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Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast is brought to you by Pride We are Pride, soccer training, the number one program for personal soccer training and for soccer player development and in this podcast, as always, we have Coach O’Neal been to is here to talk with us about soccer training techniques and give us insight and wisdom and strategies that Are going to help soccer players find success, both onand off the pitch coach O’Neill, the founder and CEO of Pride soccer training is very passionate about helping soccer players grow and develop, and at pride of Tulsa soccer training he is cultivated a really simple, but highly effective Mission, their goal is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop in both your character and their soccer. Skill pride of Tulsa soccer training is able to help soccer players achieve their personal goals, so they can win both on the soccer field and in everyday life. If you want more information about who we are, please check out our website pride and you can call us if you’d like to speak with someone or get more information over the phone number is 918-701-0983. This is episode. 60, its part for we’re rounding out the triumphantand today we’re talking about Italy, Soco channel is back. He tried to tell us last time at that will be the last podcast, but I knew better didn’t I I know you. I know you got great things to say, so what do you want to share it today about Italy country and we end up? We talked about. You know several players. We left off at Jean and John Luigi Buffon, the most capped player with 168 appearances. Explain to me, but what are caps in case nobody’s listening and they don’t know appearances so every time you play in any game, you get a catcaps because of the tradition behind it.

But nobody like you literally got a cap like. Oh, you literally got like a cat for your head. I don’t know what that was. I remember what it was like number appearances, but he has been a wonderful goalie for their country and use the World Cup winner in 2006. So he he’s just really a technically gifted goalkeeper and he’s tall very tall is this is John Luigi, the one that basically chipped in the World Cup final for the DK, but he couldn’t stop it and then there’s that Luigi Riva, who has 35 goals for the Country, I believe he has the most goals for them and they’re. So sorry Maldini, who is Paolo, maldini’s father. He was also a coach for the country as well in the 19 1994 World Cup and then there’s Andrea Pirlo, your love God, you love, God have his own podcast, but he to me he’s the most laid-back but beautiful player and he has a passion inside. But when you watch him you just you may not think he’s passing it, but he also played like a deep-lying playmaker. So he hangs in behind the midfielders and and in front of the defense and he plays balls into Strikers and to Winger’s and two midfielders and he scores a wonderful free kicks in and set pieces. He is just a masterful play right now: he’s playing for New York-New City, Star New York City in the MLS, and he’s he’s just a matter of where I’m hoping to get to see him play one day you come to love him as you gotten to know Him and seen him Express himself cuz he’s hard to read like if you don’t like it. We haven’t seen one of these in like websites, you read a book or something or the other one on his website or on me. I looked up. I looked up that videos on him and watch TV and you know that YouTube stuff out there, but I’ve also watch games full games with him and he’s just a wonderful player to watch the game situation Play One Touch to touch. He can dribble and take people on. He can deliver balls, he’s a lot like how Beckham plays and he can just ping balls into people from several yards out his vision to even see the passes that he tries to make a it’s amazing, but he gets his own podcast.

So he’s also World Cup winner in 2006 – everything about that guy. So I see I get it out of the 2006 World Cup winner winning team, and he remind me about the TV just the way in which he would make tacos. He would win headers and he would just out working out, concentrate and he’s easy to have a strong level of focus, and he reminds me of a player. I grew up with name Clayton treat the wood just he would win every header that came as way. He won his tackles, he did his job and he loves what he did and you didn’t have very many people who or as fiercely competitive competitiveness him and the guy could jump. He was quick. I mean the contract is a lot and work hard and it shows it showed when he played this. This guy kind of reminds me of that type of player, and I love watching him play even though I didn’t like his team that much I’m not a big fan of Italy, but I did enjoy Fabio cannavaro, not right. He not a big fan of it. On this is hard. It’s hard when you love a team like Brazil and Italy like their rival and hard to like the Rival, Germany, but you still like respect their skill and their talent, but it’s just hard to root for them. But they’re going to get somebody. You didn’t care for them with me. Oh Lord is really hard and recently light Italy in the last European Championship. Because of Conte, who is another wonderful player, played for them and he’s also a masterful coach, he coaches over it at Chelsea and they won the EPL jumps into the crowd. When his team scores he’s not even on the field, then there’s Alessandro del Piero, a beautiful player to watch you. He was a goal scorer and then, if you want to talk about the country’s bad boy, I feel sorry, for you just say: just gets himself into some situations, sometimes but Mario Balotelli, in something to teammate and he’s fiery. But my parents, and then there’s just two more players, Luca viale and Nelly – and these two guys were a partnership that not only played really well, but it’s like for you.

They and they are one of the best examples of a partnership outside of a bedtime. Romario awesome: well, that is our profile on it’s Elaine imma give you for parts there, I’m rounding out that triumphant Trio and we’re going through all this information, because we’re talking about successful players who have put in the training necessary to perform at a high level, and That’S what we can do for you over at Pride soccer training. I want to thank you for joining us and for listening. We are Tulsa’s, only soccer training, podcast and it pride of Tulsa soccer training. We strive to work with and develop every soccer player so that they can be really sounds and creative on the soccer field. If you want to learn more information about Pride, soccer training and check out our website, Pride or you can give us a call today at 918-701-0983 and pride of Tulsa soccer training, we can teach character and skill and, if you’re willing to do the work, guaranteed Results are what we can promise you thank you for joining us. We’Ll see you next time.