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Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by Pride We are tosos, only soccer training, podcast and we are Tulsa’s and number one program. When it comes to personal soccer. Training Pride would love a chance to work with you to help you grow and increase your soccer skill. We are Tulsa’s most effective and affordable private soccer training program and because we teach both character and skill, you were going to develop in a variety of ways that are going to help you both on the pitch and in everyday life in. This podcast soccer coach and personal soccer trainer O’Neill Ben is here to share his passion, insight and wisdom when it comes to the game of soccer. O’Neill is also the founder in the CEO of Pride soccer training he’s my husband, he’s Jackson’s, Daddy and he’s someone. He was very passionate about the game of soccer, he’s also looking to elevate the service and really change the game when it comes to personal soccer, training and soccer player development, pride of Tulsa soccer training to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop in both character And soccer skill, pride of Tulsa soccer training helps soccer players just like you to achieve their personal goals so that they can win both on the soccer pitch and in everyday life. Is it episode 69 and we’re going to be talking about the French influence O’Neal’s bed? Last podcast that he realized Francis now his third favorite team. So I know what are you going to be talking about today with the influence of the French national soccer team of funny how I just realized over the years. I remember you know as a coach. The first time I saw them come out with a 4-5-1 formation. I was like what is this and they went on to win the World Cup 1998, using that that formation and irritated when you first saw it like what are they doing, or did you really watching this hindsight? I went back I like to go back and observe people who want throughout history because of that time I wanted them to win, but pain got beat by Brazil. Then I want to Brazil the way in, but they got beat by friend in the finals. So I was not happy in many ways, but then I start to go back room and look at this. Not joking about this analysis, because you still have VHS tape and I know you’ve converted some to like being out DVDs, but he is old school like you. Would like you watch footage, you like study players, and I know you do research on mine too, but I’m just letting you know you will really be hard to find somebody who analyzes soccer footage and players more than you. I know you watching the French national soccer team play. I.

I was really Amazed by how they they had a strong defense. They also created a lot of them attack, but they also had like one Striker, and I was like wow. How do you eat? How do you do that, but I saw how their Midfield interchange them hey there in their midst of the football to me that I really enjoyed, and I like they had people like the shop, so he was Mike. The center midfielder will help things together and Patrick Vieira and Elsa had to Don and jerk is who they all float it move together and in that Midfield it was just beautiful to watch and your place like this. I in the back – and you had that Lilian thuram and Blanc, and all these players at work so well together, but they had structure they had form. I just thought you know. I let me try that in my coaching and even to this day a lot of times, I end up coaching teams that you know how to develop and work hard to build up in and help players improve their skill. And when I would come up against really strong opponent, where I felt like we were the huge Underdog, I would go to this formation and it would help us gain stability and help us Counterattack the other team and sometimes when games that we didn’t even think we Could wait or come close to winning as well, so it was. It was really interesting to me to see how this type of formation play with the right of discipline with the right players, the right tactics. It really help to to gain give players, confidence and structure and be able to possess the ball so interesting about that is when you were describing the way they were flowing and playing. It reminded me a lot of Holland like the same way that you talk about them. Are there some similarities in what you were saying to me that keep coming back to me is the style of play where players move and change position and flare to it, and those three countries do that very well. For me, I saw France play that way. Recently. Again, with Pogba and some of the new French player, the Bronx, the team against England, it was a really fun game to watch and then during the Euro Championship, they also had a free-flowing style that was so beautiful to watch and I’m really enjoying what they’re doing. Cuz year-in and year-out, they started produced talent that we see over and over and over again, and this stuff stems from you know from the beginning of the French football in history, one of the players, you know I give them in the 80s, who was the biggest Name on the biggest names besides, Maradona was Michel back to me and he was a beautiful player. They won. France won the 1984 European Championship with him and I watch them the games. My buddy Danny DePauw, mad props today to put ya solid, Tupac family.

We love you gave me some video footage, the old place that would that be enough to see and understand, so I got to watch them play a brand of Total Football. The 80s to that was beautiful, and so there is just flow with quality that I really enjoyed the structure when you add that to it, even their goalkeeper that you love so much. Oh, I love him cuz. He is Buckwild and super talented and it’s like just beautiful to behold like he will go after the craziest days, but you like solid and I’m feeling that’s why I love seeing that sorta thing. You know players that will go out there and give their all and that French team was just beautiful to watch out there there another team that has my heart and I enjoy watching them, and you know the Don. Of course he is one of my favorite players. He’S in my top five, you also have other coach. I meet Jackie who to me was a mastermind. He knew how to win the term. He knew what he needed. He believed in it. He worked at. He didn’t change his thoughts about how he needed to run that to you, but I find for me at the coach when I’m determined that I know that I want the cert results and I know exactly how to get there. I don’t let anything stop me from from doing that. So I appreciate you know what he established in 1998, so about friendship, fluid that I we have like a little bit more time. What would you say is like the main take away for you for the French team. I know you mentioned the first, seeing them play that beautiful formation, what whether it’s now or you know something past. What’S a takeaway about, you know the phrase chain that is there. You know it’s signature or their style of soccer play with something that you take away from them, and I watch this video documentary, but I think their art soccer’s art to them and they want to be beautiful, but it also reflects what’s going on in our country. At the time, so that way they play reflects what’s going on in the country, and I think it’s so cool to see that and also see how they’re true to themselves they’re, not trying to say cop anybody else, they’re trying to do it their way and it’s A beautiful way to play and they make no apologies for it, and I like that about them, so I think the fact that they make it an art form just like Holland does just like Brazil. I think it’s it’s beautiful, but you are looking to express yourself in through the game of soccer and to develop your own type of art form. We can help you with that. We are proud of Tulsa soccer training and you can give us a call today to get started. We’D love to get you booked for your first session.

We can guarantee results for you, because we can create a customized soccer training program for you and give you a regimens going to help you to find. You know the success and the skills that you need to grow and develop and really to compete at your highest level. We can help you with your Technique and help you develop. What do you need to improve on your dribbling or if you need to learn how to shoot properly or you need help with your passing or you’re trapping? Maybe you need help with your Tactical development. You need help making decisions with the ball. You need to know how to read the game, what to do when you don’t have the ball, or maybe you just need help with your character, development, your persistence, your respect, your integrity, dedication, your excellent! We can help you with all these things when it comes to the game of soccer pride of Tulsa soccer training is the number one choice we can give you the best most effective and most affordable price soccer training in Tulsa and the surrounding area. We can help you with finishing with your defensive skills, your ball control on shooting off the Run. We can work with you. That piece is how to dribble Under Pressure we’re going to help you learn to get that muscle memory so that you can play and perform at your highest level at pride of Tulsa soccer training. Our focus is to develop soccer players who have exceptional skill and impeccable character, so they can achieve their goals, whether it’s to start on a club, soccer team or if you want to play at a division, 1 college soccer program – or maybe you want to play at The professional soccer levels, whatever your goal, maybe at pride of Tulsa soccer training we can help you accomplish that so give us a call today at 918-741-0983 or visit us online at Pride. Tulsa.Com again, we are pride of Tulsa soccer training. We want to thank you for listening. We are Tesla’s, only soccer training podcast and we look forward to next time.