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PRIDE Soccer Training – Episode 16 – Mia Hamm Part 3 – 4-9-2017_mixdown.mp3

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast this podcast is brought to you by pride. Soccer training Tulsa is number one program for personal soccer training and development. In this podcast soccer coach and trainer O’Niel been to is the founder and CEO of pride soccer training is going to share his wisdom his insight his success tips and Proven Strategies for players to win both on and off the pitch. Pride of Tulsa soccer training mission is simple to help soccer players systematically develop and grow in both their character and their soccer skills. Pride of Tulsa’s soccer training helps players achieve their personal soccer goals so that they can win both on the pitch and also in everyday life. This is Episode 16. We are doing a player profile on Mia Hamm and this is part 3 our final installment. O’Neill How’s it going. Going well how about you. I’m doing great. It’s been so much fun talking with you over our past few podcasts about this player profile of Mia Hamm. Last time we were talking we started talking about her quotes and you’d given her four and we started talking about there’s two in there where she talks about a champion. And I wanted to revisit something that you’d mentioned at the end of our previous podcast you talked about training with Robin and to you and how you said he helped you improve your striking. And I just wanted you to elaborate on the process of that.

Like what helped you improve Was he just a good encourage or was he a good coach was that you doing this work and practicing something over and over what exactly helped you improve it Tulsa Soccer Training.

He helped me improve because he could not only motivate you but motivate me by yelling at me to hey come on you can do this. And he was very demonstrative in what he expected out of what I was doing. But he could also show me the technique that it took to make that happen. And one of the drills that I loved with him was spinning shots and we would work on striking the ball on the outside and making it spin really hard. And it was it changed my game. I remember him practice after I’d worked with him and I’d go to our team practice. I could start making one step. A 60 yard pass in the year and put it exactly on a dime on a player running on and crossing was always one of my abilities that I could do well.

So I’m really good at it too. Thank you.

Yeah but it’s practice but it’s practice. And he gave me the confidence in doing that I could just strike that ball after working hours on strike in a ball and the technique of it and gaining confidence and be able to do it under pressure also be able do it with both feet. We would work with both feet and it was just amazing to see how much more I improved as a soccer player in college and what I noticed to him cause a lot of players. They’ve made it to that level that they’re you know they’re in college but I don’t always see them working as hard because life changes a little bit. You know there’s school that you got to think about. There’s all these other things but the players that end up going through to that next level they’re are always working. They’re always working on the craft.

Yeah. Thanks for elaborating on that because that really embodies that second goal quote we shared for Mia Hamm. She talks about the vision of a champion and she says a champion is bent over drenched in sweat at the point of exhaustion when nobody else is looking. And I ask you to elaborate on that time training with Rob because I feel like that’s kind of what you all are doing. Yes.

Yes that is correct. You know I can remember one time I was injured too. And the team left for a trip and I just couldn’t I couldn’t go and I was coming back from my injury. And as I you know I’m going to juggle and I could remember one time one of my coaches told me that he was able to juggle a thousand times. I was like I need to be able to hit a thousand juggles so I remember juggling for about 10 to 15 minutes straight and the ball did not hit the ground and I got 2123. Now you know that was important for me to hit that number because at that point I knew that the person the coach that told me that he was a masterful player and so I was like you know what I need to get to that level too. And that doesn’t come through just thinking about it comes through doing that action and working on it over and over and over again Tulsa Soccer Training.

That’s nice. We talked about that in one of our previous podcasts about Mia Hamm because she had said that I have the tiger and she was determined and focused. And so she had a great mindset. But she also put in the work. So that is a great illustration to share her third goal goat quote that you have down here is also about champions. And she says true champions aren’t always the ones that win but those with the most guts. What did you like about that one why did you want to share that one today.

Tulsa Soccer Training Well it spoke volumes to me having played and coached. There’s times when you you get your butt beat by a better team. There’s nothing you’re going to do to beat them that day. They can just completely dominate you. And what matters most of that time is how you play the game. Do you get frustrated. Do you stop playing. Do you blame your players do you let your coach do you do you stop playing. What is it that you do in those tough times. And that’s the part to me that takes guts because there’s many times you see someone coming as the underdog and then winning that game for them to show up to that game. Took guts for them to to go along with the coach’s instructions took guts to to just be able to perform that day took guts because there’s a lot of nerves that you have to get through. And I’ve seen it time time again seen it when soccer players are training their playing and they come up against a strong team and they’re you know they’re worried about are we going to beat them. Let’s just focus on your tasks. Focus on what you need to do and play with heart and passion and without heart and passion. You cannot beat anybody you can’t do anything you must have that though that’s like a number one record and then after that comes technical ability and then your ability to read the game in and do that. So I think guts a passion drive desire intensity intensity and being brave. You know those things are vital to a soccer player.

What I love about this quote that you chose is that she’s talking about true champions. Well number one she is a true champion right. Her accomplishments her ability her diligence her work ethic. But I love that as a true champion. She touches on the fact that you don’t always win but you have to keep showing up and doing the work. I think it’s beautiful Tulsa Soccer Training.

It’s true. I mean success isn’t always winning so it’s great when it is.

Yes. And most of the time if you put your hard work in it pays off and wins. But we all get get our butts kicked. You know have got to get back up. I know you have one more go quote. I’m going to have you share it with us. It’s the final show you got for go quote She’s still awesome. And this one he said she’s talking about failure. What did you have for this one.

Failure happens all the time. It happens every day in practice. What makes you better is how you react to it. So once again Failure happens all the time. It happens every day in practice. What makes you better is how you react to it.

OK. You’ve got to break this down for us because I think a lot of times we live in a culture that wants to resist failure and even if it’s like to your own detriment because you’re kind of propping yourself up on both success for someone who’s played at her level to say Failure happens all the time. It happens everyday in practice and what matters is how you act to it impact that what is she talking about what kind of failures is she having every day in practice and what is that doing for her.

You know as a player normally when you’re practicing something right you’re trying to perfect it. So you’re going to fail going in you’re going to fail at it at first. And so you have to keep trying it. I like to liken it to riding a bicycle without training wheels. And I remember when I was trying to learn. I also remember when I was teaching our son Jackson to do it that there were times when he would rock and fall off the bike. He would read pintle a few pedals and then he’d fall down again Tulsa Soccer Training.

I remember that you were so patient and good with him.

I think you know he he it took time and patience and he had to try it over and over and over and over again until he got it right. And now we go on bike rides and we can go all over the place. But it is going to take one try at a time to master something. And I just think you have to be willing to do the dirty work.

And if you’re trying new skill and not getting it right away like you should be failing you should be practicing skills that are challenging and stretching you because this is an excellent you know player with so many accolades. And she’s saying she fails every day at practice in some regard. So she is challenging herself and pushing herself. Why don’t you I know we’re almost out of time why don’t you tell us some of your favorite things about Mia Hamm. What did you think was her significance that she brought to the game of soccer and to just share with us kind of how that ties into what you do at Pride’s soccer training.

Yeah. The things I loved about her or her tenacity her confidence her skill and her eloquence. I think she was a total player and I think also she was humble. I love humility. I think it’s a wonderful thing and cause you can grow if you’re humble and her significance to the game is I think her influence is equal to that of Pele’s as she helped pioneer the sport of soccer for women in the United States and the world. I think she she was just an ambassador for women and the sport. I just I love it. And you know something I think about you all the time with women in America. I love how they work together as a team. Usually U.S. women’s sports are are are are good they’re superb at what they do. And I think they have the idea of working hard and they also know the concept of teamwork and it’s very hard to beat that if you don’t have those two things working for you.

So and we’ve had this great time doing these three podcasts. I’m kind of doing a player profile on Mia Hamm. How does who. Mia Hamm is in what she’s done for the game of soccer. How does that tie in O’Neill to what you guys do at Pride of Tulsa soccer training.

Well just like how Mia Hamm worked have good character and exceptional technique pride of Tulsa soccer training we’re committed to developing the same qualities and players perseverance respect integrity drive excellence. We are pride.

I love that acronym where you list out those attributes because those are things that are going to help players win. Like we say on the pitch and in everyday life you know if you’re listening you know you’ve had to persevere. You’ve had to give and receive respect. Integrity is important. Having a strong drive and bringing excellence every day. I love that acronym for pride. Thank you guys for listening today. Please check us out online at Pride Tulsa dot com you can get more information. You can sign up for your training session and give us a call at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3 at Pride of Tulsa soccer training. Our goal is to develop soccer players so that they can be technically sound and really strong and creative on the pitch. Just like we’ve spent this time talking about Mia Hamm we can help your soccer player or we can help you grow in your drive grow in your technical ability grow in your tactical soundness. Check us out online pride Tulsa dot com or give us a call today 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. We would love to work with you and we can guarantee results if you’re willing to put in the hard work. We will see you next time. Thanks for joining us.