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Tulsa Soccer Training : Diego Maradona Part 2

PRIDE Soccer Training – Episode 6 – Diego Maradona Part 2

Hello and welcome to the pride of Tulsa soccer training podcast brought to you by pride soccer training Tulsa’s number one program for personal soccer development and soccer player training. In this podcast soccer coach and trainer O’Neill Bente the founder and CEO of pride soccer training will share his wisdom his insight and proven strategies for success both on and off the pitch. Pride of Tulsa soccer training mission is simple to help soccer players systematically grow and progressively develop in both character and skill. Pride of Tulsa soccer training helps players achieve their personal goals and that way they will be able to win in life on the pitch. Off the pitch all day everyday ONeal bent. How’re you doing. Doing well and you. I’m doing great. I’m doing great. So this is episode 6 and it’s a continuation of this player profile of Diego Mirra Donna and we talked about him and some of his background. That hand of God goal. So what do you have to share with us for a part two.

So part two. He I don’t think I finished talking about the World Cup of 1986 you got some more you want to say that you know for this is his best World Cup ever.

And we talked about the hand of God goal and how you know controversial that goal was his next goal his second goal is could be the World Cup’s best goal of all time Tulsa Soccer Training.

Stop it. It’s true. OK. Now here’s my question about this. Do you remember the score like what was the margin that they won like was it two to one.

Yes I believe it was two to one.

And that’s what makes it so sneaky with that hand of God goal because England’s like we could have tied and then gone to Piquet So you feel robbed if you’re the other team right. That is true. That’s true. What else tell us about the second goal. What was so great about it.

So he picks up the ball just behind half line and does the helicopter move that he’s known for doing what the helicopter I don’t on top of the ball and turns in like three 360 degree turn.

OK so if you’re listening and you don’t know what we’re talking about you’ve got to google dig on there Donna and check out these helicopter moves he’s got. What do you mean he spins on the ball like is he spinning his body around as the ball is spinning. Sorry I don’t play soccer so I don’t know. OK. OK. I’m a fan but you know what does that mean.

So he puts one foot on top of all turns and while he’s in the air he puts the other one and keeps turning the ball as he’s turning and then he moves forward. So that’s how he beat the first player.

And then he beats about I would say five maybe six more players and including the goalkeeper and puts him in the back of them.

Wait wait wait wait wait. How many people I believe if I count all the people it was eight people that he actually got by.

So he picked up with this helicopter spin move and just took off down the field pretty much Tulsa Soccer Training.


And his passion his drive was all shown in this dribble. It was beautiful.

Wow. So this was first he did the hand of God goal. Yes. Then here comes the helicopter goal. Yes. Which do you think maybe that was like OK. OK. You know so I helped my hand you know my hand helped you know make this goal but watch me watch me way up watch me lay down the feel it. Do you think he was trying to show people like Hey I get what you’re saying about the first call but watch this.

Yeah I feel that way. I was like you know what. Yeah I did that one.

But hey you can’t stop me with this one OK. I love it. OK so what else do you have anything else about that 86 World Cup or did you want to talk more about just his history and his background.

Well there’s one more thing. They went to the finals in pagan Germany West Germany.

And so they go Germany is just that much. Listen they bring it whether you are like a fan and I’ve learned this from you in watching games I have mad respect for them like they just what do you call that. I mean they’re just like a machine. They work like a machine. That’s the best word. It’s fascinating to watch. OK so sorry about that I just had to give Germany some props real quick for their mechanistic flow.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. But no you went up against them and they end up beating them in the final. He’ll be you. Argentina beat West Germany. Oh they did. I believe it was a 3 to 2 goal margin. I bet that was a good game. Yes it really was. So Murdoch did not score in that game but he helped every bit of the way to to win the game.

So this is a random question what do you think happens like from game to game where like he has the hand of God you know then he whips lays down the field. You know he’s a helicopter move beats like eight people. Then you have a game where you don’t score at all. I just always wonder. I mean I know obviously performance can ebb and flow but what do you think happens there. Is it you know is it defending is it what is it what are the. I know there’s probably more than one factor what do you think.

Well I think in this factor. OK let me give you some history. You have Franz Beckenbauer who won the World Cup back in 1974 We’ll talk about him. He is the Kaiser general. He’s awesome. But we’ll go back and talk to him but he’s he’s actually coaching West Germany at this time. And they also have low far Matel use. So he is actually a man marking Diego Maradona of the entire game and he is relentless like he doesn’t not let off of him. So when you have someone just dedicated to man marking you and if you go to the bathroom they go with you. And it changes the game. Sure.

So now it’s cat and mouse you might use runs to get somebody out of position so your teammate can run in and get the ball or you might use wanting to touch to play around that type of situation. So it changes a lot of things.

So with that you know he’s having to adjust to someone marking him tightly so obviously that that that player has been assigned to him to say you’re not going to get in the room homeboys style. They have to change the dynamic in how they play. That’s right. That’s exactly it Tulsa Soccer Training.

OK. Well what else about Mr. Diego or Don. You’re discussing his life his history who he is and this player profile. Mr. Hand of God what else do you have about him for us.

So I want to hit the next World Cup in 1990. He’s a seasoned veteran. He’s also captain of his team. You also was captain in 86. So he leads his team to the final. Along the way they beat one of my loves Brazil.

How do you feel about that as I know.

I know I was 13 and I didn’t want to watch the World Cup after that.

I have to tell people because I live with you and do live for the show. You know when we watch World Cup or there is a significant loss just even in regular season play. I know it just it can take you day on it can really take you down and you just have to work through your feelings and your. I just wondered I wanted to just give you a moment of silence they’re just going to reach across the table and grab your hand because I know how it is for you.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Yes. My my love but that time was my my first love. Did you keep watching though. I did. I can’t watch him. Here. I just want to say the ball.

He played and it was a beautiful chip that he played and for easy to run in and finish first time. So it was a brilliant game it was one. So it was a very tough game. But in 1990 World Cup once again he makes it through to the final. And they play West Germany again again.

Yes. Wow.

Tulsa Soccer Training So this time West Germany has their number and it was a very defensive minded game and it ended up being that Piquet that made the difference in the game. I would say it was disappointing to watch you know a lot of noise because it was just a lot of defending and you didn’t see a lot of attack. And finally there’s a piquet in Germany puts it away. They win.

But so to speak to that when you’re saying it’s a lot of defending and I’ve watched games with you like that and it is like Goodness gracious somebody score. But I’ve learned from you like looking at something tactically speaking that is two powerhouses holding each other at bay. Correct. Yes. Yeah. Which is not as exciting to watch because no one’s scoring. But it speaks to what the discipline and the tactical part of the game. But

there can be a 0 0 game that’s just beautiful to watch. It is amazing and you don’t realize it’s 0 0 0 but this was not so much that was more stifling each other as opposed to really playing and going at it so it was that how it was in the impression that it was left with me after that World Cup. So but everything else you know Italy it was their home country they were playing it was beautiful to watch them play England with a good squad. So it was a very entertaining World Cup just the the final itself. So but to go on.

Mariano played many clubs play for Barcelona play for Boca Juniors in Argentina. But the biggest club he did the most that was Napoli and so Napoli is in the southern part of Italy. And at that time there was a big political issue going on between northern Italy and southern Italy and also mostly the northern clubs are winning at that time. So when Maradona showed up on the scene there were telling him to be their Savior and all sorts of things they had like effigies of him up. So while it was a big deal. So after a few games he became captain of the team and he led them to victory. So he won season he led their season 1987 88 season he led with 15 goals in the league and he was the leader.

Yes the leading goal score of everybody in the league Tulsa Soccer Training.

Mind you he was an attacking midfielder not a striker. So he’s coming from deeper within the field to score goals so.

OK so you’re saying he’s not up top. No. He’s playing defense if he’s in the back.

No not defensive. He’s just in the midfield so it’s a little par the field having to run a little bit further than call it.

So you’re saying that’s pretty impressive to have so many goals and not be a striker. That’s right track. OK.

And he had a total record he’s the all time leading goal scorer for Napoli with 115 goals.

Wow. You know still stands today still stands today. This is amazing.

Did you always like Diego Mary Donna or was he kind of off putting to you at first. What was your response to him as a player like did you naturally or are you interested in hand did it take a lot to warm up to him.

It took a while to warm up. I was not a big fan because I was a Brazilian fan and to be a Brazilian fan it’s very difficult to love an Argentina player.

Why. Why is that their rivals. So it sounds like here like we have people who are like oh you and LSU and they don’t like that kind of a thing. That’s right. He team affiliation and who you love. That’s right. So you have to warm up to him. Yes. What. What helped you warm up to him.

Just what observing his skill and how he played. It was just beautiful to see him play and it inspired me like I wanted to dribble like him I want to dribble and jump over tackles and have people point at my shirt and run past them and them not stop me and score goals and get crosses in. So it just made it made me want to train that much more.

Gotcha. OK so initially you kind of not sure about this guy but then as you watch his business his skill all the you know attributes that he brings to the game that’s what won you over.

Yes yes yes yes. OK. Now you’re giving me a look I know our time is almost up but I feel like do you still have more to say about this guy.

Yes I definitely do.

OK. Well I think what we’ll do for now because this is our time we’re going to stop and then we’ll come back and around out part three with Mr. Hand of God Diego married Donna. Well it’s been great hearing all your stories and your passion and just the facts that you’re bringing to us about this player. Thank you as always. And to our listeners and thank you for listening. Pride of Tulsa soccer training. And this is the only soccer training podcast in Tulsa and pride of Tulsa soccer is here to help players develop. So just like we’re talking about Diego mayor Donna. His passion his finesse his skill and the staff at Pride of Tulsa soccer training can help your player become technically sound and a very strong creative force on the pitch. And if you want to know more about pride of Tulsa soccer training please look us up online at Pride Tulsa dot com or you can give us a call at 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Again that’s 9 1 8 7 0 1 0 9 8 3. Again our Web site try Tulsa dot com at Pride of Tulsa soccer training. We teach soccer players both character and skill. And if your player is willing to do the work we have got the systems and the guaranteed path to results. Thank you again so much for joining us and we’ll see you next time