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Tulsa Soccer Training : David Beckham

PRIDE Soccer Training – Episode 8 – David Beckham Part 1

Welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by pride. Soccer training Tulsa is number one program for personal soccer training an overall player development in this part cast. Soccer coach and trainer O’Neill Bente the founder and CEO of pride soccer training will share facts strategies wisdom and insight for player success both on and off the pitch. Pride of Tulsa soccer tradings mission is simple to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop in both character and skill. Pride of Tulsa soccer training helps soccer players achieve their personal goals so that they can win on the pitch and in everyday life. This is Episode 8. Bend it Like Beckham were doing a player profile of Mr. David Beckham. O’Neill How are you doing today. Doing well on you. I’m doing great. I’m It’s always so fun to talk with you and pick your brain and gain from your knowledge and your passion and insight about soccer. I love this guy David Beckham. Loved that movie Bend it Like Beckham and I can still see you right now in my mind’s eye him hitting that soccer ball and going and just bending and go oh I can see it. So I know I love this guy. I know you’ve got a lot of you know love for this guy as a soccer player. So what do you have for us today about Mr. David Beckham.

David Beckham is a wonderful player and a wonderful role model for kids. He was the English captain. He had 115 caps with 17 goals and caps are actually appearances for your national team. So he had a lot of time that he played with his national team. He had a wonderful right foot the right foot was masterful. He was he was known for going early to practice and hitting hundreds of soccer balls before practice started and then staying late after being the last person to leave hitting even more soccer balls at the end of practice Tulsa Soccer Training.

So wait wait wait. You’re telling me that before practice started he would go out there and hit the ball hundreds of times. Then he would practice and then he’d hit the ball hundreds of times after practice. Yes. And that’s correct. So he was like this was his magnificent obsession. Soccer. Yes. Now I have a question about this because sometimes people might show up and do extra work or stay late and do extra work. And I know none of our listeners are doing this but maybe you’ve seen it before. And then during practice time they’re so tired and they’re so do you know what I’m talking about. Yes. Yes. They’re so like Oh because I came here early and I hit a hundred ball so I never seems to be running our hardest right now but gosh I’m so tired. Can you speak to that mentality and what you think David Beckham’s mentality was. You know the contrast between those two.

Yes. That mentality is more of like a less lazy mentality. And you know you think you did something great you did work. Yeah you did. But then you come and you let all that work go to waste because you’re not continually continuing to work hard. But for David Beckham he recognized something. I think a lot I hear it on a lot of professional athletes that are professional soccer players anywhere in Europe. They talk about how blessed they are to be able to do what they do to live the life they live. He was truly grateful for the experience he had so he didn’t take it for granted. That was number one. Number two he worked he loved he was passionate about playing the game. And so he had a drive a determination that he wanted to win and he wanted to have the best technique of everybody and he wanted to be known for working hard. And so he came from a working class family so he wanted to be known for that. And he drove through all boundaries to show that Tulsa Soccer Training.

So I love that he wanted to be known for working hard. And he wanted to be known for the best technique can you. Because I think a lot of times it’s easy to say I want to be the best soccer player I want to be like famous but I love that he knew what was the foundation of that like can he speak to why you should want to have the best technique as opposed to just like I’m going to be I hear ball in you know what I mean. Like what’s what’s the importance of that.

Well see when you work on technique you learn how to strike a ball in such a way that when you’re hurt or you’re tired or you don’t let up off of your technique you know exactly what you need to do. And so you can hit that ball to the person or into the net or wherever it needs to go even when you’re dead tired or when you’re injured or you know with your opposite foot because you understand how to hit it with your strong foot you then know how to hit it with your weak foot too.

Why is that though why. What is that about. Is it just because you practice it. It’s muscle memory like why does that why does that work.

Well you have to practice the opposite foot first some you know for some part of it. But once you understand how the ball needs to be struck one way you just have to use your mind to envision hitting it with the other part of your body I used to do that as a kid. And I learned to strike right footed.

But you practiced practice right. So I’m wanting to just explain like why is that technique against such a pivotal process like. Because you’re saying you’re going to get tired right. You’re going to be worn out. You may not feel your best but how does technique’s debut in the end.

It’s muscle memory and it’s like your body remembering how to do something and you know just exactly how to hit it even when you’re tired. You know if I hit it this way I can hit that way every time. Plus you build up endurance so you can do the things that you normally do or push past certain boundaries when you’re tired because you have practice it your body knows it and you know your limits you’re technically sound.

And so I guess when you think about David Beckham striking that ball it’s so beautiful to behold.

Tulsa Soccer Training Again I think there is a tendency to think oh he’s just gifted and you know just got a great you know right foot or leg or whatever you want to call it that he practiced that kick hundreds of thousands of times right. Yes. So I love that with all of these player profiles even Diego mayor dollar that even the most talented person still has to play in the hard work to obtain success.

It’s true because at that level everybody is putting in hard work right. So you have to go above and beyond what everybody else is doing. So you have to push on to even more hours more training if you want to be known as a superstar. So a lot of these guys they want to be the best player in the world. That is their goal that’s their objective. They want to be known for that too. So there’s that drive that push that gets them to go and train more. And they also love what they’re doing. You can’t do those things without love. You have to have love and passion for the game to do it.

So I know I can’t remember who told you this but you said someone told you in order to master something. How many times you had to practice doing it correctly. Tell us. Tell us about that.

Yeah it’s a good friend of mine and he told me that you have to do something 10000 times the right way to master it to get it proficient to or you can do it in your sleep. And so is like OK well not only does a player have to learn how to do something correctly but after they learn how to do the technique correctly they need to hit it 10000 more times to master.

That reminds me of John Wooden all time you know basketball coach just a winning successful coach. Most people say he can only be rivaled you know by Phil Jackson who is also very renowned coach. But he says this he says you know most people want to practice and I’m kind of paraphrasing but I’ll hit on some of what he said. But he says like most people just practice until they can’t get it wrong. And he says like that’s kind of like an amateur move and he’s as like a pro. The pro the veteran the one who’s seasoned and successful they practice until they can’t get it wrong. And again I’m paraphrasing but that’s the spirit of what he’s saying and that’s what you’re talking about when you have to practice something to get it correct. You have to practice it the right way Tulsa Soccer Training.

Yes exactly. You know and to show you what this does for you. You know as a player is he had three World Cup appearances. He won two European Championships in 2002 in 2006. One of the things that I noticed about him is no matter what happened to him he was resilient. He was he could persevere through anything. And so one example of that is in 1998 his first World Cup he got a red card because he responded negatively you are kicking another player to tackle that they made on him and he got a red card and when he was leaving and we went home there were death threats there were effigies of him burning in England and people were angry with him and he had the mental resilience to take that to work on his craft. And later on when they needed to qualify for another World Cup against Greece he actually tucked away a 1 0 goal on a free kick. He scored a free kick and actually helped England qualify for that World Cup. So you can take he could take negative criticism and turn it into fire and passion and overcome things. So that’s a part of it too is perseverance Tulsa Soccer Training.

OK so that I remember that time and I want to talk about that more. We’re about out of time right now so we’ll have to pick up in our next podcast. But I remember that time and you are right like the perseverance the hard work all of these things tie together. And I know you talk about pride is an acronym. What is the acronym that pride stands for.

It stands for perseverance respect integrity drive and excellence.

So all of these virtues these aspects of character are being considered in every training session in every contact you make with a soccer player. All of these kind of are your guiding principles.

Yes I really think it’s about your lifestyle. If you do that in your life it will carry into everything else you do.

OK well that’s our time for now. We will come back in our next podcast and continue talking about David Beckham and his player profile. Mr. Bend It Like Beckham great movie if you haven’t seen it. Maybe bring it back out revisit it. It’s a good one. And thank you guys for joining us. Thank you for listening. Pride of Tulsa soccer training we develop soccer players in every area. The training and the technical work that we do helps them be a creative strong force on the pitch. Thank you for listening. We are Tulsa’s only soccer training podcast. If you want to learn more about who we are and what we do please look us up online. We are pride of Tulsa soccer training. You can visit our Web site which is pride. Tulsa dot com again. Pride Tulsa dotcom You can also give us a call today at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. We would love to talk to you so give us a call. Again that number 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Pride of Tulsa soccer training is passionate about teaching both character and skill. And if your player is willing to work hard we can guarantee the results. We have proven systems of success that help soccer players grow and achieve their dreams. Thank you again so much for joining us and we’ll see you next time.