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Olivier I love you hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by Pride We are Tulsa’s only soccer training, podcast and we are Tulsa’s number one program when it comes to personal soccer, training and overall soccer player development. In this podcast soccer coach and a personal soccer trainer O’Neal bent is here to share his passion is inside and his wisdom. When it comes to the game of soccer, O’Neill is also the founder and CEO of Pride soccer training, and he is very passionately and wholeheartedly committed to really changing the game when it comes to personal soccer training. An overall soccer player development mission is simple. Their goal is to help soccer players grow and develop in a systematic and Progressive Way, and they want to see their soccer players develop. Theirand, their soccer skill, pride of Tulsa soccer training, help soccer players just like you achieve their personal goals where they are looking to earn a spot on their team or the starter on the team. Maybe their goal is to play at a D1. You know on a D1 team or they want to play professionally. Whatever your goal, maybe is a soccer player. You can work with us at pride of Tulsa soccer training and we can help you really actualize and achieve your personal goals and dreams. We develop very personal and customized soccer training regimen for each one of our clients and we see results guaranteed when he follow our system and our training program. So let us help you win on the pitch in an everyday life who are we? We are proud of Tulsa soccer training, we’re here to help you reach your personal soccer, goals is episode 68, and I have no idea what we’re talking about today. So I’m going to kick it over to O’Neill because he has a has a plan.

What are we talking about today meant to make today? This is an official announcement. I have a third love for a third favorite team, now number one soccer team in Holland and then you’re stuck in soccer team, Brazil, which was my first love at one point so, but they have become second, but I will still love them.. It’S been that way for you, my love. Are you ready for this France? I realize this the other day when my son and I were playing FIFA 2017 and we are playing a tournament mode playing with France and I just realized the influence that the French have had on me. That will be a another topic for a next podcast, but right now I’m talking about someone who is kind of left out in the cold almost a little bit just a little bit and that’s supposed to take his starting spot. You have Olivier Giroud, who has been for many years, their number one Center Striker and he are not seen this too cuz. I watch them for several years now, but he struggles to score kind of big games, but he scores consistently throughout the season and for the amount of minutes, Etsy scores a lot of goals, so you’ll find that sometimes you might not start, and then he put some In he scored the goal or he starts and he scores a goal, but he he consistently has put out a fair number of of goals for Arsenal over the years, but now he’s starting to see his spot being taken because he is just not at the the The highest level of being a striker in that’s very difficult to come to grips with someone, who’s been loyal, someone who’s worked hard and, as always, had a positive attitude. I seen him with a positive attitude when he got hurt and then to come back in about 2 years ago, from an injury I saw when he sat the bench he came out with still perform at its highest level that he could watch some of the French Team, where he is you know, a very strong Center forward, but he’s not you not like Cristiano Ronaldo is not like flashing and forceful is not like Messi who could run it? You know top speed while he’s dropping the ball and score goals.

This is someone who makes a run into the box to finish a header or has a side volley that he finishes one time in the back of the net just because his technical ability is strong but he’s just not a fast player like finesse. He’S more kind of like Scrappy old people often win headers over people in the hold his ground to do some beautiful one wow and you say that or no I don’t really see well-rounded like I, don’t I’m just trying to grasp the most well-rounded. But why haven’t you seen because he’s not well-rounded does really, I think, the biggest reason, because nowadays you need a striker that can go at people at PACE and blow by people. That’S what we grew up watching Tyrion redo and he did that for Arsenal. For many years he would find half-chances put them away he blow by them with his skill and its speed. But you really just more of a finisher like he gets a chance and he puts it away and he does, but he doesn’t maybe have the depth of the different dimensions. Maybe then, I’m too to be one-dimensional Inn in Plano play for Arsenal, you still playing for the French national team’s scores goals, he’s doing a good job he’s just not an elite. Striker is what he’s he’s lacking like if he, if he finish, goals every game that could be a different story. Alright, cuz. We have a striker like gerd Muller back in the day for Germany, who would score goals off of half chances and he wouldn’t do a lot of running and dribbling, but we get on the ball, he puts it away. So if you put away more of his chances that he got, he could be there top Striker, but he just doesn’t quite hit over a certain Mark finality, like he’s also kind of low-key, like I’m a chill so he’s not really demonstrative. On top of that too. So he doesn’t have all that layer and whatever you know that I don’t know what you call it, but just that Pizzazz or that show is he’s just kind of quiet kind of easy to forget about and then boom he comes in and does something and then He goes back to being quiet, but he’s a good team player. I’Ve always admired his his attitude and his ability, so I hope for him that he accepted up and shows and proves everybody wrong. Believe me he’s one of those guys that everybody loves, like you really like him, and he doesn’t want to leave. He stated he didn’t want to leave Arsenal. He still wants to play there.

She is married to Kyra Shakira Shakira, except he came from Spain and Barcelona. Barcelona contending for the first original World Cup, Brazil, France and Germany 04, the first World Cup trophy. I got you the one one, so you like this Giroux, you like the French national team for soccer and you’re, just realizing this, but they’re kind of up there.. That’S our next podcast that will be talking about. I can’t wait to talk. What are you going to tell us the influence life, though you have to stay tuned and check it out for that next podcast to hear more? So, as always, we want to thank you for joining us and for listening. We are the only soccer training podcast in Tulsa. So if you are someone who may be is one-dimensional and you want to grow and go to the next level you work with us because it pride of Tulsa soccer training. We can help you do just that. We can help you grow dynamically and prolifically and increase your soccer ability. We can help you with your Technique with your soccer Technique. We can help you with your technical, tactical Awareness on the pitch and we can help you grow into a very sound and effective soccer player at pride of Tulsa soccer training. We really strive to fully develop every soccer player and we would love to work with you to help. You reach your goals and whether you want to earn more playing time or you’re trying to make the team are. You want to play at the highest level on that you are capable of. We would love to partner with you and give you exceptional Tulsa soccer training, visit our website Pride or give us a call today at 918-701-0983, at pride of Tulsa soccer training, we teach both character and skill and we can guarantee results if you’re willing to work Hard and follow our customized soccer training regimen. Thank you for joining us. We are proud of Tulsa soccer training and we will see you soon.