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Tulsa Soccer Training : Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Messi

PRIDE Soccer Training  – Episode 21 – Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Messi – Part 1 

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast Tulsa’s only podcast that discusses soccer. This podcast is brought to you by pride soccer training Tulsa’s number one facility in-vehicle for developing and training proficient. I am an expert level soccer players and we are joined today with O’Niel been to as a coach and trainer and a soccer aficionado. He has studied and trained and coached for 20 30 years now combined but how are you doing today.

Doing extremely well. But you.

I’m doing great and doing great. Tulsa Soccer Training  I know this is episode 21 and we are talking about Cristiano Ronaldo versus Messi. What have you got in mind for us today.

Well I want to start with the facts about the players because I think it’s very important to look over the facts when we decide who is the better of the two.

So while I’m going to jump in because for me right away when you say Cristiano Ronaldo versus Messi I’m I like Tim Cristiana. I like to the max and I’ve been so consistent in that and I can remember a time having a talk with someone who is across the table here for me. Mr. O’Neill himself we were kind of debating who do you like better. Cristiana are messy and you like to Messi and I can remember you talked to Derek about it Derek Sharpe your homeboy soccer homeboy and he was on Team Cristiana and Danny DePaul you asked him about it because I think I kind of made you a little like irritated because I was like you know I don’t know you can chime in but I was kind of like expressing why I thought Cristiano Ronaldo was better and I had to like sounda reasons about his skill. It wasn’t just like oh I think he’s cute or Oh I think you know it wasn’t like silly reasons but who do you like now when you say Cristiano Ronaldo versus Messi Which one do you gravitate towards now. It’s still messy Tulsa Soccer Training.

No. Yeah yeah I know. Now I’ve I’ve I’ve gone towards team Cristiano Ronaldo and it’s based on a lot of facts too.

So what happened to change your mind like from then to now because I remember you were very vehement and passionate about Messi is the better of the tale. You were all about it. You’re right. What happened.

Well I mean I think at first I was being judgmental with how I perceived Cristiana Rinaldo I perceived him as being flashy and arrogant and all that stuff and you know I don’t think it was really a fair judgment per se.  Tulsa Soccer Training  I think he’s more outwardly expressive of his emotions and his passion where Messi is not as much more inwardly. And so you know you can see that in their personalities you can see how they deliver things but it doesn’t mean that one is more arrogant than the other one is less than the other because one is introverted and one is more outward in their expression.

Yeah I’m more extroverted Cristiana definitely is more flashy and demonstrative and I like that about him because I’m a demonstrative person. So maybe part of you like your Messi is because he’s more subdued and introverted which is kind of like sort of your nature you know.

Yes yes. And you know I think a lot of times we gravitate to people who are a lot like us and we want to cheer them on. So but that’s a little bit of why it is all explained later to more of why pick Ronaldo over Messi.

Well I’m just saying I’ve been team Ronaldo from day one cell you know. Yes I get some bonus points or something. Or consistency or have you got for us today you said you wanted to stick to the facts. What are some facts that you have to share with us today.

Well all right so we’re going to meet Ronaldo first. Ronaldo is a Portuguese International who played for Sporting Lisbon Manchester United and Real Madrid.

I have never heard of Sporting Lisbon. What is that Tulsa Soccer Training.

That is a club in Portugal. So that’s where he’s from. And he was on their team Portugais. Yes. And then for his country Portugal he has got 138 caps which is a lot of caps. I mean he’s been playing with them since. I think he was about 17 somewhere around there maybe even earlier. So he has a lot of time vested in his country. He’s also scored 71 goals for his country which puts him at a ratio of 51 percent goal scoring ratio so he scores just a little bit more than every other game. That’s pretty good. Yeah yeah. Phenomenal. Really good to me. And then the first club he as well for all of his club appearances. He has a total of 482 appearances and 513 goals so he scores he has scored more goals than he’s played games and that is remarkable for any player to have that ratio.

So for that like the number of appearances you said what. Four hundred and eighty two appearances. Is that like is that a normal number is that you know above average like or does he fall is that kind of like everyone’s kind of making that same or close to that same number of appearances.

It would be close I think for players for their total career. You know if you start younger and then you play until you’re old a lot older than you can get. Even more more appearances than that but he’s in his early 30s right now and he could probably play till he’s about 36 so he could go quite a few more.

So there’s a lot of factors. And for the most part everybody tends to maybe hit a certain average but really the lifespan of your career. Yes. But the truth is that. But that’s amazing he scores. Like if the average is every game he’s scoring. Yes a little bit more than a little more than that. They’re scoring more than once every year. Wow. OK so do you have more facts about Cristiana.

Yes I have his honors his arms he’s got three English Premier League titles one league title he has three UAF for Champions League titles he has won the European Championship one time which was the last one in 2016.

And I have a question about that. How does like what’s the difference between like the European champion and then the Champions League is one like the whole world is one. How does that work. I don’t know.

OK. So the European Championship is for countries. And so that’s where all the European countries come. It’s like the World Cup but it’s just for Europe is the best way to think of that one. OK. And then the Champions League is a yearly tournament that is played by the champions of their respective leagues. So Paris will have their champions and England will have theirs and Czech Republic will have theirs in Dutch you know Holland will have there so it goes on and on Tulsa Soccer Training.

And the winner from all those each league plays. Yes. OK do you. Oh sorry go ahead.

And I think it has the the top four teams in each league. So it’s not just the number one it takes the top four. Nice. And when a club gets not top four position they get a lot of money so it’s a big deal to play in the Champions League.

Do you like rank or rate different you know. These championship the League Champions League the European Championship League the English Premier League do you rank or like rate one higher than the other. Or are they all like hold their own weight. You know they all hold their own weight.

You know I think the more you get the more titles you can win across the board the better for you as a player. So if you win the European Championship and you win the World Cup and you win the Champions League that’s saying a lot about you as a player and that’s good.

He’s just winning all over the place. Yes. Nice. All right. What else they got Mr. Ronaldo.

Got to be alone there which is the top player in Europe Awards. He’s also got the FIFA Ballon d’Or which twice as well which is the number one spot for a player to get right now when they’re playing in Europe and for European gold and shoes. So that’s where he scored the most schools in the European leagues. So. So

as far as like his awards would he be on par on a course with like a married Donna or Pele. Or is he not at that caliber yet. Where does he fall in that rank What do you think of like the greatest of all times.

He’s definitely on course for that what he needs right now is a World Cup. And if he wins that he’ll definitely be on course. So they have never won a World Cup. No. You know they make it to finals though right. They get pretty far. But I don’t think Portugal’s ever got into the final of a World Cup.

What’s that. What does it say. I don’t mind they make it there. Maybe they’ve got orders and semis got. OK so what else. Facts about Cristiano Ronaldo have any more you wanted to share.

Just one last one is a superb technique with every part of his body. He’s got speed. He’s got power. An exceptional dribbling ability. So he’s got the entire package.  Tulsa Soccer Training He scores goals with every part of his body his head his feet his left foot his right foot you know whatever it is he can do it and he is a phenomenal specimen physically too. I mean the guys it’s around 61 I believe and he is built like a truck. So he also has strong Yeah. And he also has a serious amount of pace. He’s probably one of the fastest players I’ve ever played the game.

What do you attribute all of that you talked about his technique how he can you know every part of his body has this strength in this technical awareness and soundness. His speed is power what does that attribute it to is this is this good. Is it training. What does that attribute it to.

Well the physical side of it like the speed the power that’s I believe that is physical. God given gift that he has but he has taken those gifts and he’s worked hard with it.  Tulsa Soccer Training He trains tremendously hard and long hours so he puts in well you know we talked about Beckham not too long ago how he works hard before and after. Cristiano is a pro. He goes and he works harder before and after practice. He also would train at weight with weights. At one point his career. So he is a workhorse and every bit of every bit of honor and title and awards that he’s won he really deserves.

And you say you’re saying pretty much that it comes down to his training and his work working on his skills. OK. Well we are almost out of time so we’re going to wrap up here with Episode 21. I hope you will join us for Episode 22 where we will continue and I’m guessing we’ll pick up probably with some background about Messi is this right. Yes. Awesome we’ll see you next time Tulsa Soccer Training.