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Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by Pride We are Tulsa’s only soccer training, podcast and we are Tulsa number one program when it comes to personal soccer, training and soccer player, growth and development, and this podcast soccer coach and personal soccer trainer. O’Neal bench is here to talk about inside and wisdom when it comes to the game of soccer. O’Neal is also the founder in the CEO of Pride soccer training he’s my husband, he’s Jackson’s Daddy and he’s someone who is a soccer Aficionado. He is bent years study the game of soccer training and developing soccer players, and he would love to do that, for you he’s totally committed to changing the game of soccer and elevating the level of personal soccer training and helping soccer players a crow and a systematically And sound developmentally way, so, if you’re ready to progress in your character in your soccer skill check out pride of Tulsa soccer training, because we help soccer players just like you to achieve their personal goals so that they can win both on the pitch and in everyday life. This is episode 64 and it’s part 8 of the installment Clockwork Orange. I told you guys on there was like a band of Holland, so we’re 8 episodes in we’ll see how far from where we’ve got to go. I know how you doing and what have you got for us today as well, and I have a lot more action-packed information for you. I want to go to mm mm Euro tournament. Where are Holland and Belgium hosted the Euros together, and this is one of most successful team, this team right here in 2000, they were coached by Frank rijkaard who to me revolutionize the game in defensive Midfield, roll people.

You see their play today. I, like Conte, he’s he is the example. I think that they may have looked at the time growing up, but he coach, this teamI am 2000 and they to me were almost if not just as wonderful as the 1974 team, only they did not win the tournament, and so inventor was a part of this Team in 2000 very end of it Brian Roy I’m, sorry, 1992 as well inventor Brian Roy Marc overmars, Dennis Bergkamp, Frank de Boer Rhonda before they were twin brothers that played on the team is also a good diabetes, Frank rijkaard. I think that you can get only his personality, more outgoing Frank Reich, Frank rijkaard is introverted and a good diabetes is more out going and he’s very. It was a very aggressive player and he was he was short, but he was awesome and he wore goggles because I think he had glaucoma, so we had to wear goggles so who’s the player that can be seen on the field to recognize very quickly. He also had dreads as well, so there was also a Dandy blend, Patrick kluivert, Philip Goku and Edward Van der Sar. So those are some of the players from 1992 and 2000 European championships that were very unique and special also talked about how I fell in love with Holland. Up for us it was when I was 16. I want to know more about Total Football, so I ordered a video called heading for Glory and I got to learn more about them. I still have technically and tactically sound hauling was and how? How they’ve continue that tradition throughout all these years and traditions not kept just because they’re all I’m just kept, because they have a system that they use much like the systems and techniques. I used to train kids, and I just I love how it’s a it’s.

A process that I think anybody could follow if they’re humble enough to look at it and go through it, and it’s the same thing in this in the sessions that I teach and technique that I teach. If players will do the work, they will reap the benefits and they can be created. Yes, each player has a different way of doing it, but it’s something that each player can learn from and grow from, which I think is a very unique and wonderful thing. And that’s what you do over at pride of Tulsa soccer training right you’re committed to doing that for individual soccer players. So if you are ready to take your game to the next level and develop a customized training regimen, it’s going to help you reach your goals. You need to get in touch with the team over at Pride We are committed to soccer player, growth and overall soccer player development, and so, if you want to learn more about Pride soccer training, you can visit our website at Pride or you can give us a call at 918-701-0983 at pride of Tulsa soccer training. We teach both character and skill and we can help you elevate your ability on the soccer pitch and really help you meet the goals that you are hoping to achieve. So don’t wait. Another minute give us a call today at 918-701-0983 or visit our website at Pride. Tulsa.Com Our website is pride or you can give us a call at 918-701-0983. Our goal is to help every soccer player develop, and so they can be technically sound and a very creatively strong force on the soccer field and whether your goal is to more playing time or to become a starter for your team. Maybe you want to play at a D1 college program or you want to play at the professional level. Whatever your goal, maybe we can help you at pride of Tulsa soccer training, so give us a call at 918-701-0983 or visit our website. Pride Make Sure you get in touch with the best of the best and see how they are going to be able to help you and get you exactly what you are looking for there is no one else like them and they are going to be able to get you exactly what you want.