time they were coached by rinus. Michels, who, with Johan Cruyff and I’ll start, develop Total Football, I’m trying to remember the name of the red and orange team building. I believe the book on how to build strong teams in and you know the other thing too. I wanted to mention with Johan Cruyff. Tulsa Soccer training It’S probably the one. The top five players have ever played the game, so he is a huge. He had. A huge impact on this team in just was an excellent playerand. Someone else from something I know it’s about holidays. They reproduce talent, year after year after year, and for them to have two players to be such a small country, but have two players: rude, Harlot and Johan Cruyff to be name the top 10 players of all time. I think that’s a pretty huge statement for them and their population and how technically and tactically sound they their players are through their program, some of the other players throughout the years. I remember watching in 2010, when Holland lost to Spain, I was heartbroken. I was upset about that, but I’m in in 2014 they had another good run when they lost in the semi-finals, but Arjen Robben, Robin Van Persie, daily blend and Wesley Sneijder, of where players on that team in Robin Van Persie easy all-time leading goal scorer for Netherlands, With 50 goals and, they all said Wesley Sneijder, who has 131 cap, so he’s the most capped player for for Holland, age thing, CD players over the years, I’ve watched them I’ve gotten to admire them and see them make history. I remember Robin Van Persie planking in the 2014 World Cup when they beat Spain by 5 to 1, so that was a wonderful game and but also, as you know, some of the coaches to come through the ranks in the years.

In 1974, 1988 1992 rinus, Michels, coach them and it was Gus hit Inc, Frank rijkaard, who is also a former player Louis van Gaal. The most recently took them to the semifinals of World Cup 2014 and Bert van marwijk, who took them to the finals inin 2010. So currently dick Advocate and rude holiday who’s, the assistant coach. Now the Netherlands are running the show so be interesting to see how they do in the upcoming World Cup. They both play for Holland but, like I said holidays, always been special to me. I will always love watching them, seeing them play them and looking for a glimpses of Total Football, that’s that’s always what I’m afterso are you done nothing more to say about Holland and another one was from leanest nickels and Johan Cruyff. The same on an average, a player has the ball for three minutes in a game, and it’s what you do during those 87 minutes when you do not have the ball. This is what determines whether you are a good player or not, and so I thought that was really interesting because he’s staying what’s he saying they’re like work, that basically he’s just a nutshell, saying it’s not so much what you do when you have a ball that Makes you great it’s what you’re doing when you don’t and that’s a huge stomach is for 87 minutes away your running around make it runs to get the ball moving to different position covering for somebody. So I think he has such a great understanding of that, because he played with players that worked in floaties, whether he understood what they were doing and they understood where they need to be so when you’re in a system like that, and you work well with someone – You know where you need to be in where you should be, and I think that’s why he made that statements like man, you know 3 minutes is only time. I touch his ball to score goals and stuff. So, like I get that like running around the 87 minutes matters, but that sounds odd cuz. The 30 minutes that you have the ball doesn’t matter to you, because you need to stay over right. You can’t get there too late and sometimes you have to make a run, a false run, a run to one place, just to open up the space to run into to finish the ball, and I guess he’s just saying you are a solid or good player. If you know what to do on the field at all times, basically like whether you have the ball or not, and then he has another quote where he says he trained three to four hours a week at I axe.

But when I was little he says I played three to four hours a day on the street. So where do you think I want football and I know we have just a little bit of time left. But what do you think about that quote? You know training and more of an official capacity versus you know. Training on the street quote unquote, maybe how that ties Pride soccer training. So what I see from that statement is, he was playing all the time. The formal and informal atmospheres are both important, but what he would, I believe you saying more so is that I had to play all the time I was always experimenting, always learning always working on my crap and so now I think the problem I see you sometimes Kids go to soccer practice and that’s all the time I practice then I’ll practice on home and their own. They don’t plan street with a friend. You know they’re just playing when they come to practice and that’s important. So if you are looking for soccer training, you need to check us out. Our website is pride or you can give us a call at 918-701-0983. Our goal is to help every soccer player develop, and so they can be technically sound and a very creatively strong force on the soccer field and whether your goal is to more playing time or to become a starter for your team. Maybe you want to play at a D1 college program or you want to play at the professional level. Whatever your goal, maybe we can help you at pride of Tulsa soccer training, so give us a call at 918-701-0983 or visit our website. Pride