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PRIDE Soccer Training – Episode 49 – The Triumphant Trio – Part 5

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by pride soccer training. We are Tulsa’s number one program for personal soccer training and soccer player development and this podcast soccer coach and soccer trainer O’Daniel band who is the founder and CEO of pride Sacra training will be sharing tools resources insight and strategies for success both on and off the pitch. Pride of Tulsa soccer training mission is simple. The goal is to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop and both character and skill as they pursue their soccer goals and wishes. It’s also soccer training helps players achieve their personal goals so they can win on the pitch and in everyday life. This is episode 49. We have been talking about the triumphant trio and this episode has focused on Brazil. This is part two. O’Neill How are you doing today. Doing well and you are doing great. And I know we’re doing part two of this triumphant trio Brazil. So where did we leave off and where are we going today.

So we left off where Brazil had won three World Cups and they took home the jewels remit trophy. So right now Brazil is the greatest country in the history of the sport having won five World Cups and that’s the most of any team so far. So their first World Cup they won in 1958 in Sweden 1962 was in Chile 1970 was in Mexico and that’s considered to be the best World Cup team of all time that 1970 team with Pele. How so many other star players like you know there’s a move that’s named after him Alberto Carlos Tulsa Soccer Training .

So many more what they consider to be the best just based off their squad or like their performance of that group like what. Both.

Both were really good. And then again they won in 1994 and USA. And the last one was in 2002 where they won in South Korea. So if you look at where they’ve won they’ve won in Europe they’ve won in South America they have won in North America twice and they won in Asia. So they are a team that has won in several different continents continents and that is a pretty amazing feat when you think about it. Also in 2000 14 they got fourth place. And in 1998 they got runners up at France. So they have a big history of being successful in winning. And I just love how they play so no other team besides Brazil has won World Cup in the four continents that I mentioned earlier. They’re both the most wins in the Confederations Cup which is another tournament of where they bring in all the different federations and they play and they’ve won four titles. Brazil and Spain have the most consecutive international match wins with 35 each. So that means 35 games without losing an intimate international match. So and that’s straight up wins 35 wins in a row. Also they can’t seem to win at home. In 1950 they lost and also the last World Cup. That was in 2014 2014. They also lost.

Tulsa Soccer Training  You mean like they can’t win the World Cup at home or just they can’t win games period period at home what do you mean they’re they mean.

I mean they can’t win the World Cup at home. So. And thank you for the clarity. Also astounding World Cup history that they have is that they have 104 games that they’ve played 70 wins 119. There’s one hundred nineteen goal differential which is you subtract how many goals they have scored minus how many they’ve let in. And so they have a positive rating of 119 goals for them.

And that’s pretty high right. Having like a hundred and eight team that’s pretty high. It’s

very high. And also they have 227 points and 17 losses. That is their world cup history. Right. They’re also stars. The stars they’ve had so many actually came up with 20 different stars that Pele is like hands down.

Yes. The Brazilian star correct. Yes that’s right Tulsa Soccer Training .

That’s right. So Pele. He’s the best of all time. He scored 77 goals for his country and he’s still the record holder for that. You have Ronaldo who. He at one point had the most goals in the World Cup with 15 but that was recently surpassed by a German soccer player named closer.

This is not Cristiano Ronaldo. This is just Ronaldo. Yeah. Just for an idea. I remember him. OK.

And then you have Romario and Bobbito who both in 1994 World Cup. They were stars. They worked together and score goals Zico and one point was supposed to be the next Pele. He was the great star in the 80s. You have donga. He’s kind of the complete opposite of what you think a Brazilian player would be and he’s not very flashy. He makes a lot of tackles and he wins the ball. His name actually means dopey.

So why do you say he’s the opposite of what you would think a Brazilian player would be. What does that mean.

Normally Brazilian players are known for their flashiness their flair but he’s not very flashy and he’s not full of flair and he would be the the holding of defensive midfield that kept everybody in line Tulsa Soccer Training .

So what’s up with the nickname dopey. Like what. What does that mean. I’m not sure with me. I don’t really have like a the word dopey kind of your demeanor or like the more melancholy. Me like a melancholy day. He might be. He doesn’t smile very much yeah. So I bet. It’s his demeanor.

And then there’s Ronaldinho another very skillful player Leno. He was left footed he was one of the best players before Madonna came on the scene. Garrincha Neymar Roberta Carlos Carlos Alberto. SOCRATES. Cafu Leonardo Josy Mar and Julio say is our outside backs that I watched growing up. And then there’s David Loise and Bronco Tulsa Soccer Training .

I haven’t heard of most of those people just keeping it real like I’ve heard of Pele. I mean like I’ve heard you talk about these people because you like study all these soccer players just thinking people that I know of from like World Cup soccer games. Pele was one Ronaldo. I feel like I’ve heard Zico or that Dunga named Ronald DeMeo of course Neymar. I vaguely remember Roberto Carlos somewhere. I’ve heard you talk about like soccer season. Is that correct. Yes correct. But even though they have all these stars they’re not like known on the world stage would you say or are they. Are very much known all of these people are very much now because like me a lot of those names didn’t ring. But again I’m not like the soccer queen. I remember Luis. I liked him in this last World Cup appearance. So all these layers that you’re listing they are ranked and valued you know amongst like the soccer community.

Yes there are high ranking players for their country people who love them. They brought a lot of flair and passion and they did a wonderful job.

So if you had to pick I know obviously you love Pele.

Who would you say is someone who would be like that second spot if you had to pick off of that list of stars from Brazil. You know who.

Who else would you pick. My thought would be Zico. I think he’s probably the closest. Neymar I think Neymar has a bright future ahead of him and he could easily surpass Zico. I doubt anybody will surpass Pele for many years to come.

What do you like about those two why do you like Zico and I know you’re saying Neymar has potential but what do you like about them now.

I like the fact that they can dribble the ball they can influence a game. They take players on they get their selves in the right positions. They work with their teammates. And I like players who can be clutch players they can in the moment where the pressure they can produce and I love seeing that and these guys definitely had that ability.

Tulsa Soccer Training  Zico and Neymar are they similar or are they different. How do they compare amongst themselves and with Pele.

There’s similarities in that. They they can take over a game and that the attacking player for each team but they each have their own flair like Neymar is a most Moso a winner that cuts in and scores goals.

Zico was like a center midfielder and Pele was a striker so there’s slightly different positions different ways that they produce but they’re all really really good players.

Ok well as you wrap up what are your closing final thoughts on Brazil What is your last capstone here that you want to give with us because this is the first analysis of this triumphant trio. Do you have any final thoughts or ideas or feelings you want expressed.

Tulsa Soccer Training  I think Brazil’s the best they wrap it up they have a culture that I’ve never seen be able to be recreated kids grown up in the streets playing soccer playing soccer in the sand the way they perceive the game. It’s a culture and it’s not just a game. People live this out. And I think they’re the best because of that.

It’s like a way of life. Yes. Yeah. So if you are listening today I hope you enjoyed this installment. We wrapped up our study on Brazil. They are one third of this triumphant trio are going to be back next time. Are we going to Italy next or Germany next. Who’s next. Germany. OK so when we get back next time we’ll be talking about Germany and then we’ll round things out with Italy. If you play soccer if your child plays soccer maybe soccer is a way of life in your household. You have people who eat breathe and sleep and think about soccer all the time and maybe they too want to be triumphant in their goals just like this trio that we’re discussing with Brazil Italy and Germany. We want you to know that we can help you achieve those goals you know at Pride of Tulsa soccer training our goal is to help individual players develop and we help them grow in character and in skill. We help them with their technique so that they can be a sound and creative force on the pitch. So if you want to learn more about pride. Soccer training. Please check us out online. Our Web site is pride. Tulsa dot com or you can give us a call today at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Again that’s 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. We are pride of Tulsa soccer training teaching both character and skill and our training sessions are one on one. We also do small group trainings.

If your child is willing to put in the work we can guarantee results. So give us a call today. Our business online pride Tulsa dot com. Thank you so much for joining us. We’ll see you next time.