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PRIDE Soccer Training – Episode 20 – Sir Alex Ferguson Part 4 

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa’s soccer training podcast brought to you by pride. Soccer training Tulsa’s number one program for personal soccer training and soccer player development and this podcast soccer coach and trainer O’Neill Bente the founder and CEO of pride soccer training is going to share his wisdom his insight his passion his tools tips and Proven Strategies for soccer players success both on and off the pitch. Pride of Tulsa soccer training mission is simple to help soccer players systematically develop and progressively grow in both character and skill. Pride of Tulsa’s soccer training helps players achieve their personal goals so that they can win on the pitch and in everyday life. This is Episode 20. It is a coaching profile on Sir Alex Ferguson and this is part for O’Neill. How are you doing today. Fantastically well and you are always fantastically well. I’m doing good and doing great. I like it all we’ve been talking about your homeboy Sir Alex Ferguson who was the coach of Man U for about 27 years. You talked about all of the awards that he’s won and we were talking about his philosophy in coaching. The last time and you kind of teased to start talking about youth development but we ran out of time and I know you’re so passionate about this because that’s what you do you work with the youth. So talk to us about youth development and Sir Alex Ferguson please start.

So for him he is building an organization he’s building a soccer club. He wants to maintain strength in the club he wants to be number one consistently as many times as possible Tulsa Soccer Training.

So in order to do so you must do developing and your youth is is the group that you have to work on the most. So youth development for him was one of his primary focus focuses and so he said that you must continue to develop the youth so that you have a pipeline of talented players because they are your future and so to me you know in many aspects I think of how many players can we develop as coaches that you know can help colleges or go to professional teams or even go the national team. We want to try to do that with as many players as we can and develop them so they understand how to read the game and their technical ability is strong. So he is looking at that aspect of his you know his organization and youth development is key.

I think thats why I feel like we should do like a Whitney Houston song right here you know. I believe the children our future teach them well and let them lead the way. Yeah you know them all the beauty they possess inside. Because its easy I think for coaches to lose sight of that and not think about developing the next generation but thats where you talked about this in a previous forecast that he had these goals like years in advance so he was thinking about how does right now play into where I want to go and where I want to be and I love that he like you know kept the youth involved and kept it because David Beckham a player profile on him he was part of one of those youth. Yeah right Tulsa Soccer Training.

Part of the youth that he worked with and developed because the youth development part of it gives gives him a sense of pride and it makes it easier for them to move forward in their careers.

So I think that Whitney Houston saw it was perfect. I know in our previous podcast you talked a lot about like that the importance of character and high standards. You talked about the Flying V and team work. We were talking about geese flying. I think I called them ducks but I knew the geese and how he said Dont change his standards you know. He said he was I think ruthless ruthlessness is that right. Is that was that the word. Yes. I like that word. So what else I know there were some other things in addition to those that already shared did you want to share about Sir Alex Ferguson.

He talked about character building and having mentorship. So you had you know players that came in and they basically mentor other players the young ones so that they understand what they need to do as they get older.

So yeah and you talk just about that last time you talked about the geese. You also said you know stick to your standards. What else did you have you know to share with us today about Sir Alex Ferguson who was a big proponent of the three L’s listen learn lead you were talking you’re talking about these things make me laugh listen learn and lead. What are the three L’s. These are what they are. Why are they important and stop making. He’s making goo goo eyes at me he’s making me laugh. The three elves are listed and learn and lead.

Tulsa Soccer Training Elaborate on those things because I think to be a strong leader you have to listen to the people around you listen to what everybody is saying. And and you have to kind of like you know put those different things that you’ve heard in different categories and figure out what they mean. Because some of the things you want to throw away might be the very thing that you need to listen and learn from. So you have to listen they need to learn from the different things that you’ve experienced and then you need to lead. Lead the group in the direction that you know is best to go in and what is right and what is true. And I think that’s what he meant by that.

He has so much with them because I think most people are like I’m going to be a leader I’m going to lead in you know they stand there with their hands on their hips leading. But I loved that he could listen to people learn from what they had to say. He has his own goals as well and he’s using all those things to kind of lead the group in the right direction. He also says don’t enjoy success too much.

What’s that about. I think when you enjoy when you think about oh I’ve made it then that’s when you’re about to be surpassed if you want to stay on top. You can’t enjoy your success too much.

I love that. OK so now we have a few go quote from here. Do we just have one. I think there’s just one. He says I’ve never played for a draw in my life. That’s what Sir Alex Ferguson said. I’ve never played for a draw in my life and break that go down for us and you guys know goat stands for the greatest of all time. We’re not talking about the animal or they’ll tell us why is he saying that. I’ve never played for a draw my life what does he mean.

I think he just always wanted to win. And when you come with that standard I mean you’re always going after the when you’re holding your feet to the highest possible standard there is there is there is good better and best. And he’s always going after BEST BEST BEST.

I love to say I talked about that man you had that air whenever they came out where we are the best were champions. You also have down here you wanted to talk about what is this balance equals respect Tulsa Soccer Training.

Yes. This was to me a wonderful thing that he talked about he said there’s a line and on the left side of the line is love on the right side of the line is fear and in the middle is respect and you always want to get to the point where it’s respect you don’t want people fearing you. You don’t want people loving you too much. You want respect.

Wow. I’ve never heard that before and that’s really good because some people Jewely by fear which is not super productive. And you know I think love is important but it’s all about that either because when you’re coaching Yeah it’s about the respect. And I think there is love mixed in with that but gosh I’ve never heard that illustrated that way. That’s really great. I know we’re close to wrapping up here. This is you know part four of our coaches profile on Sir Alex Ferguson and what would you say are like your favorite things are your favorite thing about Sir Alex Ferguson.

He’s uncompromising as one of my favorite things about him and he knows what he wants and he will not stop until he gets it and whether it’s standard titles team play it doesn’t matter. He’s not stopping and he’s not going to let people get in the way.

And I still very focused and uncompromising. How do you think Sir Alex Ferguson brought significance to the game of soccer. Like what was his legacy if you will. I think his legacy was leaving Manchester United even stronger than when he came there were they were they like considered to be formidable before his arrival there. Did that kind of happened during his tenure there.

No. Before he was there they had a strong history the same English national team that won the World Cup. Many other players were on Manchester United time and they were a very successful club. So he helped to make take that success and make it even greater.

Gotcha. So he just took the trend and brought it to the next level. I’ve enjoyed these sessions talking about Sir Alex Ferguson really learning from you and hearing what you have to say. How does all this stuff that you shared with us today about Sir Alex Ferguson. How does it tie into what you all do and what you do at Pride of Tulsa soccer training how are the two connected I look like the.

Ferguson. He managed with integrity and this kept him disciplined at every aspect of his career and integrity is the central focus of pride. It literally falls between perseverance and respect and then drive excellence. So I think that is exactly what we are about.

OK. And you were sharing there at the end that pride is an acronym and I love that. What are those things again say those for us because I think they’re so great and they’re good not just for soccer but for life.

It’s perseverance respect integrity drive and excellence.

Awesome. Well Neal it’s been a pleasure. Thank you so much for sharing your passion your information and just your love of the game and of this coach. Sir Alex Ferguson thank you for having me.

The pleasure has been all mine.

Awesome. To our listeners we want to say thank you for joining us and thank you for listening. We are Tulsa’s only soccer training podcast and again this is pride of Tulsa soccer training where our goal is to develop every player in all of these areas that O’Neill listed. We want to help them grow and their perseverance. We want to help them grow in respect for themselves and for others. We want to help them grow and develop in their integrity and their personal drive and in their excellence. And we want to develop them tactically technically so that they can be successful on the pitch. We want to help them succeed in everyday life. If you want more information about pride of Tulsa soccer training we would encourage you to look us up online. Our Web site is pride. Tulsa dot com. Again that’s pride. Tulsa dot com. You can call us for more information. Our number is 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Again that’s 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. We are pride of Tulsa soccer training where we teach both character and skills. And if you’re soccer player is willing to work hard with our training program and our customized approach we can guarantee results. Thank you so much for joining us. We will see you next time.